5 Apps That Pay You Real Money

We promise - this isn’t clickbait. We’ve done the nitty gritty research and below is a real list of apps that pay money to your PayPal account.

Rakuten - up to $25 per referral. Rakuten, formerly Ebates, is a cashback site where you get a percent of your purchase back. So, it is a helpful service you can recommend to your friends to save money. It is free to sign up and your friend can save up to 40%. You earn $5 per referral and up to $20 bonus. Today I'm going to show you the top five apps that pay you instantly that don't require any work, and if you are searching how to make money online, This vid. These 9 apps pay you real-world cash for unlocking your phone, watching ads, searching online, walking the local mall and more. 9 Apps That Pay You Real Money - Techlicious.

If you’ve got some extra time to spare, you can make money with apps for doing something as simple as turning off your lights.

These apps are legit and they make payments directly to your PayPal account. You don’t have to exchange points for coupons or other rewards you’ll likely never use. This is a list that gives you the good stuff: money to spend on the things you want to spend it on.

Let’s get started, beginning with our favorite one.

#1 OhmConnect

Here’s a money making app that doesn’t make you watch boring ads or waste any of your time.

OhmConnect lets you save energy and earn money at the same time. Before signing up for the service, you must be registered with any of the following electricity companies:

  • Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E)
  • San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)
  • Southern California, Edison (SCE)

If you are with one of those companies, you can sign up and start earning points that can be converted into a PayPal payment. The points you earn will depend on how much energy you save during peak periods and you can hundreds of dollars per year.

Try it. It only takes 3 easy steps to get start:

Step 1. Go to OhmConnect.com and connect your utility account

Step 2. Save energy during #OhmHours (they'll notify you when one is coming by sending you an email or SMS)

Step 3. Send money to your PayPal

#2- Ibotta [US ONLY]

Ibotta is an app that pays you for shopping. If you buy your groceries or beauty products online, you can choose from a select number of items listed in the app.

After you make a purchase of those items, you’ll have to upload your receipt. Afterward, you’ll receive a rebate that ranges from $0.25 to $3 (or more). You’ll be able to get payment to your PayPal account after you’ve accumulated $20. When you submit your payout, you should receive your cash in just a few minutes.

Download Ibotta - iOS Android Web

5 Apps That Pay You Real Money

Other Apps that Pay to Shop:

#3 - Receipt Hog:iOSAndroidWeb

#4 - ShopKick:iOSAndroidWeb

#5 - Mobee App:iOSAndroidWeb

#6 - CashPirate

If you enjoy playing games, completing surveys, or watching videos, CashPirate is a money making app you may want to check out. You can choose which money making options you like best and earn extra cash whenever you have the time.

If you invite your friends to join, you can get an additional 10% bonus from their earnings. When your friends refer another friend, you’ll get 5% more.

For every 1000 coins, you earn $1. You must earn at least 2500 coins before you’ll be able to cash out and send money to your PayPal account. You can expect to earn 50 coins for downloading an app.

Download CashPirate - iOS Android Web

Money Making Apps Similar to CashPirate:

#7 - AppKarma: iOS (Invitation Only) AndroidWeb

#8 - Make Money:iOSAndroid

#9 - Panel App:iOSAndroidWeb

5 Apps That Pay You Real Money Philippines

#10 - FeaturePoints:iOSAndroidWeb

#11 - SwagBucks

If you enjoy taking surveys, you can earn as much money as you can answer with SwagBucks.

SwagBucks is one of the top known money making apps that actually pays users through PayPal. They have endless surveys to take and you can also earn money by playing games, shopping online, weekly contests and more.

You don’t have to cash out through PayPal, you could also accept some of their other rewards with Amazon or another gift card to a location of your choice.

Download SwagBucks - iOS Android Web

Survey Taking Apps That Pay Similar to SwagBucks:

#12 - GlobalTestMarket:Web

#13 - PaidViewPoint:Web

#14 - InstaGC:Web

#15 - Toluna:iOSAndroidWeb

#16 - CashCrate:iOSAndroidWeb

#17 - SlideJoy

Get paid just for locking your screen. SlideJoy is an app that pays you to place ads or news on your screen. It’s one of the most simple ways to get paid and you can even choose to see trending news tailored to your interest.

Download SlideJoy - Android Web

Apps that Pay like SlideJoy:

#18 - Fronto:AndroidWeb

#19 - AppTrailers

AppTrailers lets you get paid for watching videos and you can put real money into your PayPal account.

Whenever you watch videos Google play or any other web based browser, you’ll get rewarded. You’ll be watching ads and you may you be participating in market research from Nielson’s TV Rating. You can learn more about this in their privacy policy.

Download AppTrailers - iOS Android Web

Get Paid with Apps Similar to AppTrailers:

#20 - Viggle: iOS Android Web

#21 - SwagBucks Watch (TV): Android Web

A Word of Caution About Apps That Pay

When you’re downloading unfamiliar apps that pay, be sure that you trust the source. The list above was carefully selected, however not all that claim to give you free money live up to their claim.

We’ve written an article that should serve as a fair warning about downloading apps on your phone and what precautions you should take.

The most important thing is to protect yourself and use your time effectively when making money with apps on your phone.

Here is a list of apps that pay you real money for doing little to no extra work.

With the recent technology advancements, there are plenty of apps that pay you real money for doing little to no extra work at all. Let’s get into the very best apps that pay money for you to simply get involved.

I’m a big fan of making money online and working wherever you like in the world. Who doesn’t like making extra cash for doing little to no extra work at all? Increasing your income and saving costs is very important as it allows you to pay off debt and/or invest faster.

I enjoy small wins from apps that will pay you for signing up or participating. If I can earn $20 of incremental savings, I will take it! I use this to continually invest in stocks to make that $20 grow into much more over time.

Why use apps to earn money?

Did you know that there numerous apps that pay you real money for doing specific simple tasks? Well… If you have a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop and you still haven’t been earning from these money minting apps, then you’re losing out a great deal.

There are plenty of apps out there that will simply give you money for signing up AND/OR you continue to earn money for making routine purchases, grabbing lunch or even WALKING.

You can earn a bunch of dollars by downloading an app, installing them on your smartphone, or if you love games, you can make money by playing games with apps. Also, you can get rewards and earn points with data collection and cashback apps.

With this many apps nowadays, you have no excuses to save or start investing.

List of 27+ Apps that Pay You Real Money

In this article, we have gathered a list of some of the best money making apps. So, without much further ado, here is a list of the27 best apps that pay you real money:

  1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the genuine apps that pay you real money. It is an online survey platform that pays you for taking part in their online surveys. It is among the highest paying survey apps that pay you real money, and that can add something significant to your wallet.

It is a free mobile app and one of the highest paying apps that charge you $0 to join, and it can pay up to $50 with surveys. A survey takes not more than 5 minutes to complete. Check out my writeup on Survey Junkie to learn more. Sign up using my link and you’ll start earning money now.

  1. Drop app

When you download and link up your debit or credit card to the free Drop app, it tracks all your purchases. It then adds the point to your account when you purchase products from specific stores that you choose from their list.

The points can be redeemed as gift cards that you can use at favorite retail shops like Amazon, Whole Foods and more. You get $1 for signing up by using my link.

  1. Swagbucks

Earn up to $35 clean cash per survey by participating in an online survey with Swagbucks from any device at any time. It is a great way to make extra money even at the comfort of your home, and it is 100% free to register. They offer a $5 registration bonus, and the survey tasks are generally easy to complete.

The app allows you to earn money through taking part in surveys, playing games and shopping online. You can also earn by watching videos during your spare time. You are allowed to cash your SB cards in various major stores, or you get paid using cash through PayPal.

Swagbucks is one of the best apps that pay you real money with surveys.

  1. Paribus

All you need to do is keep your emails without deleting them. Paribus scans all your emails of the things you have purchased, and you get refunds if prices of the items bought drops. It’s 100% free to join.

  1. InboxDollars

Signing up for InboxDollars is another excellent way of earning extra money with minimum hassle. It pays you up to $50 in a month to watch fun videos & take their surveys.

They also have $5 free joining bonus if you use my link.

  1. Nielsen

Nielson is another one among the great apps that pay you real money. Download Nielson app for free, keep the app on your favorite browsing devices and earn extra $50 per year. They, also, give away $10,000 each month. Thus, you can comfortably make $100 from the comfort of your house.

You need to register on your phone or your computer, and you are ready to make money. When you think of apps that pay you to install them, think Nielsen app.

  1. Airbnb

Through the Airbnb app, you can make up to $1,500/month by just listing your spare room with them. Sign up your extra space for a few nights out in a month and earn over $1,500.

I’ve been earning $1,000 to $2,000 per month just by being a host on Airbnb with the hopes of living completely mortgage free.

  1. Trim App

It helps you save by canceling unnecessary subscriptions and lowering your expenditures and bills by negotiating for even your common bills like electricity bills. It is 100% free to join.

  1. Dosh App

Dosh is yet another app among the best apps that pay you real money. It is in the category of cashback apps that enables you to get some extra cash from your purchases.

You can use the cashback for shopping, booking hotels and travel activities and dining out with over 100,000 nationwide merchants and brands. It pays $5 for registering using my link.

  1. Vindale Research App

Vindale is an app that requests for your information and then matches your profile to the best fitting surveys. It allows you to make even up to $75 in for some surveys per pop out and give you an extra $2 free as a sign-up bonus. The app usually pays you via PayPal, and it’s free to join.

  1. Long Game App

The app is one of the few game apps that pay you real money when you download it, create an account and link it with your bank information. If uncomfortable, you can open a new bank account and link. You then fund the account with as little as $5, set an automatic saving deposit and earn free coins to start playing games.

They give 40 coins for every $1 AutoSaved in the first week and three coins for every $1 deposited. When your account is linked, you get 300 points to start playing immediately.

  1. Digit Review

When you link the app to your checking account, it uses its algorithms to calculate small cash amounts to withdraw into a different saving account that is FDIC- insured. It gives you $5 free registration bonus.

  1. Acorns App

The Acorns app gives you free cash to invest in stocks. It requires you to link it to your debit or credit card, and it automatically rounds up all your purchases to the nearest dollar.

It then funnels the digital change into a stocks investment account. You get $5 free sign up bonus using my link, and you can make more than $1,500 per year.

  1. Ibotta App

Ibotta is a rebate app that gives you a chance to get cash back whenever you do your shopping at major stores such as Walmart. You get $10 for signing up using my link. In addition, you receive $100 for referring three of your friends and $ for every other person you refer after that.

  1. MyPoints

With this app, you get free $10 Amazon gift card for just trying the site. This site pays you for just shopping online. If you purchase $20, you get 1,750 bonus points.

You can redeem these points to get an Amazon gift card worth $10. If you prefer cash, here’s how you can sell your Amazon gift cards for money.

See Related: Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

  1. SwagIQ

It is a new Trivia app that gives you a chance to win up to $1000 for just answering simple questions that are meant to test your level of knowledge. It pays cash and many other prices.

  1. Fundrise App

It is a smart way of earning money using little effort. The app allows you to invest in real estate and earn up to 8-10% on your investment with just $500 initial investment. The app has more than 200,000+ users. Fundrise is one of the best ways to earn passive income through real estate.

Read more about the site through our Fundrise review.

  1. LendingClub

The Lending Club app allows you to lend money to your friends or other people in the form of a personal loan and earn up to 14% per year on your lending amount. You need $25 to start earning with this app.

  1. Fetch Rewards

With Fetch Rewards which is a mobile rewards app, you get paid for just shopping. You get $2 for signing up with them. You download the app, get a referral code, scan any receipt from any store and get paid through PayPal.

  1. Panda Research

It is a free survey app that gives you a chance to earn up to $50 per survey. You also get a free $3 for signing up. It pays you to participate in online surveys, focuses groups and to try new products.

  1. Uber drivers app

If you have some free time like during weekend s and at nights, you can earn extra cash through Uber app by driving with their app.

  1. Uber Eats

The app gives you a chance to earn extra money by delivering food around the city when you sign in as an Uber Eats Delivery Partner. You work on your schedule.

  1. Ebates

Ebates is a smart way to earn cash when you shop online using their app. They have a $25 signing up free bonus if you use my link. Through Ebates app, you can save money by shopping in over 2,000 stores. This is literally free money. Who doesn’t love that?

  1. Survey Voices

As one of the best paying survey apps, you can earn up to $300 per week by taking part in Survey voice! Surveys. They pay you for talking about how you feel about major products and brands. It is among those apps that pay you for data collection.

  1. ShopKick App

With ShopKick shopping app you get rewarded for the shopping you have already done. You earn points by just walking into major stores like Walmart or completing numerous surveys for popular brands.

  1. Pinecone Research

Best Apps That Pay You Real Money

It is a research app that sends you survey invitations which can earn you $3 per survey. Although the invitations are not too many, there is a biweekly cash sweepstake of $500 you can join and quarterly $4,500 prize that you can also win.

Conclusion on Apps that Pay You Real Money

Free money is awesome. While some of these apps can consume your time, I suggest that everyone has at least a few of these apps on their phone. They literally give you money just for participating. I use small wins like these of $20-$50 to continually invest my money and generate more income. This is the easiest way to start building wealth.

Did you know that there are apps out there that will give you free stock? Here is a list of apps that give you free stocks just for signing up. You have no excuses to start investing now.

I hope this list of apps that pay you real money has offered you valuable insights on how to earn with apps in your idle time.

Who doesn’t love using apps that pay you real money? Let me know in the comments below if you are going to use any of these outstanding apps.

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