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The latest issue to explode on the Diablo 3 forums is about informing users of hacking attempts in-game, specifically referring to the Real Money Auction House. Players are seeing items disappear from accounts, and reappear in the Real Money Auction House (RMAH), and Blizzard says it does know about the issue.

A Diablo III player claims to have earned more than $10,000 in real currency since the game was launched.

Blizzard Real Money Auction House


The player, known only by his pseudonym 'WishboneTheDog', answered extensive questions on the feat for the Reddit community, submitting screenshots of PayPal and Auction House transactions as evidence.

While WishboneTheDog wouldn't give precise item descriptions and information on sales and trading techniques, he insisted that the $10,000 total was earned without cheating of any kind, and almost entirely through trading on the game's Real Money and Gold Auction Houses - the only real money invested was the $60 needed to buy the game.

'The market will definitely speed up, and I suspect the top end items especially, when Blizzard releases PVP'

The majority of the person's buying and selling takes place on the game's Gold Auction House: 2,000 transactions, versus 500 transactions on the Real Money Auction House - 'The RMAH is merely a way to convert my gold to USD,' WishboneTheDog noted.

'I just maintain a balance between value of items and gold. I try to have enough gold/item value to purchase any under-priced item in the game. There are items worth 1.5bil+; I want to be able to purchase them for 600k if necessary.'

WishboneTheDog now trades exclusively in 'high end' items - nothing worth less than 50 million gold - with the most expensive single item being sold for 1.5 billion gold before Blizzard took its cut. He also observes that Diablo's gold in-game currency is 'more easily exchanged' for real money than '90 per cent of the countries in the world.'

While Diablo III's in-game economy has slowed since the weeks following its launch, WishboneTheDog expects it to pick up again when PvP is released.

'The market will definitely speed up, and I suspect the top end items especially, when [Blizzard] releases PVP,' he said. 'It is a reason to need those items again for everyone who has finished Inferno.'

Blizzard Real Money Auction House Online

WishboneTheDog's interest in virtual item trading started with Neopets. He now studies economics at a 'good university' and has a 'day job' in the stock market.

Gamer claims to have started his interest in virtual goods while trading Neopets. The person also claims that his (or her) day job is in the stock market.

'I hope to consult with game companies someday about balancing the economies of their games,' he added.

We wrote back in September that Blizzard announced it would be removing Diablo 3's auction houses, both gold and real money, and that day has come to pass. The Auction House is no more.

Blizzard Real Money Auction House Plans

Blizzard has posed a FAQ on its forums to answer some questions about the shutdown specifics. Auctions currently in progress will expire as normal and the items will go to the highest bidder (or be returned to the seller, depending on the auction). Folks have until June 24 to clear out all of the items and gold in their 'Completed' tab, after which time they'll all vanish forever.

On paper, the Auction House sounded like a great idea: it provided a relatively secure way for Diablo 3 players to dispose of unwanted loot and make some coin at the same time—much more coin than the tiny amounts offered by the in-game merchants. However, the Auction House quickly became a required meta-game that any character wanting any kind of meaningful gear had to play. Blizzard had to adjust the rates at which valuable items spawned in-game to keep item-farmers from flooding the Auction House. This made it more difficult not just for the farmers to find good loot, but for everyone to find good loot. The end result was that the Auction House became the only way to find truly useful items for every character once they'd hit the level 60 in-game cap.

The removal of the Auction House isn't the only big change to Diablo 3's gameplay. In preparation for the Reaper of Souls expansion pack's upcoming debut (next week, in fact!), Blizzard also released 'Loot 2.0' in February, a major patch that significantly changed how the game's loot system functions. With the auction house sunsetting, Loot 2.0 greatly increases the rate at which powerful items are generated for the player to pick up (orange legendaries and green set items). It also makes it so that items the player finds are much more likely to be relevant to the player's current character—your Demon Hunter might still find the occasional Witch Doctor charm, but for the most part, the items will have stats specifically targeted at your class.

Blizzard Real Money Auction House Locations


Blizzard Real Money Auction Houses

Another change with the updated loot system is that all legendary items and all set items are now bound to your account when you pick them up—they can't be traded to other players except under very specific circumstances and within a narrow window of time (though they can be sold to the in-game vendors or broken down for crafting components). Initially Blizzard developers were adamant that account-bound items wouldn't be coming to the game, but as Diablo 3 has evolved over the years it's become clear that making it a game focused on item trading had significant negative impacts on the core gameplay. Anything that pulls the focus too far away from kill-monsters-get-loot is ultimately bad.

Blizzard Real Money Auction House For Sale

And so we bid a farewell to the game-breaking Auction House—judging by community and forum posts, it won't be missed. From here on, players can still trade with each other directly in-game using the trade window, but there will be no more easily gamed central clearing house for loot and gold. We'll have more on Diablo 3 and after the Reaper of Souls expansion release next week.