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Welcome to the largest online typing test and practice platform where you can check and improve your typing skill quickly. We have separate typing speed test applications to test your typing speed and accuracy rate thoroughly. Also, it is a great place to learn and practice touch typing.

For all the learners who want to improve their typing, we have a unique 30 days typing training program. These 30 days of free typing lesson content several exercises that will check your performance and make it better. So, if you want to learn touch typing from the beginning, it will be the best platform.

Money For Typing

How Can I Earn Money By Typing At Home? There are mainly three ways to earn money by typing. First, you need to listen to audio or video files and type that as a transcriber. Second, you need to type books, lyrics, and other copies as a typist. And third, you need to work as a data entry operator to type out captchas or online forms. On average, you can earn around $10 to $15/hour if you dedicate your time sincerely to do these projects. Although you don’t need any certification or academic qualification to do these online typing jobs from home, you do need better-than-average typing speed if you want to earn more. How much can I earn from a typing job? You can earn anything from $1 per hour to $95,000 per year. It very much depends on what kind of typing work you’re doing. For jobs that don’t require any experience or a degree or certification, the pay will be significantly lower than specialised typing work.

The 10 key typing is a vital part of touch typing. It is beneficial to type numbers and symbols fast. We understand the fact that the knowledge of touch typing is incomplete without the 10 keys. So we developed a 10 key test where you can practice and test your numbers and symbols typing speed.


We all love to play games, and it’s desirable to learn something while playing a game. Our typing games collection has seven educational games that are beneficial for all typing learners. We have a separate typing games collection for kids, which is full of interactive and colorful graphics.

The advanced typing practice section is for those who don’t want to practice typing on system generated content. Here you can upload your own text document and check your typing speed and accuracy. This program is designed for professional typing practice.

How to use this online typing test app?

Earn Money Typing Online Typing Test Typing Test

If you want to test your typing speed quickly, go to the top of this page and commence the test. If you are here to practice touch typing and improve your typing skill visit our typing test section. Here you can choose your desired test platform and difficulty level. If you are an expert typist and willing to increase your typing speed further can use our advanced typing test application.