Earn Money Writing Online Reviews

Are you an avid reader? Do you like to talk about that wonderful book you just read? Did you know you could earn money online by writing book reviews?

In today’s world, many authors are no longer submitting their work to publishing houses and leaving the marketing to them. This is the age of the Independent author. They do all the work, writing, publishing, and marketing. Part of the marketing process is having readers give their honest opinion of their work.

Much of the money you can earn comes from shopping through Vindale. When you go through Vindale’s website to buy items, you can get paid for when you leave reviews on the products that you order. You would have to check with Vindale to see what products you can write your reviews on. You can also make money writing reviews at Sponsored Reviews, a site designed for those who are more experienced at blogging. This works in that you can use your blog to find advertisers through Sponsored Reviews. You can establish a connection between your blog and a sponsor to create an agreement to write reviews for someone.

You will not be able to leave your day job by doing this, however, if you love to read this may be a great side hustle for you.

How to Become a Paid Book Reviewer

Becoming a paid book
reviewer is pretty simple. Firstly make a point of choosing the sites
you wish to do book reviews on. Familiarise yourself with the style of
book review required by them. Next, write two or three book reviews to
match their style. Finally, apply for a job as a book reviewer on their
site. Many sites require you to show samples of your work so you will
use the reviews you prepared for this purpose.

How Much can I earn as a Book Reviewer?

Book reviewers typically don’t earn much. However, for anyone who loves to read and do so regularly, writing book reviews may serve as a way to monetize your hubby. Find the list of sites and their pay rates below.

Next In your journey to becoming a paid book reviewer

Now that you have decided to become a book reviewer you will need to find a site/sites that will pay you to write for them. Alternatively, you may also own your own website and get paid by authors to write honest book reviews or work as an affiliate marketer reviewing only the books that interest you. If you wish to have your own site and get paid for your information the training here will interest you regardless of your level of expertise. It’s free to join. You may also read my review of their program here.

Some Sites That Will Pay You to Write Book Reviews For them

While I have entered the world of book reviewer I have worked strictly on my own site and sometimes in my review book on Wattpad. While I may join one of the review teams listed below in the near future all of the information shared about these review opportunities and their pay rates was found through research and has no bearing on my experience working with them.

Kirkus Media

Pay: Freelance/Project basis

Kirkus Media has an advertisement on its site for book reviewers. Reviews are expected to be 350 words long and are due two weeks after the book is assigned. Presently Kirkus is looking for people to review English and Spanish books by Indi Authors.

What I found is that Kirkus is well respected in the world of book reviews and is actually responsible for many of the bok reviews seen on Amazon. After carrying out some research I found several persons on Glassdoor who claimed to have worked for Kirkus Media for several years. Their reviews show that they pay promptly and adequately.

Websites To Earn Money Writing

Reedsy Discovery

Pay: Tip Basis

How To Earn Money Writing

This site allows reviewers to read self-published books and write reviews. The books are available free of cost. The reviewers are able to store all their book reviews in one place. It encourages authors to build out their reviews properly so as to build their brand. By publishing reviews on Reedsy, the author will be able to accept review requests from authors who will be able to contact them directly.

Readers are able to send reviewers $1, $3, and $5 dollars for honest reviews.

Any Subject Books

EarnHow to make money online writing reviews

Pay: Freelance Basis

Any Subject Books pay differently depending on the length of the book being reviewed.

Online Book Club

Pay: $5 to $60

The pay is depended on the length of the book. It is free to join. Reviewers are expected to complete their first review free of cost. The company uses this to determine the suitability of the reviewer. After that, all reviewers are paid for their work.


My research has shown that all of these sites are of good reputation and are well established in the world of book reviews. I will revisit this topic later as I look into more sites that would pay you to review books.

My research found that book reviewing is not the most lucrative job, however, a top-notch book reviewer can earn a pretty decent pay. So if books are your passion, if you will be reading regardless of whether you have a book review gig or not maybe it’s time to seriously pursue the job of a book reviewer.

Do you have any questions about this online, freelance job? Do submit it in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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