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Learn how to get affiliate links on your blog. Affiliate marketing is one of the most used ways to make money online.

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Many people keep trying to make money by blogging but most of the time they don’t know-how.

In this article, i will explain how to get affiliate links on your blog and how you can manage those links for better usage.

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You will be able to start making commissions from your visitors and if done correctly you can do much more.

Besides getting links on your blog you also need to learn how to collect emails from your visitors. This will give you an even higher chance of promoting products through email and earn even more money on the internet.

Affiliate marketing for beginners

Before you get to know how to get affiliate links on your blog, you need to understand what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing is when a company gives you permission to promote their product for a small commission.

You might be interested in how to get the best affiliate programs to promote yourself. In this article, i will explain to you how to get affiliate links and how to place them in your blog to earn commissions.

Best way to make money online is by having a blog to get traffic to your affiliate offers.


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How to get affiliate links for your blog

Getting affiliate links sometimes takes a while. You will have to create accounts and you have to get approved by the owners of the product.

But there are also some affiliate programs that don’t require you to be accepted and you can start promoting them right after creating an account.

Here is a list of the top 5 affiliate programs that are super popular at this moment.

Top 5 affiliate programs to get links


It is important that you choose the programs that are popular and that have amazing products for you to promote.

Not choosing a good program to promote can be really bad for your blog and your reliability.

Most of your visitors won’t trust you if you are promoting products that do not help them or are just spammy affiliate links.

You want to have a good flow of content and affiliate links on your blog. These are the top 5 affiliate programs that i use. I will also have a list on the 15 top affiliate programs too.

These are some of the affiliate programs that i use. There are more and you check the 15 top affiliate programs here.

I recommend you create an account on all of these and that you check them out yourself. See what is good for you and which have good products for you to promote on your blog.

How to get affiliate links on Amazon

Another amazing program is the Amazon associates. Here I will teach you how to get affiliate links from Amazon and how to place them on your WordPress blog.

If you are an Amazon affiliate you will also get a Sitestripe on amazon that will make it easier for you to add links to your website.

The amazing thing is that when you go to Amazon and you find a product you will directly be able to get the link from that page.

This video explains exactly how you can use it and how you can get those links on your website.

How to get affiliates links from Clickbank

Clickbank is one of the most used affiliate platforms thanks to the freedom you get when promoting them.

You don’t have to wait to get approved by any company and you can start promoting them even without a website or blog.

You have to start by creating a Clickbank account and from there you log in and you can instantly start promoting the affiliate links.

When login into Clickbank you need to go to accounts and click on your nickname. By clicking on your nickname you will be sent to the Clickbank affiliate dashboard.

From there you go to the marketplace where you will find all the Clickbank products. By just checking a product you can click on promote and you are ready to start promoting.

I made a tutorial explaining how to choose a Clickbank product to promote.

How to insert affiliate links in WordPress

So how do you insert affiliate links in WordPress?

When you are writing a post you will see on the top menu a chain icon.

This Chain icon is where you have to press to put a link on a word. It is important that you have the keyword selected first before you put the link on them.

Besides having to look for the chain icon you can also press Ctrl + k and you will get the input to put in the affiliate link.

But doing it this way is not really smart for affiliate links. The reason for that

How to manage affiliate links

Managing your affiliate links is really important. You will be using them again and again in the future. Having them stored somewhere where you can use them later is actually really important.

That is why i have a plugin that will help you manage your affiliate links with ease.

The plugin Thirstyaffiliates will help you manage these links. By downloading the Thirstyaffiliates plugin you can instantly start managing your affiliate link.

From there you can click on the plugin and you can start linking affiliate links to words that you want to use.

When you are willing to use the keyword that you saved you can go to a post and you should see new icons appear on the post menu. They look like this, you will have two one to call a link and one to add a new link.

So This is an amazing way to call links without having to search for them all over again in the affiliate programs.

Setting up affiliate links

After having them saved in the Thirstyaffiliate plugin you want to start setting up affiliate links on your post.

You can now start applying those saved links to the text in your post. Start by selecting the text that you want to put the link on.

From there you want to press on the TA icon without the + and you want to start putting the name that you assigned to the link.

You will see the name of the link show up and you will just have to click it and it will be assigned to the text you have selected.

With the other TA+, you can add a new link and give it a name to use later again.


My conclusion about this article and how to get affiliate links on your blog is that you have to first find an affiliate program to join. From there you want to select the products that are in your niche and you want to have them well managed in WordPress to be able to use them when you need them.

Before you go! Let me know what you think about the plugin and how you can easily add affiliate links without many offers after adding them to the plugin. Are you going to use the plugin? Let me know in the comments.