Earn Money Online Walmart

Walmart gift cards can be used at Walmart.com, Walmart Stores and Neighborhood Markets, Walmart Gas Stations, Samsclub.com, Sam’s Club stores, and Vudu.com during checkout. All Swagbucks gift cards are shipped as egift cards that can be used in-store or online. Use Swagbucks to get Walmart coupons and cashback Details on the Free Walmart $50 Gift Card With a Walmart eGift Card, you get low prices every day on thousands of popular products in-store and online at Walmart.com. You'll find a wide assortment of top electronics, toys, home essentials and more.

Shop with free Walmart gift cards

If you enjoy doing shopping at Walmart, then you’ll even enjoy it more if you have a free Walmart gift card. Here are the 14 ways that can help you get free Walmart gift cards.

Shopping at Walmart is undeniably one of the best places to get everything you need on your shopping list. The variety of products offered in these stores makes shopping easy and convenient since you can get almost everything under one roof at any time of the day.

For this reason, having a free Walmart gift card feels like just having cash in your wallet as you can buy anything with it at these stores.

If you’re a fan of shopping at Walmart, then you need to find out how to get a free Walmart gift card. Well, no need to worry.

Obtaining gift cards for places like Amazon or Walmart can free up significant cash flow for you to invest or pay down debt.

Track your cash flow with Personal Capital to ensure you are saving enough money. It’s completely free to use.

There are numerous ways of getting a free Walmart gift card and enjoying the wonderful experience of shopping at Walmart stores.

In this article, I will try to unravel 14 easy ways you can utilize to get yourself free Walmart gift cards. We will do so through a few categories, which include:

  • Earn rewards points through survey sites
  • Get free Walmart gift cards through redeemable cash back
  • Use promo codes or trade-in old devices for Walmart gift cards

Let’s get into our categories to help you start obtaining free Walmart gift cards.

Earn Reward Points through Survey Sites

Participating in surveys is one of the best ways to make money online. Numerous survey apps can pay you real money or gift cards.

Just like the way you earn free Amazon gift cards for participating in surveys, you can as well earn free Walmart gift cards by doing the same.

1. Survey Junkie

The Survey Junkie platform is a major channel for obtaining a free Walmart gift card. In addition to being one of the most popular survey websites, many people also trust Survey Junkie.

Moreover, the site offers you a free chance to sign up and earn points through completing simple surveys that take you just a few minutes.

Earn Money Online Walmart

You can choose the surveys with higher pay as you are notified of the expected points on every survey before you start. The points that you earn after the surveys are redeemable as cash or as free Walmart gift cards. One hundred points are equivalent to $1 worth of products or cash.

The site is not only one of the highest paying survey sites, but also the simplest to join as it has very few requirements.

Want to get some free Walmart gift cards? Sign up for this site. You can read more about Survey Junkie in my analysis of the site.

2. InboxDollars

Earn Money Online Walmart

Earn Money Online Walmart Online

There various, simple tricks on how to win a Walmart gift card for free, and InboxDollars is just one of those.

Interestingly, you take simple surveys and do a few other things you will love doing and still earn some good cash while at it.

InboxDollars offers cash back to the users for participating in surveys, shopping, playing games and even watching videos.

By taking part in these activities, you get cash back reward point which you can decide to redeem as cash or as a free Walmart gift card.

If you are wondering on how to get a free Walmart gift card, sign up for InboxDollars and get a $5 sign up bonus instantly.

3. Swagbucks

With Swagbucks, you will receive that free Walmart gift card within no time.

First, you earn $5 worth of Walmart gift cards when you complete the sign-up process using my link. Secondly, Swagbucks offers simple tasks that you won’t even notice you are performing them.

When you log in and browse just as you usually do, watch online videos, answer surveys, or play online games, Swagbucks rewards you for that.

The platform is trendy, and it’s a genuine and fast way of earning free reward points.

Besides, Swagbucks is also one of the sites that pay you daily cash.

Swagbucks has awarded over $320 million to its users, and it sends approximately 7,000 gift cards each day. Hence, the more reason to participate.

All these points when accumulated can be redeemable through PayPal or converting them into a free Walmart gift card. Whichever the case, you can use these points any time as long as you have acquired the redeemable threshold which is as low as 5$.

4. PointClub

If you enjoy taking simple surveys, the PointClub is another excellent starting point to help start earning. This website pays you for participating in simple surveys which will take just a few minutes of your time.

After you complete the surveys, you earn cash back rewards or gift cards which you can use to shop from multiple stores, Walmart being one of them. The platform is not only free to join and participate, but it also rewards you $5 sign up bonus when you register.

You have an option of the gift card that you want to convert your points to which can be either an e-gift card one or a physical one.

If by any chance you get disqualified or screened-out from a survey, PointClub doesn’t leave you empty-handed, you get 12 points in your account for trying.

PointClub allows you to redeem your accumulated points for a gift card when they reach at least 25,000 which is equivalent to a gift card worth $25.

When you want the payment to be made through PayPal, you must accumulate at least 50,000 points which are equal to $50.

5. Ipsos i-Say

Just like many other survey websites, Ipsos i-Say is a research site that pays its participants who offer their opinions and feedback.

Thus, it’s simple to start earning with Ipsos i-Say website as it provides a free sign up and the surveys are also very easy to complete.

The surveys involve giving feedback and opinion on various products or brands. The points you earn through the surveys are redeemable through cash or via gift cards like Walmart free gift cards.

Earn Redeemable Cashback

6. Rakuten

Don’t just get a cashback but target the one with a desirable value. Rakuten is a high-value cash back reward program that relieves the user the burden of point’s calculations. The platform offers cashback of up to 40% at over 2,500 retailer shops, and it includes no fees or points.

All you are required to do is sign up and shop via Rakuten app or portal to get the cashback rewards. This platform earns you $10 for the first sign up, and all these plus any cashback can be redeemed for free Walmart cards.

7. Ibotta

Another incredible way to earn Walmart free gift card is via Ibotta. By just keeping the receipts from purchases you make at grocery stores, and almost any other shopping location, you can earn reward points. The Ibotta app grants you points for merely uploading your receipts on the app.

Indeed, it can’t get any simpler than this. Right?


You receive cashback which can go up to a few dollars for just doing your grocery shopping. The accumulated reward point is then redeemed for cash, payable through PayPal or better still, a free Walmart gift card.

For any new member, the signup offers a $10 signup bonususing my link that is also readily redeemable making this app another simple way to get a free shopping ticket. You can read about why it was one of my favorite cashback apps out there.

8. Nielsen

If you are one of those people who love browsing and cannot stay away from the internet, you should start getting paid for it. Don’t just browse but earn some cash for your activities on the internet.

Nielsen is a famous research firm that pays consistent internet users who allow them to get access to their internet usage. If you permit them to access your internet usage and continue browsing just as you usually do, you get paid for that.

You can redeem the cash rewards that you receive and get free Walmart gift cards that you can use to shop in any Walmart store. What an easy and convenient way to get yourself free gift cards and purchase whatever you desire.

9. MyPoints

MyPoints is another unbelievably simple way to earn cash and points online. This platform is similar to Swagbucks in operations as it earns you points for taking part in online activities that you usually do.

By watching videos online, playing games, taking surveys or downloading apps, you can earn good cash with little or no sweat. If you achieve five of the activities on their list in a day, you make five extra points to your point’s basket.

Purchases that you make online at numerous retailers also get you cash backs which are also redeemable. For new entrants, the platform is currently offering a $10 sign up bonus.

If you want to qualify for the bonus, you need to purchase an item of at least $20 through the site in your first 30 days. Walmart free gift cards are just one of the many ways you can redeem your cashback as well as the accumulated points.

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10. TopCashback

With TopCashback, it is effortless to earn cashback for shopping online. Moreso, the platform offers you three simple steps to follow to receive your cashback.

When you register with them, you need to browse the shop and earn your cashback. You get rewarded for navigating through the offered list of retailers and online stores or when you shop at your favorite shop through this website.

The amount of the cashback that you receive is dependent on the value of the purchase and the website used – but they offer considerably good rewards.

The cashback in your account is redeemable through PayPal or free gift cards. It is an excellent way of getting a free Walmart gift card. Even for the purchases, you make at Walmart.com through TopCashback, you still get cashback.

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11. BeFrugal

BeFrugal is yet another simple way of getting a cashback. This online cashback and coupon website works in similar ways like TopCashback and Ebates and can earn you a few bucks.

Moreover, the website guarantees you the highest cashback rates, hand-picked deals, and exclusive coupons, and it’s entirely free to join.

They offer up 40% cashback for purchases made in over 5,000 stores including Walmart.

With a $10 sign up bonus, you can’t find a better way to start. The bonus is earned after you get your first $10 cashback which can be extremely easy.

Redemption of accumulated cashback and coupons can be made via PayPal, direct deposit to the selected bank account or by requesting for free gift cards. Walmart is amongst the many gift cards that you may opt to request.

12. Walmart Savings Catcher

In my opinion, this would be the simplest way for anyone to get a free Walmart gift card. The Walmart Savings Catcher checks all your Walmart purchases and then compares to the competitors’ prices for the same products. If there are products that have lower prices, you receive a cashback for the difference.

They feed the cashback on a digital Walmart gift card which you can use to purchase other products.

The Saving Catcher is linked with Walmart Pay and therefore, you can pay using the app without necessitating your wallet. The cashback can be used as early as in your next purchase.

If you want to check the balance on your gift card, you can use the free Walmart gift card number and pin.

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Promo Codes and Sell Old Devices for Free Walmart Gift Cards

13. Honey

Ever heard of Honey? It’s a free Chrome extension designed to automatically find and apply the best promo coupon codes offered to you. It saves you the hassle of multiple copy and paste of coupon codes that aren’t working.

The platform helps you to find the best-discounted codes on the internet just for you. Since Honey is an extension of Chrome, you need to click twice on the icon, and you are in.

When you register and do your shopping, as usual, Honey will automatically find the best promo codes available and apply them for you. So, just shop and win.

The fun doesn’t end there. You can also earn Honey Gold when you buy at various stores they have partnered with, Walmart is one of them.

You can then redeem your Honey Gold for free Walmart gift cards.

14. Gadget to Gift Card

Many people have multiple gadgets in their possession that they don’t use or don’t need. Through the Gadget to Gift Card platform, you can convert all those devices into cash and earn a free gift card for shopping.

Devices and gadgets like phones, MP3 players, tablets, speakers and many more don’t have to just lay around in your house if you don’t need them.

Turn them into gift cards by entering the item you wish to trade on Gadget to Gift Card platform and get an instant offer.

If the offer pleases you, you are required to ship the device or gadget using a pre-paid shipping label they provide for you. After the buyer receives the device, you are ready to receive your gift card.

Conclusion on Free Walmart Gift Cards

Getting a free Walmart gift card has never been easier than with these 14 incredible ways. If you shop with the Walmart gift cards, you save a lot of money.

Saving money is one of the best money hacks from millionaires. All in all, I hope the article gives you useful insights that will change your shopping experience with Walmart.

What ways do you earn free Walmart gift cards? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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