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Nowadays, online tutoring jobs have become a trend. Every subject expert is enrolling in online tutoring sites in India to take benefit from it.

If you are a private school teacher or a working professional with a low salary then you know how difficult it is to live a good life on just your fixed salary.

We all need some extra income other than our fixed income to help for the situations whether it is paying off debt/loans, saving for the future, or paying for your children’s needs like marriage and education.

In most cases, teachers and low income educated salaried persons are looking for some extra income through side jobs but what kinds of side jobs they should do, that is a big question.

The online tutoring is not only for a teacher but also for the person who is the subject expert and has some extra time.

I searched many side jobs and found that an online teaching job is a perfect part-time job for the person who has expertise over subjects.

So, today we are going to discuss the online teaching jobs and online tutoring sites in India. You can start an online teaching job in India without investment.

Every student needs a good and qualified teacher to teach them subjects so they can increase their knowledge.

Nowadays the online teaching job has become so innovative & modern and teachers have adopted this profession as a part-time job.

The best part of this online tutoring job is, there is no limit to earning. It purely depends upon the type of subject and your command over the subject.

Now students and professionals are shifting from classroom tuition to online tuition. This is because they are getting facility at their home through online tutoring sites using the internet and for that, they don’t have to travel anywhere. The online tutoring sites also provide time flexibility.

There are many online tutoring sites available in this sector and they are facilitating to foreign students as well as Indians.

The income is very good so subject experts are moving towards the online tutor jobs.

There are two ways to earn money by becoming an Online Tutor.

  1. By creating and selling your videos on different skills or courses or subjects or
  2. By taking live sessions and teaching students on a third-party online platform.

Here I am providing you the list of the best online tutoring sites in India. Few hire on a fixed salary and few on the hourly contract basis.

1. Vedantu

Vedantu is India’s leading online tutoring site which helps students to learn online with India’s teachers. It has more than 500 teachers enrolled and has taught over 40000 students.

The process of getting listed on Vedantu for the teacher is simple and quick. You need to go through an online assessment and provide a teaching demo to their experts. The entire process can be completed within a week.

It is provide online tutoring jobs to hundreds of teachers and subject experts.

2. TutorMe

TutorMe is a leading online tutoring site that provides on-demand tutoring services.

This platform helps thousands of tutors to share their knowledge with students around the world. It provides lucrative job for online tutor.

Whether you need help with high school science or you want to learn how to program in Marketing, they have a perfect tutor for you.

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3. Teacheron

Teacheron is a free website, trusted by hundreds of students and teachers, throughout India.

To contact students and find opportunities, you first have to complete your teaching profile.

Once you complete your profile, you can contact students for potential opportunities. The students can also contact you directly.

4. Skooli

Skooli.com helps students learn difficult subjects and topics and earn better grades by connecting them with well-qualified teachers.

Whether you need assistance to understand a difficult topic and go to the next level, they have tutors who can help the student achieve their academic goals.

You can easily find good online tutoring jobs on this site.

5. TutorCity

TutorCity.in provides an opportunity for students to study from the best tutors in their neighborhood and city.You can register as a turor free on cost.

TutorCity is a leading online tutor site that provides platform expert professional training providers, both individuals, and institutes to connect students and teachers.

6. Unacademy

Unacamdey is India’s fastest growing eLearning website. They have created and creating high-quality course content which enables students to register for those courses. They have 14000+ educators who are continuously creating courses for students.

You can join as a tutor here by registering yourself on this website. There is a set process of hiring a tutor which you have to go through.

Unacademy has 60+ exam categories with 10 lakhs lessons. They are taking daily 1500 daily online classes.

It is providing online tutoring jobs to hundreds of teachers.

7. Byju’s

Byju’s is presently one of the most popular online learning website/app. This online tutoring website started in 2011 by Mr. Byju Raveendran at Bangaluru.

Earn Money Online Tutoring India

It is providing e-learning programs starting from class 1 to 12 and for competitive exams like JEE, IBPS Exams, NEET, UPSC, and CAT, etc.

It has created a great learning experience for the students. This is helping thousands of students to crack competitive exams and getting high marks in board exams.

It is a great platform for teachers and subject experts to join and earn a handsome amount.

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An on-demand online tutor can earn between Rs 500 to Rs 2000 per hour through online tutoring which depends upon the difficulty of the subject/topic as well as market demand.

Many Indian teachers are making handsome money and earning up to Rs 80,000 per month by online teaching between 5-6 hours every day to students.

The teachers who are highly qualified and studied in the top institutes like IIT & IIM can earn up to Rs. 1,50,000 per month and even higher. The teachers who are having the right qualifications such as B.Ed and M.Ed can earn a steady income for a long time online.

Online tutoring website to earn

Everything around us constantly change .In technology it is even truer. Today new age technology is giving new definition to everything from communication to socialization, from shopping to travelling. Education is not untouched by advancement of computer technology especially in web development .Earlier when the class room and teaching was the most effective way to provide education. “One Size Fits All” attitude is changing and making way for new era of “Personal Tutoring” now students have option to study online, solve their doubts and homework instantly using various web sites and for a teacher it opens various opportunities for earing.

Following is a list of online tutoring website where a teacher can earn money by helping students in their studies and home work. The list is divided among website in India and website outside India.

Online tutoring website to earn (India)


(https://www.vendantu.com )

Launched Last October, this company is the major key player in online education and claims to democratize the education system by putting Student in the centre of all learning process. It offers one to one, one to many and InstaLearn to its students in class 6 to 12 math and science courses and various entrance exam. Teacher uses in house developed web interface to teach and communicate with students. Company charges 10% of the earning from the teacher. After applying teacher have to give demo class Vedantu call centre provide students for the teacher initially which can be later converted to daily tutoring classes. It is one of the best places for the teacher in term of 24X7 support for helping in possibly every matter from booking classes to training and content

My private tutor

My private tutor website provides a wide range of course for students and handsome earning for teacher .Teacher can teach using online tutoring or by working at their centre in the major cities. Students can request a trial class anytime and after finding the teacher suitable they can continue to study further. Available course include class 6 to 12 (All boards), various competitive exam and IT courses. It has got centre in various cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad. Teacher need to buy subscription to contact student and to take classes using their platform. After subscription teacher can communicate the student and start taking the class.



It one of the most widely used website by students in India for finding teachers. It provide a platform for student and teacher to interact and find teachers suitable for their requirement. Teacher can communicate to student for suitable teaching job. Teacher can teach in the evening and weekend as per their availability. Teaching mode is personal one to one and class room teaching using inbuilt whiteboard. Company does not charges any service for its services and also helps to promote teacher/tutor in various social media platform.

Expert Tutor

Experttutor is online Education Company which provides its services in many cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kerala and other places in India. Experttutor gives services like Online Coaching Classesfor student of all grades, and also we provide coaching for CBSE, ICSE, IIT JEE, CET, GMAT, GRE & TOEFL .Expert Tutor is started by Focus Group that which focuses on personalize one to one online classes for different subjects from classes 6 to 12 and, competitive exams and professional courses like CA,CS. The Experttutor .Portal is also a platform for teacher and also provide various tool to help teacher in their teaching, communication, and session scheduling and curriculum tracker.


The website is primarily designed to provide a platform for teacher as well as students and further help them in their requirements. It helps students to find good teacher from their comfort of their home and also allows teacher to meet with student and then engage them in online tuition and assignments help. All the service are free but it also provide paid service to the student and teacher for their specific requirement. Teacher can also list themselves for home tution in their city or town. The website provide only a meeting place for both student and teacher .It does not help teacher in term of communication and session scheduling and payment. Teacher has to do all the job by themselves by contacting the student and having an agreement regarding teaching content, timing and pricing. Teacher has to use Skype and online whiteboard to teach.


Rated as 2nd best website for online tutoring by economic time, provides instant doubt clarification and online teaching.2TionSmart app can be downloaded by student and then they can post the doubt and it appears in the website. After that teacher can post the answer. The website provide centre point for communication. Tutor can register to website and use digital white board to teach student and also communicate and track the syllabus. It also provide a market place for the teacher for selling their book and notes.

Tutor city

Platform for student, teacher, institutes and professional trainer to meet, interact discuss at the single place. Provide services like school, college education as well as professional and IT courses. Teacher can create their and can add qualification skills, classroom location, course content and thus can attract large number of students for online classes. Teacher has to pay fee for utilising all services .Student can avail the services of website for free.

Eduwizads India

Started in 2007 in India Eduwizard have 100,000 registered students and provide home tuition option in Delhi and Bangalore and online tuition in all over India and in USA. Registration for tutor is free and company will charge some percentage of tutor’s income as transaction fee. Company also provide online tutoring jobs for Indian tutor to teach USA students. Teacher should have good communication skill in natural English along with subject knowledge.


Started by IIT student Transwebtutor provide personalized one to one online classes, Exam preparation and live homework help to its students. Company only hires experienced teacher and after selection company do the background check, provide training. After passing there in house certification exam a tutor can start taking class and earning. Company keep a percentage of tutor’s income as processing fee. Services offered in subject like math, science, Physics, chemistry, computer, Statistics, and competitive exams.

Pratham Virtual

Prathm virtual open School is a 2 year Pilot Project started by “Pratham Education Foundation “ and supported by UN initiative Sustainable government Solution network aims to provide online education in Math and English to the school drop outs of India Schools from rural background. Not a place to earn a lot of money as payment is Rs 100 per hours but definitely the best place to learn the fundamental of online Tutoring. A new teacher can definitely gain confidence by teaching in basic Hindi and to small children who are a perfect joy to interact and teach. Teacher has to give demo before taking the actual classes using Skype and online whiteboard. Student has to come to learning centre to learn.

Face to Face study

Website provide a tutor or a trainer to create a profile and add his skills and experience and courses.

For tutors two options are available .Free membership and membership after payment .After providing the subscription fee tutor name display at the top of search criteria when students looks for a teacher. Websites provides free services for one month and then it ask for subscription otherwise your name is

not in top search list. Platform is not only limited for teacher and general education. It also allow you to teach you hobby like painting, Singing, health and fitness and many more.


Founded by Manya Education Private Limited in 2007 and forces on online teaching, assessment, Scoring & grading, content writing & editing for individual, institute and schools. Tutor can teach Math, Commerce, Statics, Physics, and Chemistry to students of K-12 segments. After applying tutor have to give subject test followed by demo class with expert. After clearing the demo tutor have to go English typing test to check English typing speed. Prior to that there is 15 days training on subject matter and English. Finally tutor have to again give telephonic interview and demo to US Expert and then gets a job. Yes becoming a tutor at TiviumEdu is difficult but they compensate with payment like Rs 40000 for 6 hours for days. Teacher can teach from home or work from their office.

JJM group

An online Education consultation company offers online tutoring job for skilled teacher in subjects like math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Accounts. Students are basically from USA but now company is also focusing in India. Teacher has to give subject test, demo to get selected as online tutor. After this tutor have to undergo training in English communication and basic etiquettes for online teaching.

Outside India


One of the best websites for getting you doubts cleared and your question answered. For Tutor it provides a marketplace to advertise your skill and get online classes. After registration tutor can Make Add which is very easy and you need to mention your subject, experience etc. Another avenue for income is providing answers for question posted by USA student. For this the best working hours are between 12 Am midnight to 9 am in morning. Payment per question varies from subjects and grades .Company provides between Rs 60 to Rs 120 for giving an answers.

Best Paying Online Tutoring Jobs


A trusted name in online education from 1998 the website has benefitted many student achieving better grades .Teacher can become part of growing teaching community by applying on their website. Website provides online tuitions to its paid students. Teachers are paid after deducting the processing fees.



The number one freelancer’s community also provide listing for online tutoring jobs. After registration tutor can bid for teaching requirement and upon completing the task get paid. Elance provides tool for sending job proposal, task tracking, and sending invoice and to collect money as payment for their tutoring work.


$5 per Gig. So all you have to think what you can for others for $5.Think Well about it and create your gig using Fiverr Platform. Website will put your gig on online marketplace for advertisement .You can create Gig like Homework help, 30 min math class, content writing, multimedia, animation etc. Once someone is interested in your Gig Fiverr notifies you. Website will charge $1 for its service for every $5 you make.


Started in 2005, now with 2000 teacher and student from all across the globe TutorVista provide Personalize one to one classes to its students. Tutorvista Provides online education in math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Statistics. Tutor have to take 45 min sessions and minimum time commitment is 4 hours. Earing is divided in 4:6 ratio, Where 40 percent goes to company and 60 percent goes to tutor. Company provide training in Basic of computer, Internet and online teaching before giving you classes with the student.

Earn money online tutoring india south africa


The company pays $ 10 per hour to its teacher. It has large number of students from many countries, so teaching job are in abundance here. It provides online educational help to student in K 12 segment.



The platform started in 1999 by Pearson for proving research based online education for helping students of higher grades. Student of more than 1000 colleges utilizes the services provided by smarthinking. If you are interested in become faculty with smarthinking you need to wait for January for requirement process to begin.


Started in 1997 www.e-tuotr.com is an accredited online school for .Teacher possessing at least bachelor degree can apply. But prior to selection teacher has to create at lets three teaching module using Lesson Pro (www.lessonpro.net) .After this tutor have to email his resume along with other details. With e-tutor writing skill are important factor in selection as tutor have to make teaching module which require lot amount of creative writing from the teacher.


Founded in 2012 in USA it provides online tuition to the students of K12 segment from anywhere in the world. Student post their doubts and Edubuddy find the best tutor to clear the doubt. Teacher must have bachelor degree and some teaching experience .Company also provide training .It takes some percentage of tutor money as processing fee.

Academic Connections

It is a leading home tuition and online tuition service provider in USA. Teacher having good natural English accent may apply having good subject knowledge.


How To Make Money Tutoring

Teaching job are in demand like never before and online tuition is the nest happening buzz.

So if your passion is teaching and you enjoy helping other in their studies job opportunity are in abundance for you.

Check list before applying for job make sure you have following eligibility

  1. Necessary Qualification
  2. Subject knowledge
  3. English communication
  4. Computer and internet awareness
  5. Constant power supply
  6. High speed internet connection
  7. Digital pen
  8. Graphical tablet

All the best!!! Happy online tutoring job hunting!!!

Saurav is associated with IT industry and computers for more than a decade and is writing on The Geek Page on topics revolving on windows 10 and softwares.

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