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The table shows all items tradeable on the bazaar, unless: (a) it's not profitable to flip it, (b) it's so expensive to buy you can't even afford one item, or (c) the backlog to sell the item is longer than your limit.

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The columns are explained as follows:

  • Sales Backlog: This is the number of items currently for sale, divided by the number of daily sales, averaged over a week. It is a measure, in days, of how long on average you might expect your sale offer to be fulfilled. Higher numbers represent greater risk that you will spend many days owning the items, unable to sell them.
  • Buy Order at: The price (per item) you should submit a Buy Order at. This is 0.1 coins higher than the current highest-priced Buy Order, offering more than the competition in the hope of a quick buy.
  • Sell Offer at: The price (per item) you should submit a Sell Offer at. This is 0.1 coins lower than the current lowest Sell Offer, undercutting the comptetition in the hope of a quick sale.
  • Profit per Item: The profit implied per item, i.e. (sell offer price − buy order price).
  • Quantity: The quantity of these items you can 'flip', based on the money you have available. If you allow the calculator to use more than one offer at a time, the number of offers required to meet this quantity will also be shown.
  • Total Profit: The total profit made by flipping the stated quantity of this item.
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More detailed information: includes kills, auction stats, slayer levels, and more.

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