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An organization basically runs for a specific cause and anything working for a cause is meant to generate money. An NGO, as we know already, is non-governmental organization that functions completely independent of the government sector and fall in the category of nonprofit, citizen based organizations.

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Some people nowadays remain curious about the causes that make an NGO earn money. Some of them raise questions that what make these NGOs earn that much money, irrespective of the fact that these NGOs work for such a noble cause to bring a change in the society. Creating a positive difference in lives of your citizens is one of the best things that are made possible with the efforts of NGOs. And for obvious reasons, all this needs a lot of money to achieve the goal of the NGOs.

  1. (10 Ways to Make Money Online on YouTube) 1. Teaching and Training. This is my number one way, and I been doing this for the last 5 years. This is something that almost every major University has.
  2. Freelancing is a time-honored way for writers and graphic designers to make money. It's not uncommon for administrative assistants, accountants, computer programmers and other professionals to also.

Here are some ways through which NGOs make money:

Generating funds

Different funds and donations owe a lot of revenue in process of making money with respect to run an NGO. The key factor that enables an NGO earn money is to raise funds and generate different schemes in this regard. This is done by different renowned companies and donor agencies interested to collaborate and work for a particular NGO. Different local and international donor agencies are there to provide funds to NGO’s. This includes UNESCO, WHO, UNICEF etc.


The process of running NGO is highly supported by taking donations on different levels. Public or private sectors are included in taking donations. Donation can be of any kind like service providing for some cause on which an NGO is working or giving incentives to the members of NGOs for working on a specific project. But mostly all the successful and renowned NGOs keep the donation to an average extent for keeping themselves unaccountable of spending public money for different causes.

Schematic projects

The NGOs work on the basis of a systematic schedule to be followed annually in which they work on different projects regarding community welfare. The members of NGOs work in groups and they are made to visit different unprivileged areas providing basic facilities to the natives of that area. Different social upgrading projects include the sectors like education for all, eradication of child labor, human rights in general and women in particular, justice and law providing, providing health facilities and different hygiene programs.

All these welfare projects become a big source of earning money for an NGO. We can not say that making money in such a noble cause is not justified, it is worth a lot more!

Mass media campaigns

Different campaigns set by NGOs are done in collaboration with different media partners for welfare of society. The interface between media and society gives the best combination to boost up the progressive career of an NGO and economic growth of its funds and finance raise to a large extent.

Community oriented projects

One of the most attractive ventures that an Ngo can come up with is community oriented projects. All the social work done for a cause includes individual as well as community welfare programs. This attracts the donor agencies’ interest of donating funds for giving their money for a community cause.

Collaboration with public sectors

Working in collaboration with different public sectors is one of the easiest and oldest ways of making money by NGOs or we can say it becomes a source of money for an NGO because the aim of the Organization is not to earn money but to facilitate public with welfare and facilities.

Service providing

Some NGOs function for a cause to provide basic service to public deprived of the basic facilities, for example there are many areas whose locals are not provided with some of the necessary services due to lack of management and false distribution of assets. NGOs work for them and earn money for this cause.


The new self startups by an NGO get them to earn a huge money by donors and donators. Different new plans for welfare process and implementing strategies are proposed by NGOs and if the attract the area of interest of the donors, the get them earn a good money for this purpose.

Collaboration with social media

Social media nowadays controls the life of each and every citizen. Likewise it plays a major role for NGOs to get funds and raise their donation money. Many NGOs have made a separate social media network on which they provide the details of their services and get their donations through electronic media.

Disasters projects

Some special projects projected by NGOs are meant to be those at the time of natural disasters or calamities like earthquakes, floods, tsunamis etc. the role of an NGO at this time is one most significant contribution in providing services and facilities for betterment.

These special projects become an eye catcher of the Donor agencies and a high rate of fund raising is achieved by NGO according to their performances.

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Today, the majority of people prefer to do things on the internet. From getting food to ordering a taxi at doorstep, we use apps that work online. What if we could use the time we spend on the internet to find the best way to earn online money?

There are indeedcountless ways to make money online. From selling skills to unwanted stuff, theinternet offers various ways to make money.

In this article, we will discuss some simple ways that can help increase your income.

Try These Best Ways to Earn Online Money

Paid Web Searching

There are various ways toget paid for things you usually do without getting paid. Paid web searching isone of those things; it allows you to earn money by simply searching theweb.

To make this work, youneed to add an extension to your browser that pays for surfing the web. Forexample, when you add Bing extension and set Bing as your default searchengine, it starts paying money to you.

The idea of making money through web-searching works best with Qmee or Swagbucks. This is because these sites don’t make it compulsory to use a specific search engine or browser. You just need to add their extensions to any browser you commonly use.

While Qmee only pays for browsing the web, Swagbucks also pays for shopping online.

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Start BloggingBest Ways to Make Money Online

Do you love the idea ofsharing knowledge with people? If yes, there is no best way than having yourown blog on something you’re most passionate about. To make your blog asuccess, you need to do the following:

  • Find a niche according to your expertise/ interest
  • Create a blogging website
  • Write informative blogs
  • Fill them with the right keywords
  • Publish them on your website

If your blog has relevantkeywords, the algorithms of different search engines will pick your website andshow it on top of the search results – causing it to attract more traffic thanthe competitors.

Once you gain traction,you can create an account on Google AdSense to make money online.

Online Tutorship – Real Ways to Earn Online Money

Best Ways To Earn Money Online 2014 Free

Online tutorship is also the best way to earn online money.If you have an excellent command of a subject, you can make a lot of money byteaching it online to other people. It is one of the lucrative ways to makemoney because,aside from offering online classes, you can also sell yourcourses for good fees.

According to, the average salary of an online tutor is 30-40$ per hour for general subjects. While for teaching advanced subjects, you can make about $60-$70 per hour.

Buy and Sell Domain Names

Buying and selling domain names is one of the legitimate ways to earn online money. You can start by getting registered with, which is one of the most prominent domain-selling sites on the internet.

You will have to pay a fee of$0.99 to get registered. Afterthis, you should try researching some unique domain names that buyers wouldlike to buy at high prices.

The best way to sell your domains is to run a marketingcampaign. is a top place to sell domain names.

Rent out Extra Space

Going to property dealersto find renters for your empty properties is an old method. Nowadays, peopleuse apps to find renters. Using house renting apps is a simple yet best wayto earn online money. It only requires you to upload photos of yourspare rooms and to the app. If the photos entice people, they will contact youto rent your space.

Best ways to earn money online 2014 youtube

The beauty of using theseapps is that it is their responsibility to provide payment safety and securityto your property. They keep a check on your renters and make sure thateverything is going fine.


These are some of the topsites that allow you to make money online by renting out properties:

  • Flipkey
  • Airbnb
  • Booking
  • Outdoorsy

Final Thoughts about Best Ways to Earn Online Money

So, these are some of thebest ways to make money from home. Most of these jobs are simple to do andoffer decent payouts. Although all of them are very much doable, our advice isto go with the job that you can do comfortably as this is the only way toincrease your income significantly.

Good luck!

Ways To Earn Money For Kids

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