Best Free Money Earning Apps In India

Do you believe you can earn from for what you’re already doing? Yes, There are various best apps for making money for android and iPhone available earn extra cash in 2021. In this article, you’ll get to know the best android money earning apps in India without investment.

Best Free Money Earning Apps In India

It is one of the best app for earning free paytm cash in India. Features: Play Rummy with other people over the internet. Use your skills and earn cash. Best Rummy app out there. With GameZop, you can play many games present on the app and earn points that can be converted to money. Download CashKaro App Now. Upstox is a stock trading app, with this app you can easily buy Indian Stocks and you can also invest in Options, Mutual Funds, and Gold. If you’re finding the top 10 apps to earn money so this is the best app, you can earn money with this app only by inviting your friends to.

Covid -19 let the companies to allow its employees to work from home. It has opened many ways and sources to make money. We have listed the best ways to earn money from mobile phone which you didn’t know. You may try all these mobile apps and fix which are suitable to you. The best part of cash for apps is, you will earn when you use your mobile phone.

Crazy! Yes, you have an opportunity to make money from the popular mobile apps. Let’s know more about the money online earning Technics of your Smartphones. Researchers say that a person uses his / her mobile phone for more than 5 hours in a day. Also 80 – 90% of time they spent using mobile apps. Interesting!.

When you spend time on your smartphone with news sites and social media networks. We’ll help you with some apps to earn some cash instead spend time. We have spent more time and researched a lot and collected a big list of the best money making programs to make money fast now.

How does Money Earning Apps In India work?

People earn by installing money making mobile applications on their phone. You need not to do any special tasks in order to earn from smartphone apps. All you need is, just go through this guide and it will let you the top paying smartphone apps to earn.

Why Money Making Apps are Favorite Way to Earn Money?

It’s true that for most us, our smartphone is a permanent fixture in the human body. Yes, smartphone will always occupy whether your hand or pocket. If you have free time or idle, all we surely check for emails, sms or surf on web or visiting Social Media. Instead of wasting your precious time with your mobile phone, you may actually make money out of it. There are several mobile apps available to earn from your smartphone. But there are few mobile apps which are really interested. Many legitimate apps available for Android and IOS mobiles. These smartphone apps help you to earn, gift cards and many more prizes.

You can’t become a Rich using Money Making Apps

What are the Advantages of Cash for App?

  • Earn from what you’re already doing
  • Make money in your free time
  • Minimum effort
  • No Time schedule
  • No Investment
  • Earn Money for viewings Jobs

How Much You Can Earn from Cash Apps in 2021?

My straight answer for this question is, the amount you spend on your mobile determine your mobile apps earnings. We have seen people are making $1 – $10 per day by working on the legitimate apps. You do not need to spend money to download these, so we call these apps free money making methods.

Payment Modes

Most of the money earning apps pay real cash, Paytm, Gift Cards and PayPal as well.

How to Maximize Cellphone Apps Earnings?

The more you use these online money earning apps will give more opportunities to make money. You need to use your smartphone more and visit the money making applications more frequently in day. This will surely increase your mobile apps earnings dramatically. You need to enable the push notifications option on the apps that give money. This will help you to get alert whenever you have new tasks and offers to do. Do not leave the apps without completing, the more you perform will bring more money.

Categories of Android Money Earning Apps in India without Investment

We have checked websites and discussion forums to know who are already earn from apps. Based on that we have listed the top apps.

These are the top apps for making money from your smartphones.

  • 1. Survey Apps
  • 2. Cash Back Apps
  • 3. Apps Pay for completing Micro Tasks
  • 4. Top Mobile Apps for Selling Products
  • 5. Viewing Ads Apps

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36 Best Money Earning Apps in India Without Investment

Find below best android apps in 2021 to earn when you use your smartphone.

36 Best Apps for Making Money in India (New Money Earning Apps 2021)

Some of the apps are available only for certain countries. You are requested to select your respective apps based on your geographical area. We just wanted to give a heads-up the reason you’re not able to install some best earning apps on your smartphones.

Below are the best money earning apps in India without investment for students and anyone who wants to make side income from mobile phone without investment.

1. Swagbucks – Earn $10 ( Sign up Bonus)

There is no doubt at all that Swagbucks is number 1 money app. You can make money from Swagbucks through different ways. Swagbucks help its members to earn SB Point (Swag Buck Point) for many simple tasks in Swagbucks. Those are,

How To earn money from Swagbucks mobile app?

There are many ways to earn money from Swagbucks Smartphone apps like;

  • Earn from online shopping retailers like, Amazon, Target, Starbucks and Walmart.
  • Complete online surveys and earn gift cards.
  • Earn money for watching videos.
  • Earn money and rewards from exclusive offers and deals.
  • Join with Swagbucks and browse the search engine.
  • Easily make money for playing games.

The best part of Swagbucks is, you will get $10 as Sign up Bonus.

2. Cointiply

If you want to earn money in Bitcoin then Cointiply is the best apps to earn money. Cointply is a popular apps to make money by completing simple tasks. Those are,

  • Install Apps
  • Play Games and Earn Money
  • Viewing Ads
  • Paid surveys

3. EBates

You may earn money from Ebates app by download and installing it. You will easily earn some percentage of money back if you shop through Ebates eligible retailers. Ebates is one of the popular mobile best earning apps and you can withdraw your earnings at the minimum threshold as $5.01. You will get paid from eBates in every 3 months.

4 A. Panel Place

PanelPlace is the popular mobile apps where you can make money by complete simple paid surveys from your mobile. People from anywhere in the world can join with Panelplace apps to earn money.

4. Ibotta – Sign up Bonus $10

One of the popular cash back online shopping apps is IBotta. You can earn from iBotta smartphone apps through grocery brands. The best part of IBotta apps is, you will get $10 as sign up bonus which is so great. Ibotta has an affiliate program which is the good way to earn money from iBotta app.

5. Google Opinion Rewards

The most trusted search engine Google offer Google opinion Rewards program which is the top apps for opinionated readers to earn money. As a member of Google Opinion Rewards, you will get paid for sharing your opinion. Register with Google Opinion Rewards program and get paid for completing online survey jobs without investment. Chances to earn at least $0.10 to $1 through Google Opinion Rewards

6. SlideJoy

One of the popular way to earn mobile passive income is SlideJoy mobile app. Advertisements are available everywhere in the world, why not in your Smartphone? How to earn money from SlideJoy is, after signing up with SlideJoy apps then you will start seeing mobile ads on your lock screen. Swipe left to see more information about the ads and swipe right to open your home screen. For every swipes to do with SlideJoy you will get earn money.

7. Shopkick

8. Foap

9. iPoll

10. Acorns

11. Sweatcoin

12. InboxDollars

13. Dosh

14. Receipt Hog

15. Stash

16. Uber Eats

17. Lyft

18. Rover

19. Instacart

20. HealthyWage

21. Airbnb

22. Decluttr

23. OfferUp

24. LetGo

25. BookScouter


Below is the top money making apps for India.

27. RozDhan

Money Earning Apps Pc

28. PhonePe

29. mCent

30. U Speak We Pay

31. Vigle

32. Squadrun

33. Moocash

34. Pact


35. App Trailer

36. ysense

Money earning apps in India for students

There are many students in India are making money from these android mobile apps. You would need to install all these legit mobile apps on you mobile phone and start making money.

What is a Money Making Apps for Smartphones?

A money-making apps is a simple application which you can download on your smartphone, tables or even on your computer sometimes. These money making apps have a variety of ways to make money. Few money earning apps pay you some fee when you leave their app running in the background of your smartphone. Few apps offer you a cash-back option. Other money apps in 2021 pay you money for completing small surveys or participating in the small tasks or activities on your smartphone. In return, you will get money, rewards or cash back for spending time with their phone apps. This is the best way to get paid through your smartphone apps in 2021.

How much you can make from money making apps?

Making money from mobile apps vary for each app. It depends how much time you spend on the app and download the stuff. Some mobile apps pay a one-time fee for downloading their app. However, most of the free mobile apps in 2021 help you to make regular side income. Remember, moneymaking apps is not going to replace your regular income or normal work. But it’s sure that you can earn some extra cash using moneymaking apps in 2021.


We have listed the list of best money generating apps for your smartphone. You may give a try for most of these genuine money making mobile apps and decide which worker better. We have covered varieties of money-making apps for 2021 from fitness, shoppers and games. I’m sure these types of money making apps will surely work for you as side hustle apps. Those successful money apps are Sweatcoin, StepBet and HealthyWage for fitness apps. If you want to use fixed return apps then Worth Bonds is the best option.

Survey Junkie is the place to earn money from mobile apps like survey jobs. CapitalOne Shopping is a place to earn some extra cash from mobile apps through online shopping sites. Let me know which are the best money earning apps you have signed up and started earning money.

Do you have a smartphone?


If yes, so congrats, you can able to earn money online. Today we are going to tell you top 10 money earning apps.

With which you can make a lot of earning. How to do? We will tell you to step by step everything. So read this blog till the last.


  • 1 Best Money Earning Apps?

Best Money Earning Apps?

Here I have listed Top 10 Latest money earning apps. Which you can download and start earning.

1) MPL ( Mobile Premier League )

MPL ( Mobile Premier League ) is an online gaming platform. Here you will find all kinds of games and tournaments, Such as PUBG or Free Fire, and more than 30+ games are available in MPL app. which you can earn money by playing.

Apart from this, we can also earn by referring to MPL app. And whatever you earn. You can instantly transfer money to your PayTm wallet.

2) ClipClaps

ClipClaps is an online earning app, We can make money by playing games and watching videos.

  • Video – In the app, get to see a videos option, which means that you can earn money by watching videos.
  • Refer And Earn – Refer and earn, would you know. This option is usually available in every earning app, And you will find this option in the clip clips app.
  • Games – And you will also get to see games option in the app. we can earn by playing games.

3) MX Player

Most of the people know about the MX player. If you don’t know, MX player is an video player app. Now main thing earlier you can only watch videos in MX player. But now you can also earn. And you will get 2 options to earn money.

  • Refer And Earn – You can earn by inviting your friend.
  • Play Games and Earn Money – And you can also earn by playing games with the MX player app.

4) Gplink

Gplink is a URL shortener app. With this app, you can short any long URL to small URL In a few seconds.

If some user clicks on your shortened URL, Then you will get some commission in your gplink wallet. When 5$ complete in your gplink wallet, You can able to apply for payout.

Money Earning App Download

5) Mall91

Mall91 is an online earning app. we can make money by inviting friends.

Just for that, you will have to go to refer and earn option in this app, and you will get your referral link, you have to share that link to your friend.

If your friend download mall91 app through your referral link, you will get a commission in return.

Earning Money Online For Free

And apart from this, you will get to see more earning options in the app. For example, daily check-in this option will give you some amount of money for everyday.

6) Qureka Pro

Qureka pro is an online “Gaming Platform” where we can earn money by playing games. Apart from, you can also play quizzes in this app.

And you will get to see a lot of games in this app. And whose score is higher in the game, he wins the prize.

7) GameZop

Gamezop is an online gaming app that you can earn money by playing games. If you now sign Up in gamezop app, you will get a 5rs bonus.

And if you refer the gamezop app through your referral link, then you will get 2rs, If your friend deposit 10rs in the gamezop app, you would get extra 3rs. And with this app, you can take an instant payout.

8) 4Fun

4fun is an online video sharing app. If you sign up in the 4fun app, you will get 50rs in your 4fun account.

If you invite your friend to the app, then you will get every refer 7rs. You will be able to apply withdrawal request only if you have 200rs in your 4fun account.

9) Helo App

helo app is a “Video Sharing Platform” where people share all types of videos. Along with video share, you can also earn by Helo app.

Best Free Money Earning Apps In India Online

What type of contain helo app can we share?

  • Text contain :- Text means that you can upload any Text Post on Helo app.
  • photos :- Just like you upload photos on Instagram, the same way you can share pictures on helo App.

Money Earning Apps Iphone

  • Video :- You can also upload videos on the Helo app. For example, status video and song video. And much more.

You can share all these things on Helo App for free. You have to create an account for him on helo app. And how to create an account and how to earn, I have told everything below.

10) WinZo Gold

Let’s talk about first what is the winzo gold app and how it works. Guys winzo gold app is a gaming app. With this, you can earn money by playing games.

And in the app, you get a lot of games to play. You people can comfortably earn money sitting in the house of the game with the winzo gold application.

Earning App Download

If you like top 10 money earning apps, then don’t forget to share it with your friends. And if you want more high paying money earning apps, So you can tell me by commenting.