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  • What Is Proofreading? In this day and age, there is so much that is done online and so much content for people to digest. With that in mind, there are lots of opportunities for work, especially for stay at home moms, or teachers looking to make money over the summer break, and one such opportunity is that of proofreading.
  • How it works: You can sign up as a Clickworker free of charge. You work independently, your schedule is flexible and all you need is a computer and/or mobile device with an Internet connection. You decide when and how much you want to work – on a freelance basis.

Clickworker is a microtask website where you can earn money for completing all manner of small online jobs. One of the skills they are looking for is proofreading. Anybody, from any country, can join Clickworker, and they don’t require any formal qualifications.

What is Proofreading?

If you are an English language specialist or simply someone who prides themselves on their grammar skills, proofreading for money could be something which is right up your street. There are plenty of different places you can go to in order to offer your proofreading services online for cash, and it is well worth taking a look round at some of the options to decipher whether or not this is potentially an avenue you could go down.

As well as looking online to find companies who will pay you to provide proofreading, you could also simply set up your own proofreading business in order to take full control of your schedule and your clients. In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of both opportunities in order to draw conclusions on which avenue may be the best for you when it comes to proofreading for money.

Proofreading Online

The majority of successful proofreaders will opt to work as a freelance proofreader as it allows them to manage their own schedule and only take on the work which they have the time and energy to complete. A downside to taking this option over going it alone and setting up your own proofreading agency is that it will be very difficult to make any serious money unless you are dedicating serious hours to it as a project, which if you already have a full-time job and a family can be extremely challenging.


  • Easy to carry out
  • Can work as little or a much as you wish
  • Avoids the responsibility of self-employment
  • Great opportunities for networking


  • More difficult to make money than self-employment
  • Time-consuming
  • Difficult to build a reputation
  • It will take a lot of dedication before you start seeing significant rewards

Proofreading As A Business

If freelance work or simply working for other people isn’t for you, you may instead choose to set up your own proofreading company. To do this you will need to source your own clients and it will probably involve working long hours, however, what it does mean is that you will be able to work for yourself and will give you the freedom of self-employment which many entrepreneurs crave.


  • More profitable
  • Greater freedom
  • Flexible Hours
  • Be your own boss


  • Requires more dedication
  • Involves looking after a business that can be challenging itself
  • Typically means longer hours than freelance work
  • More responsibility


Make money editing papers

What we can establish with certainty is that no matter which route you choose to go down, proofreading and freelance content editing can be a positive and profitable enterprise if carried out in the right way and if you know what you are doing and how to do it. Where it becomes more difficult is trying to decide whether or not to go it alone as your own business or whether to operate as a freelancer. If you just have a spare couple of hours in the evenings and you want to make a bit of extra money on the side, freelance proofreading is probably the best fit for you as it allows you to pick up work as and when you want it and to fit your schedule around your other life commitments.

It will be more difficult to make vast sums of money from this method than it would if you set up your own proofreading company, but the primary focus of this site is generally to help you to find ways of making additional cash to supplement your main income. With this all in mind, your own personal circumstances will have to dictate which path you go down, but as far as we are concerned both are perfectly viable options and have the potential to be extremely profitable if you are good at what you do, hardworking and driven to succeed!

Many people work from home as editors and proofreaders. The following companies have either ongoing or occasional work available for people looking to work from home as editors or proofreaders. Keep in mind that most of these companies will require that you have experience before hiring you.

We have included salary information as well if available.

If you subscribe to our work at home job lead updates via email, then you've probably seen a lot of these companies listed before.

Companies Regularly Hiring Work at Home Proofreaders & Editors

American Journal Experts – Hires work from home editors as remote contractors across various fields. According to Glassdoor, salary is $11/hourly on the low end and as much as $25 hourly on the high end.

Earn Money Proofreading Online Uk Website

Scribe Writing – Not always hiring. Their editing and other gigs pay a flat fee of $3,000. Scribe salary for editors appears to be between $48 and $52 hourly.

Cactus Communications – Read Cactus Work at Home Review – Prior English editing experience not required to become an editor for Cactus Communications. Worldwide openings. However, they do not hire people in New York. Editors here earn between $14 and $19 hourly on average.

Cambridge Proofreading & Editing – Open worldwide. Must have at minimum a bachelor's degree. The average pay is between $20 and $30 hourly.

Edit 911 – Must have a PhD in English or another writing-intensive discipline.

Edit Fast – This company pays 40 percent of the final project price to their editors.

Enago – Hires freelance editors worldwide. Must have extensive experience and education to qualify.

English Trackers – Applications aren't currently open for editing jobs at English Trackers, but be sure to keep tabs on the site if you're interested. You do need to be a native English speaker with two years of academic editing experience to be considered. You must also either have a PhD or have verifiable past experience.

Gramlee – Claims to always be looking for exceptional editors to work at home.

IXL Learning – Has occasional openings for remote content editor/proofreaders. Must have plenty of experience. Check their job openings page to see if position is listed.

Kibin – Occasionally hiring freelance proofreaders and editors. If the job is closed, you can submit your email to find out when they're hiring again. Kibin copy editors reportedly earn between $17K and $19K per year.

Kirkus Media – Read Kirkus Review – Frequently has openings for work at home editors, book reviewers, and also copywriters.

Earn Money Proofreading Online Uk

Earn Money Proofreading Online Telegra.ph

LifeTips – Edit the content produced by LifeTips freelancers.

Proofreading Pal – If you have at least five years of past proofreading experience, Proofreading Pal may consider you.

Polished Paper – Polished Paper is regularly on the lookout for academic editors. You have to upload your resume and pass a 35-question editor test to be considered.

Proofread Now – Five years experience as a professional proofreader. Not always hiring.

Proofreading Services – Read ProofreadingServices Review – Open worldwide. They promise competitive pay and flexible hours.

Quality Proofreading Services – Hires native-speaking editors with university degrees. Predominantly edits UK English though some US English knowledge is required.

Scribbr – Read Scribbr Review – Open to UK, US, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. Must be a native English speaker to qualify. Scribbr editors may earn between $25 and $27 hourly.

Scribendi – Read Scribendi Review – Scribendi pays people with experience to edit & proofread at home. You are hired as an independent contractor. Their editors reportedly earn about $25 an hour. They will only hire people with Windows PC's.

Wordfirm – Need at least three years of experience to work from home editing here.

WordsRU – Need a degree and also two years of prior experience to be considered.

Wordvice – Read Wordvice Review – Work at home editing articles. Must have at least two years of experience as well as a Master's or PhD. If you don't have a Masters or PhD, they may accept you if you are enrolled in a program to get one or the other.

Wordy – It looks like they have currently paused editor hiring, but they say it will resume again in the first quarter of 2020, so keep tabs on this one.

Turn Your Proofreading Skills Into a Home Business

If you don't like the idea of working under someone else, you can always start your own thing by proofreading for others. Here are two ways many of my readers are doing this, along with links to training that can help you learn how to set yourself up for success.

Start a Proofreading Side Hustle

You can earn good money at home by proofreading books, blogs, and websites. There is a HUGE demand for this! And no, you do not need a college degree.

If you have a good eye for errors in text and know your grammar inside and out, you can do this. Another plus to proofreading for others on the side is that it's non-phone, and you work when and where you want.

You can register for a free 45-minute workshop here that will introduce you to this field. The workshop shows you what good proofreaders do and don't do, how to elevate your skills, some places to find clients, and some information on an amazing proofreading tool.

Post originally published June 11, 2012. Updated and republished on March 26, 2021.