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Make Money Online In Pakistan


In order to do this job send us a mail at [email protected], write Squidoo Job and in the next line your full name and you will be registered for the job. You don’t need to wait for our reply, start working immediately and once done submit your work (see the How It Works page for more details).

Here is what you have to do:

1. Make an account at squidoo.com

Squidoo is a website where you make pages (which they call lenses).

2. Create Squidoo Lenses (as many as you want)

This isn’t as difficult as it may look. Here is a simple guide:

  1. Choose a topic (anything you like)
  2. Write some words on it
  3. Add some pictures
  4. Use squidoo’s modules! these are an easy way to add lots of content to your page with almost no effort e.g you can embed videos, hold polls, link to ebay and amazon products etc etc
  5. Add good tags and a nice heading to your page

Most importantly don’t be afraid! you’ll get used to it very quickly and your first Lens might be difficult but the more you work the easier it gets (like any other job). Use google and youtube (i know it’s blocked!) to find good tips on making lenses.

3. Get some Lens Rank!

Every Squidoo Lens has a rank called ‘Lens Rank’, now this is important especially from our point of view because this is what will be earning you money. Squidoo Lens rank depends mostly upon how much traffic (visitors) that page gets but other things are also important like how many squidoo users liked it, the quality of content etc etc. So as soon as you’ve made a page you need to work on getting people to your page, this isn’t very difficult since squidoo.com already gets a lot of visitors. You can also use forums, blogs, Facebook and twitter to get visitors.

4. Transfer your Lens to us

Update: Lens transfer has been temporarily disabled by Squidoo. You can use the alternative method of building a ‘gift lens’ and then sending us the gift the same email address ([email protected]). Here’s the link: Build a gift lens

Earn easy money online in pakistan without investment

Once your page (lens) has a rank of 80,000 or less you can transfer your lens to us at [email protected] Transferring a lens is very easy, on your dashboard locate ‘extra tools’ section in the side bar, there you will find the ‘transfer a lens link’. go there select the lens you wish to sell us and provide the given email i.e [email protected] . Note this step is non reversible. Now you either wait for your lens rank to improve further or you can continue to promote your lens (recommended). Once your Lens rank becomes 20,000 or less the job is complete! Tell us immediately!

Note that your lens rank should remain less than 20,000 for at least 3 days for it to be considered a completed job.

5. Get Paid!

You will earn 100 Rupees for every lens you transfer to us.There is no limit to the number of lenses you submit. You can request payment when your net earnings (including those from other jobs) are 1000 Rupees or more.

6. Bonus Payments!

For every Lens that gets a lens rank of 10,000 or less (for a complete month) you receive another 100 Rupees (One Job Bonus!). And for every Lens that gets Lens rank of 2,000 or less (for whole month) you get 1000 Rupees (Ten Jobs Bonus!!)

What Is The Best Way To Earn Money Online In Pakistan

You can find more answers to your questions on the How It Works page. You can also contact us through [email protected] or by using the comment box below.

Happy Earning!