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Once players have completed the Tutorial they need to find their own way in New Eden. EVE is a sandbox and players will soon find they need to make their own entertainment and income. This brief guide intends to describe some of the typical options that many EVE players pursue, together with the likely income from them.

EVE University offers
a class on:
  • 1Administrative and Meta Careers
  • 2Business careers
  • 3Combat careers
  • 4Exploration careers
  • 5Industrial careers
  • 6Outlaw Careers

Administrative and Meta Careers

These careers involve either organising players or providing services for other players to assist them in playing the game.

Corporate Executive

Main article: Forming a Corporation

Corporations often need a lot of manpower to run successfully. People are need to advertise the corporation, recruit members, set policies, conduct diplomacy with other corporations, arrange logistics and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Available roles will depend on your corporation and their needs. Players can even start their own corporation, although this is often suited to more experienced players who are able to use their experience in game to build a successful corporation. Starting a corporation often requires a large amount of starting capital - more so if the corporation will own structures like Citadels or Engineering Complexes.

EVE University members should see Helping EVE University for ways they can start to help out.
Average Income:

There is no such thing as an average income as it varies so widely depending on the size of the corporation and the taxes/fees charged

CSM member

EVE Online has a player-elected council known as the Council of Stellar Management (CSM), who provide feedback to CCP about the game and raises any concerns players have. New CSM members are elected once per year and attend meetings with CCP in Iceland as well as participating in online discussions about the direction of the game. They are required to sign a legal 'Non Disclosure Agreement' before they start their term as a CSM member.

Average Income:

CSM members are unpaid, but their real life expenses are reimbursed (e.g. travel expenses).

EVE journalist

There are many third party sites and podcasts dedicated to EVE Online. Many of them accept submissions and guest slots by players. This would particularly suit a player with good communication skills who has a unique perspective on the game. CCP also sometimes needs players to act as presenters for official events such as the Alliance Tournament and Fanfest.

Average Income:

Most of these opportunities will be unpaid.

Business careers

Business careers focus on moving and selling goods to make a profit. They make use of New Eden's player to player market.


Main article: Hauling
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Logistics is vital in EVE Online, and haulers move items from point A to point B. It can be profitable to buy items cheaply in one place and sell them elsewhere, where there is greater demand. Other players will also often pay well for the service of moving their items through 'courier contracts'. The skills required to fly a basic industrial ship are low, but the amount of cargo it can carry is fairly small and it is vulnerable to attack, particularly in lower security areas. Players can train to fly a range of specialised hauling ships to carry bigger loads or to haul in lower security space. There are entire corporations dedicated to fulfilling courier contracts for a price.

It is not advisable to haul with a character in EVE University, since we are at war most of the time. For those who wish to try hauling as a career, we would strongly recommend Creating an Alt Hauler instead.
Average Income:Eve
  • Courier contracts: Approx 50 - 70 M ISK/hour
  • Hauling goods for sale: <no data>

Skill Farming

Main article: Skill Farming

Skill farming is a career in EVE Online that uses a character to train skills solely to extract and sell their skill points, creating a passive income stream.

Potential Income:

After initial preparations are completed, skill farming has the potential to return 3,044,511,048.17 ISK every 30 days (or 4,228,487.57 ISK per hour) on an investment of 1 day of game time.


Main article: Trading

EVE Online has a complex player-driven market, which is studied by students of economics. By investing their ISK correctly, players can make a profit from buying and selling goods. This requires some starting capital and a good grasp of supply and demand. Some traders focus on buying and selling goods in the same station, while some will buy items with a view to selling them elsewhere for a higher price. Trading can be very competitive, especially in high traffic areas such as Trade Hubs, which can drive down profits. However, if a player finds a suitable niche it can yield a high income.

Combat careers

Combat is something that us unavoidable in EVE Online. Many players thrive on honing their combat skills, either against other players or against NPCs.

Faction Warfare

Main article: Faction Warfare

In EVE lore there are four factions: Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar. These factions are perpetually engaged in a struggle for power, and fight for control over certain areas of low security space. Players can join one of the factions and fight players from opposing factions in order to earn Loyalty Points and standings with their faction. Participating in faction warfare means that players can be attacked by members of their opposing faction anywhere, so it is a dedicated profession. Players are not restricted on which faction they join and can even join a different faction to their character's race, provided they have sufficient standings with that faction. There are many dedicated faction warfare corporations.

EVE University does not participate in faction warfare as a corporation, though members are free to participate with their alts.


Main article: Incursions

Incursions are high end PVE content, involving repelling NPC invaders as part of a fleet. Incursions appear in various systems around New Eden, so incursion runners tend to be nomadic and move from system to system following the incursion areas. Incursions are rewarded with ISK and Loyalty Points, though payouts are only made to a limited number of people on grid at the same time. For this reason, it is particularly important that each member of the fleet is effective in their role and so they tend to fly battleships and T2 logistics.

For EVE University members, our EVE University Incursion Community always needs players to act as scouts or pickets, and this role does not require any specific skills or experience. In return for keeping the incursion fleet safe, they will provide tips, which can be a very lucrative income for a new player. However, note that this is specific to our community, and not a role that all incursion communities use.
Average Income:
  • Vanguards: 60 - 120 M ISK/hour
  • Headquarters: 150 - 300 M ISK/hour (heavily influenced by fleet composition and CONCORD LP-conversion)
  • Scouting or picketing: 30 - 60 M ISK/hour

Mission running

Main article: Missions

Missions are one-time jobs offered to players by NPC agents. There are various types of basic missions, including combat, mining and courier. There are also more advanced missions called COSMOS and Epic Arc missions. Completing a mission is rewarded with ISK, Loyalty Points and standings with the agent and NPC corporation involved. Some missions also give a time bonus and some give items also (particularly the Career Agents missions). There are various levels of missions, which are increasingly more difficult to complete. Level one missions are easy for Alpha Clones or very new players to complete, but the rewards are low. In contrast, level five missions only appear in low security space and can normally only be done as part of a fleet. Players will need high standing with agents to be able to request higher level missions.

Average Income:
  • Level 1 missions: 1M per hour
  • Level 2 missions: 2-4 M ISK per hour
  • Level 3 missions: 5-10 M ISK per hour
  • Level 4 missions: 30 - 200 M ISK per hour (very dependent on skills, fit, type of missions, LP conversion)


PvP is a fundamental part of EVE Online. Players can attack or be attacked by anyone at any time. Many player make PVP their main profession, and spend their time hunting for fights. PVP can be done either solo, in a small group or part of a huge fleet. It encompasses everything from frigate brawls to huge Titans. There are also various different roles players can fill, including tackler, damage dealer, scout, stealth bomber, EWAR pilot, logistics and fleet commander. To thrive in PVP players will benefit from a good tactical mind and a quick trigger finger, but it is easy to get into and can be done by Alpha Clones and very new players. Some players will go one step further and become a mercenary, who can be hired to do PVP for a price. Alternatively some players decide to become bounty hunters, and hunt down players who have an active bounty. Some players choose to become pirates, and hunt down their victims to either pillage their goods or demand a ransom for their ship or pod.

EVE University members must follow the EVE University Rules at all times, including our rules of engagement, honesty and respect for others.


As well as other players, New Eden is full of hostile NPCc which are known in short as 'rats'. These spawn at asteroid belts, in cosmic anomalies and at stargates. Destroying rats earns a ISK payment in return for the bounty, as well as any loot or salvage which is dropped in the wreck. Some rats drop items known as Security tags which can be valuable. Some tags can be used to increase a player's security status. The rewards vary depending on the security level of the system, but the income is normally not high enough to justify it as a sole career, it is often something use players use to supplement their income and boost their security status when needed.

Average Income:
  • In High sec: 1-3 M ISK per hour
  • In Low sec: 10-20 M ISK per hour
  • In Null sec: 25+ M ISK per hour (depends on the security level: the lower security the harder rats the higher income)
  • In Wormhole space:
    • C1 holes: 20-50 M ISK/hour
    • C2 holes: 20-50 M ISK/hour
    • C3 holes: 60-200 M ISK/hour
    • C4 holes: <no data>
    • C5 holes: 180-250 M ISK/hour
    • C6 holes: <no data>

Exploration careers

New Eden is vast and contains many secret sites with hidden valuables. Exploration is about tracking down those sites.

Exploration and hacking

Main article: Exploration

Players can use their onboard scanner together with a probe launcher to scan down Cosmic Anomalies and Cosmic Signatures. These will contain either groups of pirate NPCs, resources like gas clouds or asteroid belts, hackable containers with loot or wormholes. Hacking and archaeology involve a mini-game to break into the container. Lower security areas tend to yield the most valuable loot and resources, but players are vulnerable when doing exploration which is why it's best to use a ship that can cloak. Exploration is easy to get started with and can be a potentially lucrative source of income, especially for a new player. Wormhole sites are a more advanced form of exploration in more hostile space.

Average Income:
  • In high-sec, low-sec and null-sec: up-to 1M per site
  • Wormhole sites:
    • C1 holes: 20-50 M ISK/hour
    • C2 holes: 30-60 M ISK/hour
    • C3 holes: 100-200 M ISK/hour
    • C4 holes: <no data>
    • C5 holes: 50-150 M ISK/hour (Server Bank site only)
    • C6 holes: <no data>
  • Ghost sites: 30-60 M ISK per site, reported cases with up to a few hundred million ISK per site


Main article: Salvaging

Each time a player or NPC ship explodes it drops a wreck. The wreck sometimes contains loot, but the wreck itself can also be salvaged for useful parts. Salvaging enable a player to collect those parts with a view to either selling them or processing them rigs for ships. Salvaging can be a profitable side career, normally alongside either mission running or PVP. Salvaging is quick to train into and can be done by a new player, often as part of a mission fleet. The salvage is normally split between the fleet members, so it can be a good income for relatively little effort. Players can use tractor beams to pull wrecks towards them for faster salvaging, and there a is even a specialised ship, the Noctis. Alternatively, players can use a Mobile Tractor Unit which collects the wrecks in one place.

Industrial careers

Industrial careers are focused on gathering resources and creating ships and items. This is often referred to in other games as 'crafting'.


Main article: Manufacturing

Almost everything in New Eden is created by players. Blueprints can be used to produce items from minerals, which can either be refined or bought from the market. Manufacturers may create items for personal use, or to sell on the market for a profit. Although the basic skills required to manufacture items can be trained quickly, increased skills will greatly improve efficiency. Players need a base to start manufacturing, which could be an NPC station or a player owned structure such as an Engineering Complex. Manufacturing can yield a good income, but some items cost more to manufacture than they are worth so it is possible to make a loss also. It can also be highly competitive, driving down profits in high traffic areas. In addition to manufacturing, players can carry out invention to create more valuable T2 items, and conduct research to improve the efficiency of blueprints, making them more valuable. Players can work with dedicated research agents to obtain datacores, which can then be used in invention.

Average Income:

<no data>

Mining and refining

Main article: Mining

Asteroid belts spawn throughout New Eden and can be mined to extract ores. In addition to ores, players can use specialised equipment to mine ice from ice belts and harvest gas from gas clouds. The ore, ice and gas can either be sold in its raw form, or refined into minerals. In general rarer and more valuable resources are found in lower security space. Mining has a low entry barrier, though mining efficiency can be substantially improved by training the right skills and implants and using more advanced equipment and ships. Alpha clones can mine, although the only specialised mining ship they can use is the Venture. Players can mine either alone or as part of a mining fleet, and can produce a stable income stream. However, miners are always vulnerable to attacks by other players as well as can flippers, so it can be a risky profession, particularly in lower security areas.

For EVE University members, the Amarr Mining Campus specialises in mining.
Average Income:
  • Mining Ore:
    • solo mining (no boosts): <no data>
    • fleet mining (with boosts) <no data>
  • Harvesting Ice: <no data>
  • Harvesting Gas in known-space: <no data>
  • Harvesting Gas in wormholes:
    • low level gas sites (Barren, Minor, Ordinary, Sizeable, Token): 15-20 M ISK/hour
    • mid-level gas sites (Vital and Bountiful): up-to 30-40 M ISK/hour
    • high-level gas sites (Instrumental and Vital): up-to 50-70 M ISK/hour

Planetary Industry

Main article: Planetary Industry

New Eden has thousands of planets, and players can establish a colony on a planet in order to produce resources. The resources (or 'commodities') which are produced can either be sold in their raw form, or combined with other commodities to make more complex products. Ultimately these can be used to make fuel and parts for structures, boosters and components. Planets in lower security areas tend to yield more valuable commodities. Planetary Industry has a low entry barrier, although through training skills players can increase the number of planets and the efficiency of their colony. Planetary Industry does not normally require much active management once the colony is established, and most players will use it as a passive supplement to their other income.

Average Income:
  • High-sec planet: <no data>
  • Low-sec planet: <no data>
  • Null-sec planet: <no data>
  • Wormhole planet: 4-6M per planet per day with daily monitoring

Outlaw Careers

Can You Make Real Money On Eve Online

Unlike many other games, being a criminal is a viable career option in EVE Online, and not against the EULA. Many players find that crime does pay, quite handsomely.

Can Flipping

Main article: Can flipping

Players can jettison items into space, creating a jetcan which can be opened not just by the player who created it, but by anyone. A common reason for players to do this is when they are mining, to store their ore for later retrieval. Some players use this as an opportunity to steal the ore inside the jetcan, which is known as 'can flipping'. Sometimes this is done purely for the goods inside, but it is often done to provoke the miner into trying to attack the person stealing their ore. This will set off a combat timer, allowing the 'can flipper' to switch into another ship and shoot the miner with no retaliation from CONCORD (since they are technically acting in self-defense from the point of view of the game).

Can flipping is prohibited for EVE University members under the EVE University Rules.

Scamming or theft

Scamming others out of their ISK or luring them into traps can be an exciting way for some people to play the game. Such scams take many forms. Some of the most common are misleading contracts, selling goods for much more than they are worth, 'ISK doubling' scams, making players an offer that is too good to be true for the purpose of leading them into an ambush, requesting ISK in return for joining a corporation, infiltrating a corporation for the purposes of emptying their corporate resources. It will suit a certain kind of player who thrives on the chase and has the confidence and personal skills to pull it off. The income can potentially be huge, there have been some very high profile corporation thefts of many billions.

Scamming and theft are prohibited for EVE University members under the EVE University Rules.
Average Income:

Nothing all the way up to many billions for a high profile corporation theft.

See also

  • https://slides.eveuniversity.org/?slidesID=270 - Slides for the Introduction to EVE Careers class
  • - A plan showing how different careers interact with each other
  • https://content.eveonline.com/CareerGuide/EVECAREERSGUIDE.pdf - EON magazine's EVE careers guide (as per the Apocrypha expansion in 2009)
Retrieved from 'https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/index.php?title=Careers&oldid=171918'

EVE Echoes is a new generation mobile MMO game set in space and based on the design principles so characteristic of EVE Online. The game was distributed by NetEase and is available for Android devices.

Rating: NOTE
Available: Android
Gender: MMO
Players: One player
Launch date: 10 August 2020

Eve Echoes’ Trailer + Game Images

In EVE Echoes, players will be able to carve out their own path to glory in a huge sandbox environment where they will form alliances with other pilots from across the galaxy and shape the game’s perennial universe. Here’s the game trailer to help you understand how it works.

You will be solely responsible for writing the history of EVE Echoes in its entirety, whether it represents the rise and fall of an empire or changes in power. Here are some images of the game for you to get acquainted with it.

How to get ISK in EVE Echoes

As with most mobile games, you’ll need a number of resources in order to move forward and be the best. In this game, these resources are the ISK, the main currency of the game. It is used for everything from market transactions to the daily rewards you receive and the rewards for completing missions. Here’s how you can get it:

  • You can get ISK by logging into the game daily
  • Sell things on the market in exchange for ISK
  • Make plans and sell them too
  • Start mining and then sell the rare minerals
  • Participate in ISK meetings

Resource generator for EVE Echoes

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Guide to get ISK for EVE Echoes

On the internet there is a lot of information regarding video games that you can use for your personal benefit. Here is a tutorial that explains how to get all the ISK you want in the game for free so that you can enjoy all the benefits it offers

What is the ISK in EVE Echoes for?

As we mentioned before, the ISK is the most important resource for this game, as it will allow you to get all the necessary equipment to improve. The resources in this game have a great utility. Below we show you the main utilities of the resources for this game:

  • You will be able to buy improvements in the market
  • He thinks that everything in the game costs ISK, so he will help you to keep moving forward.
  • You will be able to play more freely
  • You’ll have a greater competitive advantage.

Basic guide to start playing EVE Echoes

Although this game has a very intuitive gameplay similar to many other games, it is important to know some important details of the game before starting it. That’s why below we provide you with a basic beginner’s guide on how to play EVE Echoes to make it easier for you to get started.

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Analysis of EVE Echoes

EVE Echoes is a truly entertaining and addictive game that has been enjoyed by people all over the world. Its gameplay and graphics are wonderful. However, there are a number of negative points that we must also take into account. Now that you have a better understanding of the game, here’s an analysis of it:

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Earn Money In Evenings

  • The game, graphics and interface are very good
  • Very entertaining and addictive
  • Adapted well to your audience


  • Not very intuitive
  • It has some bugs such as portal jumps

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We would like to know your point of view regarding this post, what aspects have you missed? If you have any further curiosity regarding EVE Echoes or any other video game share it with us by making a comment.