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Earn Money online, free Paytm Accounts

Who doesn’t want to earn money from home, especially after covid-19.

Covid-19 made it clear to everyone that working online will be the next big thing.

One of the best investors in the world “Warren buffet” said, “having multiple streams of income is no longer a luxury but a necessity“.

So, it’s clear in order to earn more you need to start working online. Today I will teach you 10 ways you can earn Paytm cash by working online.

Make sure to this entire blog and decide which way will work for you the most according to your time and skills.

(10 ways) Earn Paytm cash by Working Online

Earn Money online, free Paytm

1. Futwork- Telecaller

Do you want to earn Paytm cash online from home?.

If yes then you have to check Futwork application because you can work from home according to your own time and earn Paytm cash.

What is Futwork app and telecalling?

Futwork app allows people to earn money from home by becoming a expert tele caller.

Tele caller is someone who has to call potential customers and promote products and services.

If you don’t know how to call someone and promote products, then don’t worry Futwork app will give you full trainings before assigning your tasks.

You will taught how to speak to customer, how to motivate them, improving communication skills and much more.

How does it work?

You will be assigned tasks and you have to complete tasks within the time frame.

The earning will depend upon your work, for every 1 minute you will speak on the phone with customers you can earn 1.75Paytm cash.

You can also earn daily, weekly, monthly bonuses, if you work well. You have to work only 5-6 hours a day. So register now and earn Paytm cash.

Benefits of working in Futwork

  1. Work according to your own time
  2. 5-6 hours work only.
  3. Earn according to your own performance
  4. Earn bonuses for good work

2. Meesho – Dropshipping

No Boss, No investment, No worries. Meesho is the perfect platform to earn Paytm cash by working online from home and earn more than ₹25,000 per month.

What is Meesho and how to earn money on Meesho?

Meesho is a dropshipping platform where you can sell products online without investing anything.


You can choose from a variety of products to sell such as fashion, kitchen, House decorations, Makeup, shoes, garments, etc.

After choosing a product you can sell it on Facebook Market place, Olx, WhatsApp, or Instagram for free.

Once your customer places an order you don’t have to worry about anything from shipping to delivery, it will all be taken care of by Meesho.

Earn Money online, free Paytm Account

Benefits of working with Meesho

  1. Set whatever price you want to while selling the products.
  2. No investment required.
  3. No need to answer to anyone. No boss
  4. Work whenever and however you want.
  5. Earn as much as you want.

Similar platform as Meesho

You can also try these 2 platform in place of Meesho

  1. Glowroad
  2. Shop101

3. Onecode App – promotion

If you think you have good promotion skills then you can earn up to 2000-30,000 per month by promoting products and service of One code app.

Whats is Onecode app and how to earn money on OneCode app?

On Onecode platform you can earn Paytm cash by promoting services and products of famous brands.

Earn Money online, free Paytm

When any person will buy your promoted services and products you will earn a commission which usually starts from ₹20-₹3000+

Commissions also depend on the type of services and products you are trying to promote.

Services and products you can promote.

  1. Earn Paytm cash without investing anything.
  2. Open Kotak bank and earn ₹275 per account
  3. Earn ₹275 on the successful opening of the Demat account.
  4. Signup on Gimbook and earn ₹800.
  5. Earn ₹60 on successful signup on Pagar book and more.

All the services and products mentioned above can change with time and they have a certain rule which must be fulfilled before you earn.

Benefits of workingwith OneCode

  1. Refer friends and earn ₹25 and 10% commission for a lifetime.
  2. New offers every day.
  3. Work from your mobile phone.
  4. Available in both Hindi and English language.

I have also created a full blog on best Paytm cash earning apps just like Onecode.

4. Freelancing – Work for others

Freelancing is the best way to earn Paytm cash by working online and you can also build a successful and permeant career.

You can work according to your own time and space.

How to become a freelancer?

In order to become a freelancer you need to have some skills that other people or business want.

Skills like SEO, Writing, excel skills, Graphics design, digital marketing and more.

You can signup on to various freelancing websites where you can place your own gigs and find clients.

Paytm Money App

If you want to earn Paytm cash by freelancing then you can signup on Truelancer as it supports Paytm withdrawal.

If you have a bank account you can also try other freelancing websites to earn Paytm cash such as Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer.com.

Benefits of freelancing

  1. Make a successful career in freelancing.
  2. Charge whatever amount you want to.
  3. Work only when you want.
  4. No need to find clients, they will find you.

5. Data entry jobs

If you have knowledge about data entry youearn extra money. Even if you don’t know about this job you can learn from YouTube or take courses online.

what is data entry job?

Companies have very huge data and as data entry person you job is to organize data in orderly manner.

As a data entry clerk you need basic knowledge about software, good typing speed and good concentration.

You can apply for various data entry jobs on websites like naukri.com, shine.com, freelancer.in

Earn Money Online Legit Free

Benefits of Data entry jobs?

  1. No investment (only if you purchase a course)
  2. Regularly salary
  3. Work as part-time
  4. Work from home only.

If you are interested in survey jobs then check this blog on the best survey website to earn Paytm cash

6. Kormo Jobs – Find part time jobs

Kormo job was recently introduced by google where you can find jobs related to anything.

You can find both online and offline job.

You can decide whether you want to earn Paytm cash by working online or you want an offline job.

What is Kormo Jobs?

In kormo jobs you can find various jobs posted by various companies and they cna be both online or offline.

If you have required skills for any of the job then you can apply for that job. You may need to grow through an interview before you can actually get the job.

Benefits of Kormo jobs?

  1. Find the job according to your skills
  2. Trusted platform by google
  3. Find both online and offline jobs

7. Guest blogging

Personally one of my favorite way to earn Paytm cash online because this type of work has huge growth.

But in order to start this work you need to learn about SEO and how it works.

What is Guest blogging?

Guest blogger is someone who create connects with various blogger and promote brands and products of various companies on these blogs.

You can charge money from companies and individuals for promoting their products or services.

But in order to become a successful guest blogger you need to create strong connection with famous websites.

Benefits of Guest blogging

  1. Promote brands and earn money.
  2. Set your price for promoting.
  3. Earn Paytm cash without investing.

8. Social media shoutouts

You may have heard about this method before but never used it, today i will tell you why you should create own social media presence and earn Paytm money.

what is social media shoutouts?

When you have a famous page on social media, you can promote products of various companies or you can give shoutouts to other pages.

How To Earn Paytm Money

According to your followers you can set your own price per shoutout.

This is the best way to earn Paytm cash without investing in anything online. But it takes hard work and time to build followers

Benefits of social media shoutouts?

  1. No need to invest anything.
  2. Grow audience every day automatically.
  3. Work 2-3 hours daily.
  4. Create multiple social media accounts.

9. Online Tutor – Udemy

Online teaching is the next big thing and people are already earning a lot of money from selling courses online.

If you have knowledge about any subject you can create your own course online and sell it.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is a platform where people can learn every type of skill online. But it is also a best platform for people who want to earn money online.

Benefit of working with Udemy?

  1. Create course once and earn forever.
  2. Earn more than ₹500 per course.
  3. Find students because this platform is very popular.

10. Typing jobs

If you have good typing skills then you can earn Paytm cash by working online as a typer or editor for various blogs and companies.

You can find various job opportunities online where you can work and earn Paytm cash.

But remember you need a laptop in order to opt for this job because without laptop you cannot type fast.

You will be given a topic and you have to complete the article within the time.

Benefit of typing jobs

Make Money online, free Paytm Cash

  1. No physical work, only typing.
  2. Earn money per article.
  3. No need for technical knowledge


There are various ways to earn Paytm cash by working online what matter is are you will to work to put in the hard work and dedication.

There are various jobs online but you have to choose the one that pays you enough salary and the job you like.