Apps That Earn You Money Australia 2019

For example, if you’re using Uber to make money, you’ll need to go through an approval process that can take 5-7 days. They’ll verify your license, car details, and run a background check. Other apps allow you to start making money within seconds of signing up without any lengthy process. Make sure you have an active PayPal account.

For the past 10 years of working from home, You have to believe me when I say “Anyone can actually spend a few minutes up to an hour a day making money”. But it does not always mean you’ll get rich fast. It also takes some hard work and a passion to make money online. Also, An additional 20 new apps this 2020 is posted now.


I downloaded all sorts of apps that make money. I tried them, sometimes I failed to make even a single cent. And sometimes I made hundreds of dollars. And because some apps are not available worldwide. I have to make sure to do thorough research of its legitimacy.

It’s not always failing and it’s not always succeeding either. The one thing that I learned about money-making apps and sites, that not everything is permanent.

I’m not saying that all of these will vanish soon. What I’m saying is make the most of these paying sites while their hot and kicking.

Some of the apps and sites that I used years ago are now defunct. But, surprisingly some of them are still working and paying up to this point.

I have to always and I mean, Always, Update you guys with the best apps all the time. Because money-making apps and sites may come and go, But, like what I always say. Some awesome ones stay. You just need to know which.

Now the question is, Did you even bother to download the apps I mentioned from my previous posts and try them yourself before some of them disappeared?

That’s why I’m back to update you guys. And the good news is I have some new awesome apps, and old ones that are still paying and good to go.

This post may contain affiliate links see affiliate disclosure here. which means I may receive a small commission for clicks made through my links. they are good products and all our opinion and suggestions are unbiased I only share products and services that I use, trust and love.

1. ClipClaps– You get paid just by watching funny videos. What’s so great about this app? It’s totally legit. instead of wasting your time watching videos from your Facebook feed. Why not go to Clipclaps and get paid

2. Spare5-Still up and running. I got hooked on this last year. It’s one of those tasks apps that’s not your typical money making app. If you haven’t read my review on this app you can check it here, As well as ways on how you can earn more from this app.

Two of my favorite tasks from this app is calling different hotels around the globe and asking if they have a water heater. And the other one is just tagging pictures. So Simple! while I no longer used this very much. It’s surprising that I still make money whenever I go back and do some tasks on this app.

3. Clickworker-Just like spare5 and Clickworker, they have both website and app to make money. It’s one of the oldest sites that pay people to do simple tasks. Now clickworker has an app too. So cool!

Two of my favorite tasks here are the UHRS and reviewing videos. You can easily download the app or go to the site itself to create an account and that’s it. If you want to learn more about Clickworker. Read my previous post here.

4. Acorns– This one awesome app can turn your spare change into investments. If you have zero knowledge (like everyone else) about stocks. This one simple app can help you with that with just $5 you can invest and it’s newbie friendly as well.

And the best part? It’s free if you’re a student. Although, it’s better to let your money grow first, But when you withdraw it will only take you 3-6 business days.

5. Palfish– Is still one of my favorites, I know that there are a lot of changes with them lately, but you can still give it a try. I worked for them a couple of years back and it was fun. They pay on time, and I made a lot of new friends. You can check my review here.

6. Receipt Hog– This app will pay you to shop. It’s a fun way to turn your everyday receipts into cash and rewards. Just take a picture of your receipt from restaurants, groceries, cafe etc. And get coins you can use to play, join sweepstakes or just cash out through Amazon gift cards and or PayPal.

7. Cash for Apps– This app will pay you to download and test apps. You can earn points just by trying these brands. Points can be used to purchase great rewards such as Xbox and Amazon gift cards.

8. Survey Retail App– Get paid to answer surveys, shops, etc. It pays you to go to nearby stores and complete a task. Tasks usually take 10 to 20 minutes and pay up to $25 per task. It’s a great way to make some extra money on the side.

9. Checkout 51 – Here’s a shopping and grocery savings app or cash-back app. That will help you save and earn money with your favorite brands. Just like receipt hog you just need to take pictures of your receipt to redeem the offer. and once you reach $20, You can cash out.

10.– With just the minimum of $3.00, you can cash out with this app. Pays you to watch videos. Payments are redeemed through Paypal.

11. SB Answer– I think most people know Swagbucks. Why? Simple. It’s such a great app. If you like sharing your opinion. You may want to start downloading this app. There’s more like this coming up on this list. And yes they are one of the best-paying apps. Give your opinions on movies, shopping, products etc. And get rewards.

12. Bituro– Here’s an easy way to earn money. You just need to complete surveys that are refreshed daily. And you can redeem your money in more than one way.

  • Bitcoins (All countries)
  • Ethereum tokens (All countries)
  • PayPal (All countries)
  • Amazon Gift Cards (US only)
  • Starbucks Gift Cards (US only)
  • Target Gift Cards (US only)

13. Ibotta– Has been around for quite a long time. And that’s because it’s been one of the best paying apps of all time. You can earn hundreds of cash-back rewards just by snapping pictures of your receipts.

14. Lucky Day – This free sweepstakes app. Will let you play and get a chance to win real cash instantly. And yes they do pay through Paypal. Play games, enter raffles and earn rewards.

15. Wow App– Here’s one unique app that’s worth downloading. It pays you to just do your typical daily activities. Such as chatting, shopping, playing games, browsing etc. You have the choice to either cash out your earnings or donate it to one of almost 2000 supported charities around the globe.

16. Fetch Rewards- Here’s a paid-to-shop app. That is available on all devices including the desktop. It’s pretty easy to use. Just do your normal shopping routine and scan your receipts and get cash backs. Rewards points are then redeemable for a variety of gift cards, such as Visa, Sephora, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, Nike, and many, many more!

17. Sweatcoin– Here’s an app that will pay you to exercise. Making money while getting fit. Here’s a download-worthy app. Furthermore, This app also gives high-tech shoes, iPhone, and apple watches. Downloadable on both Android and IOS. It can also be accessed through their website. Gift cards and Cash are sent through Paypal and Amazon US.

18. Keep rewards– This app provides free cash gifts to users. Available on desktop and Android phones. Although not a passive app. The minimum cash out is $5. Payments are paid through Amazon US and PayPal.

19. Blabber– Accessible through a website and available on both IOS and Android. Here’s a unique app that pays you to message/chat with your friends. Just like a messenger (pretty cool huh?) Minimum cash out is $15 and paid through PayPal.

20. Cash Magnet– Here’s an app that pays you just to use them. You don’t need to download other apps, play games, watch ads to earn here. Just download and run the app. That’s it. Passive indeed. Available on both Android and Website. Payments are sent through Paypal And Amazon.

Another thing, before I continue with the other half of the apps. I just want to ask something. If you are the type of person who wanted to make money with just apps, I mean literally with apps and wouldn’t mind having tons of apps in his phone.

The type of person who just doesn’t like doing other work from home jobs? Someone who would enjoy waiting for money to grow? You may want to check my post on Phone Farming. I’m not saying this is the best way to make money with apps.

I just want to let you know that there are tons of people making money this way. While they sleep and doing nothing. Just waiting. Phone Farming may not be for everyone but you may be one of those who actually enjoys this kind of stuff.

21. Super Pop Quiz– Here’s another app that pays you to answer their quiz. Available on both Android and Desktop only. Here’s another passive app that you can download and add to your list. PayPal and Amazon will send your payments/gift cards once you reach the minimum cash out.

22. Smart Panel– I think a lot of people have heard of this app. And yes it’s another passive app that can be accessed through desktop as well as Android. It is an unobtrusive research app that once you’ve installed and activated the Smart App to the device, you’ll be able to redeem your rewards and earn more every month! Pretty neat huh? Payments are through Paypal and Amazon.

23. Google Opinion Rewards– This app is available on both IOS and Android as well as desktop. By the name itself, Google Opinion will pay you to express yourself. And, PayPal will send payments once you reach the minimum cash out.

24. Ibotta– Love shopping? Here’s an app for you. Ibotta pays whenever you shop. Paypal will pay you once you reach the minimum cash out of $20.00. In addition, Users rated this as one of the best paying apps. Available on both IOS and Android. As well as desktops.

25. Entertainow– Love watching? Entertainow will pay you to stream videos. Now that’s another easy way to earn some chachings. Minimum cash out is just $3.00 and paid through PayPal and Amazon. This app is available on IOS, Android, and desktops.

26. AppLike– If you have heard about an app that pays you to download stuff. Here’s one of them. Applike is a passive app. That has a $1.00 minimum cash out through PayPal only. Unfortunately, this is only available on Android phones and desktops.

Is There Any App That Gives You Money

27. Smore– What a yummy app name. And how easy to earn money with this app. Just download and use it as a lock screen and that’s it. They will pay you to use your phone as it is. It also has other offers to make more money, like taking surveys and referring friends. Amazon will send your rewards.

28. Money SMS– Another paid-to-use passive app that you can add to your list. Minimum of just $1.00 to redeem your cash through Amazon only. So how does it work? Just download, run the app, connect to the internet, Wait for the SMS. They will pay you for each test SMS you received.

29. – If you don’t know this app then you’re missing a lot. is a passive app that will pay you to watch sports videos. And yes it’s a passive app that is available on all devices, hurray!!! Watch fun, fresh videos no matter where you are with the Sportly App.

30. AppTrailers– Another passive app to add to your list. Apptrailers has a minimum of only $0.25 to cash out. They will pay you to watch. Furthermore, It’s available on IOS, Android, and Desktop. They even added games and trivia for additional chachings.

31.Stick Whaff- Another interesting app. Let you earn just by playing, watching, downloading, etc. And you can redeem your rewards through Paypal, Amazon, and Bitcoin.

32. Nielsen Mobile App– This app will let you be part of the research they do in Nielsen. By simply installing the app on your iPad and other mobile devices you can be part of the panel and earn rewards.

33.Goldesel- It actually means gold donkey in English. You get paid to play, watch short video clips, try new apps, take part of surveys and so much more. Plus, you can also earn by referring friends.

34.Vestly – This investing, trading game app will let you play by buying and trading stocks using virtual money but has the chance to win real money. Top performers win real cash. You can actually practice trading with this app while earning some quick bucks.

35.Stepbet- “Move more earn more” This brilliant motivational fitness app is one of the apps you shouldn’t forget. It helps you reach your fitness goals by betting on yourself. Just hit your goals and cash out. A very fun way to build a healthier habit while earning some cash.

36.Google Opinion Rewards– Another get-paid-to-answer app. This survey app has been around for years. If you love answering short surveys and making money download this app and add this to your list of survey apps. You can get paid up to $1 per survey and it usually takes around 20 seconds per survey.

37.Quick Thoughts– Another survey app that’s worth downloading. share your opinions and make some cash. Just choose from thousands of surveys ready for you to take. you can even embark on real-life GPS-based activities to earn gift cards at your favorite stores.

38. Daily Win– This free game app would let you play for free and win real money. This is a good use for your spare time. Having fun plus a chance to win cash. Not to mention the extra cash you can earn just by watching short videos and taking surveys.


39.1Q– Here’s one super simple app. This app pays you or a charity you choose $.50 cents for every question you answer. That’s about it. Super cool app. Simple and of course one of the best-paying apps.

40.Corus– Here’s an interesting app. Pays to share your PRIVATE feedback to millions of business around the US rather than broadcasting it to the world. Just fill out your profile, share your feedback and you’re done. Plus, you can even refer your friends and earn some more.

You might be wondering why some people make decent money with survey apps? task apps? and some even created their own passive income with passive apps etc. The answer is very simple. These people try their best to plan, organize, and make sure that they don’t just use these apps, they follow rules and apply their own strategies.

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