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6 easy ways to earn money while studying abroad. To learn about the functions and characteristics of money. My mom probably how to make money with affiliate information marketing made them once a week for me and how to earn money from whatsapp in hindi make money online my picky dad feeding him is like feeding a. Jun 01, 2010 Reinventing herself as the 'Mashup Mom' (and writing a blog by the same name), Singer Gordon here offers chapters on living frugally, couponing, and finding deals, rebates, and freebies online. What really sets her book apart from many other thrifty-living titles, however, is its second half, in which she explores money making and freelance.

MashupMom's Guide to Saving and Making Money Online
'Don't have hours to spend scouringthe internet to find the best deal sites or legitimate work-from-homeopportunities? Never fear! Mashup Mom has done all the legwork for you.She'll not only save you hours of time and effort, she'll show you howto significantly cut your budget and earn hundreds of dollars permonth. An invaluable resource.'


This immensely practical book and itssupporting website provide clear, tech-savvy advice designed toreassure readers who are new to the world of saving and earning moneyonline, while providing an array of innovative ideas, strategies, andresources for those who have been clipping coupons (online oroff) for years.

Rachel Singer Gordon is 'Mashup Mom'— a widely-read blogger who combines high and low-techstrategies to help her readers achieve financial objectives. Here, shehelps money-conscious web users gain immediate relief from the pain ofrising prices, find fabulous freebies, engage the whole family in thefun of using the web to create income, and much more.

Point, Click, and Saveis a must-read for stay-at-home/work-from-home moms and dads and anyoneelse looking for ways to save and even make money in these tougheconomic times. What are you waiting for? Grab this book and let MashupMom be your guide to saving and making moneyonline!


Click here to listen to Mashup Mom discuss how to save and make money on the internet!

CyberAge Books 2010/304 pages/softbound ISBN 978-0-910965-86-6 Regular Price: $19.95 Web Orders: $17.95
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