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Are you looking into getting started making money developing Android apps? good. You’ve landed at the right place.

Earn Money Any Time is an Android developer that has been active for less than a month and has one app (make money online-dafabet betway betting app task) in Google Play. Make money online-dafabet betway betting app task is listed in the category 'Finance' and is highly ranked in several countries. Creating a paid app is perhaps the simplest way to make money from your app because they result in a higher average revenue per download. All you have to do is create an app and make money from people who download it. Both Google Play and the App Store make it easy for users to pay for apps, so you have a ready-made audience. Well, it's quite difficult to justify an exact figure on how do free apps make money. It totally depends on your app idea, the problem it solves, and its capabilities. On average, an entertaining app can easily bag around $ 5K-6K daily while a gaming app can earn around $15-20K, still, you can’t really define an exact number.

Many developers now are making good amounts of money just by making the simplest of apps.

So you may be wondering how these developers (myself included) are able to do so.

In this post, we’ll brake it down into 5 parts, namely: App Niche, ASO (App store optimization), App Quality and Monetization.

Please take a look at How To Get Starting Making Android Apps if you want learn the basics of actually creating your first app.

App Niche

Please pay close attention to the subheading here (Niche), because it’s key.

Niche apps essentially target smaller portions of the users that are searching the Google Play store. For example, creating an app based around a certain interest would be considered a niche app. Like was mentioned, because it would target a very particular portion of the users in the overall market.

Also, because they are way less saturated than more generic apps, this means there is less competition. And less competition means there is more chance of users discovering and downloading your app.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Here you can see I have searched for “League of Legends”. All the apps you see (apart from the app developed by Riot Games Inc, the devs of the game) are created by other people. These are based in the League of Legends app niche.

If we take a look at the appointed number 1. The app focuses on a specific fundamental of the game. Number 2 is a quiz about the game and number 3 is a wallpaper app.

All of these apps pop up for that specific game keyword. So, when fans of the game search, apps orientated around the game also come up in the results. This ultimately drives traffic to the apps, giving the developers the opportunity to make money if monetized correctly.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization is the process in which you optimize your app’s store listing. This is done to benefit the apps ranking, discoverability and conversion in the app store.

A crucial factor in ASO is taking a look at what niche you are in. And Following with researching what people in that niche would be searching for.

For example, a League of Legends Wallpaper app would be targeting keywords orientated around League of Legends and wallpapers.

Developers use many techniques/methods for ASO, so I’ll share some of the most common ones:

Develop Apps For Android Earn Money
  • Keyword placed in app title, short and long description.
  • 3% Keyword density (the collective % the keyword is used out of your entire listing text)
  • Longtail keywords (keywords that are variations of your main keyword)
  • Positive app ratings and reviews (the more the better)
  • Total number of app downloads (the more the better)

Your app’s icon, screenshots and feature graphic play also play a major role in ASO, too. These dictate how well your app converts amongst competitors and when the user is viewing your app.

A well done store listing will have gained the user’s attention from its icon in the search results. Then, convinced them to install it when they’re viewing the app.

I would also highly recommend to check what your competitors are doing. Take a look at their app title and descriptions, analyzing what keywords they are using and how often.

So, after implementing good ASO techniques you may see some good results like I did at first.

As you can see, I applied the techniques around the 7th November, and didn’t see any results ’till around the 15th.

Develop Apps For Android Earn Money

That’s because ASO takes time. I would highly recommend constantly testing and tweaking your app listing. Then Checking its ranking and conversions until your app gets to where you want it to be.


App quality helps with user retention and positive ratings.

As a result, this will help in ranking your app higher in the search results because more ratings/positive reviews correlate with ASO.


There are many methods in which you can monetize your app, here are the most popular ones:

Advertising Networks

Advertising networks essentially enable you display advertisements from lots of other companies in your app with a simple and easy SDK/Library integration.

These libraries/SDKs you implement into your app typically offer lots of different ad formats such as banners, native and interstitial ads. The most popular ones are Google’s “Admob” and Facebook’s “Audience Network”.

Just be sure to do your research to find what best suits your app and take your pick!

In App Purchases

You can enable people to exchange their real life money with virtual app currency, items, features and more. Game’s typically tend to lean more over to the virtual currency and item side while utility based apps the features side.

An example of virtual app currency/items the user can buy would be if you had integrated some sort of currency system into your game. And users would be able to earn currency to buy items and such with that currency.

Now, you’d be able to offer the user the ability to bypass the actions needed to be completed to earn a certain amount of money with allowing them to actually purchase the virtual currency. The same concept can be applied to items you offer in your game, too.

Moving onto a utility based app: You would be able to offer to the user the opportunity to unlock a feature. Examples can be found such as removing ads for a one off payment etc.

Affiliate Products

Best Apps To Earn Money

Offering Affiliate products basically means you act as the middle man in the sales process.

Lets take Amazon for example. They have a brilliant affiliate program called “Amazon associates” that let you earn a commission for every referred sale you accomplish.

For example, you integrate one of their banner ads into your app, advertising a product that would be of interest to users in the niche of your app. So, if your app niche was League of Legends you would offer products orientated around that specific game.

It’s very important you offer products that match your users/target market.

Tony using your gaming orientated app is more likely to purchase your affiliate product if its orientated around gaming rather than cooking, right?

Selling Ad Space

Directly selling ad space to other companies or developers can be very profitable. You essentially offer a segment of your app to advertise other apps and products for a set price.

Obviously the more traffic your app generates/the downloads and users it has, the more enticing it will be to other companies and developers.

Reach out to companies in your app niche, let them know what traffic your app is getting and what placements are available (for example bottom banner, interstitial home) and see what connections you can make.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we’ve gone over the basic outlines of what is required to start making money with Android apps.

Yes, there indeed are other ways but this just outlines the best and quickest way I, along with many other developers have found to make money with niche apps.

Niche app markets offer constant traffic and way less competition opposed to way bigger/broader markets such as music player, photo editor and many more.

If you’ve got any other methods you’d like to share, don’t hesitate in leaving a comment with your strategy/idea!

Another way to generate money from a free app is with upgrades and subscriptions. Over 18 of android app developers earn over 5 000 per month and the same amount is earned by 25 of ios app developers.

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Both google play and the app store make it easy for users to pay for apps so you have a ready made audience.

How to develop android apps and make money. Users can download the app for free and use the basic functions. This ultimately drives traffic to the apps giving the developers the opportunity to make money if monetized correctly. Hope this blog helps you to understand how to make.

Now the growing market of smart tvs and the emerging market in smartwatches will expand the app business in the coming years. If you can create a genuine hit then you ll have a source of passive income that can generate money while you sleep for years to come. Search the app stores for competing apps and see what they re able to charge.

Then you can offer premium content or functions based on a monthly subscription. All of these apps pop up for that specific game keyword. So when fans of the game search apps orientated around the game also come up in the results.

Creating a paid app is perhaps the simplest way to make money from your app. Video game apps are making money in millions. Also consider directing your application towards the highest earning app categories.

Let s take a look at how a popular dating app accomplishes this on their platform. How to develop apps for ios and android 2020 02 11t17 06 27 000z 2020 02 11t17 06 27 000z in this article we talk about the app development cost timeline and whether you should just use an online app builder to create an app for ios and android. Creating a successful android app is a goal worth pursuing.

All you have to is create an app and make money from people who download it.

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