Dead Money Casino Voucher

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100 Sierra Madre chips and one complimentary voucher are deposited in the wall safe at the Abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker once Dead Money is completed. This deposit of chips and voucher will be repeated every 3 days. If deposits are not collected, they will accumulate.

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Female Holograms

Generic 'friendly' female holograms. There are multiple copies of this NPC in varying states of completion - some bleed when shot, can be spoken to, and carry holographic laser pistols instead of using the standard hologram head laser. Template: 4010ecd Early Starlet template: 4006093 Theater: 4010ecb Bartender: 4012509


An NPC used to play some of the intro and ending voices behind the scenes. 400adbe


Two unused versions of Vera Keyes exist in the flesh; one is a placeholder used to run some scripts for the recording in the SM executive suites and the ending slides. The other is a ghoul intended for use as a corpse; her charred (yet fully clothed) skeleton was used instead. Regular: 4006eda Ghoul: 400c824

Tastee Morsel

An innately-hostile test NPC related to the character Dog. 400cdb3

White Arrow Heart Dude

The piece of graffiti he's [most likely] named after. Unused in vanilla New Vegas.

The 'white arrow heart' probably refers to a specific piece of graffiti. His editor ID says he was designed to appear as a corpse. 400ecf2

Real Money Casino


Dean Hologram

A differently-named generic male hologram. Not to be confused with Dean Hologram the unique NPC. 400fe22

Dog Script Test Dude

A generic Super Mutant used to test some scripts related to the character Dog. 400cdb2


Dean's Hologram Outfit

Equipped by Dean Hologram (the NPC). Unplayable. 401067f

Hologram Beam

Embedded weapon used by hologram enemies. Starlet': 400fda7 Generic: 400ad78


Worn by all the holograms. Unlike the other unused DLC armors, this one can be used by the player. 400307b

Scarlet hologramoutfit

Vera Keyes' dress. Not wearable by the player. 4006ed8

Sierra Madre Martini

A non-consumable junk item version of the drink. 4012c8b

Starlet's Hand Wraps

Used by the Vera Keyes hologram which appears for about six seconds in the Sierra Madre's lobby on your first visit. There is no way to provoke combat with this NPC without console commands. 400e8a4

Starlet Skeleton

Uses the world model and Pip-Boy icon of the Brotherhood scribe robe. Unusable. Also (un)available is the identical 'Starlet Skeleton Dress', which always uses the female icon. Starlet Skeleton: 4013531 Dress: 4013533

Starlet Wig

An unplayable hairpiece worn all of Vera Keyes' incarnations. The red flower is illuminated when seen in-game. 4006ed7

Suite Keys

These are named Suite Key P02-P06. 4006c14-4006c14, 4006c18, 4006c19

The Faderator

A test weapon, like the debug pistol. It's a Gauss Rifle which fires at 42x the rate of the regular rifle, uses only one MFC per shot (vs. 4), and has an unlimited ammo pool with regenerating ammo. This is probably named after Jason Fader, a technical producer at Obsidian. 4000800

Vera Keyes' Holotapes

These are just junk items.

  • Vera Keyes' 'Let the Bright Tomorrow in': 400ed59
  • Vera Keyes' 'Go to the Faraway': 400ed5a
  • Vera Keyes' 'Begin Again': 400ed5b


Ennis's Note


Stupid system locked me out again. How am I supposed to remember the password if they keep making me change it every few months? Bah, I'll just write it down here so I don't forget.


Shipment Invoice


Shipments got routed again, and what was meant for the casino restaurant ended up in the Villa main for the umpteenth time. Hauling those crates of knives up to the main lobby ain't going to be my job, especially with no cars.

Sinclair: E.B.E


Mr. Sinclair,

I took the points you raised in the call today to heart, and I hope my answers offered some reassurance. What we are providing is an exclusive, comprehensive technology, but more importantly, we want to address the concern you raised for protecting your guests from threats, specifically the growing communist threat from the Chinese.

Security is N.E.'s top concern. There is no reason to provide a service that you cannot defend, and should the current world situation lead to increased hostilities, an Emergency Broadcast Emitter has been placed inside select hologram emitters at the Sierra Madre. In case of nuclear attack, holograms will defend their stations with lethal force to protect the guests under their charge.

If you wish to make sure that those who come to your Villa and casino have the means to defend themselves, I assure you, you need look no further than the E.B.E., it is a proven technology, and anyone who decides to attack you or your guests will regret any aggression.

Martin T. Harris

P.S. Any chance we could ask you to have Ms Keyes sign an autograph for us? It won't reduce the price, although I could see about sending a few extra systems your way.

Tampico's Stage Manager Passcode


Dean had his Entertainer Pass wrapped up in an old, crumbling piece of paper.

Barely visible, it reads:


Too Hot!


Gold Vegas Casino

One of the cooks noticed their knife was glowing the other day. They'd left it on the stove top, and the metal started glowing red - and it didn't cool down! What kind of 'Space Age' metal is this Cosmic Knife made of? It kept glowing hot for several hours, and then the knife was so weak that when we tried to use it, it simply snapped. Guess that's why the metal's not used in rockets!

Vending Machine Code - 'Police Pistol'


This is a restricted dispenser code for use in the Vending Machines.

Vera Keyes' 'Let the Bright Tomorrow in' Song (I)

Dead Money Casino Voucher List


This is a fragment of Vera Keyes' melody, 'Let the Bright Tomorrow in.'

Vera Keyes' 'Let the Bright Tomorrow in' Song (II)


This is a fragment of Vera Keyes' melody, 'Let the Bright Tomorrow in.'

Vera Keyes' 'Let the Bright Tomorrow in' Song (III)


This is a fragment of Vera Keyes' melody, 'Let the Bright Tomorrow in.'

(no name)

Dead Money Casino Voucher

Called 'NVDLC01FinalCompNote' in the GECK. This message is found on Elijah's terminal in the abandoned BoS bunker after completing Dead Money. 4013b3b

Dear Mr. Elijah,

Congratulations on your winning luck at the Sierra Madre Casino! Your Complimentary Voucher will automatically delivered at the dropbox you specified every three days and can be redeemed at any Sierra Madre Vending Machine.

Thank you and we hope you enjoyed your stay!


The Sierra Madre Management

Message From Elijah: Gala Event

This is an audio log, identical to the 'prisoner commands' holotape. 400bcda

Are you listening? From now on, when I talk to you, pay attention.

I've left markers on your Pip-Boy - find the three other collars in town - 8, 12, and 14, get them to the Fountain. Obey me, and you can all go free.



A headless corpse wearing a Dead Money Jumpsuit. There are functionally identical NPCs used in its place.

Vera Keyes Photo

A framed photograph of Vera Keyes, later seen in the Z-38 lightwave dynamics research lab in Old World Blues.

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