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  • If you see 'Service unavailable' it means that we haven't received any SMS from you and you can't use our service at the moment. Try earning with Incoming SMS. Payments are made in the first week of every month. If the amount is more than €5, then you can request an individual payment.
  • Now you can earn extra money through your mobile. Earn money for receiving SMS and Free SMS Ads. As a mobile phone user, you are greatest importance Get Paid to Receive SMS and of utmost value to traders/merchants who are trying to reach you for buying their products.
  • Money SMS, in turn, pays you because the providers use your phone number to provide testing services. How Much You Can Earn from Money SMS. Like most other apps, this depends on your location and the number of messages you receive. Many people get 2-3 messages in a day. Each message costs 0.02 Euros.

The fastest way to earn free robux online. Earning free robux and giftcards on free robux websites has never been easier with RBXStacks. Complete offers, enter giveaways, refer your friends, and withdraw instantly into your account with the best free robux website. As per our company rules, the total SMS to be sent per day is just 100 and earn Rs 5 per SMS sent.In the mode of weekly earnings just by transferring an SMS, you can easily earn a number of Rs 5000/- and the monthly earnings will be Rs 10,000. All the payment is figured out on the input of the work and time dedicated by you on the job.

How often will I receive SMS?

If you are constantly online, you will normally receive at least one SMS per 24 hours.

What should I do with SMS that I received?

You will receive SMS tests with random numbers and letters in the content. Besides the random letters and numbers the content can include anything, including links. Please ignore completely all our test SMS and do not reply to any of them. We send SMS only in order to check if they have been delivered to your phone and, if so, in what form. Our test messages get forwarded to our servers after you receive them automatically. Once your balance is updated, please feel free to delete the messages.

How much money do I make and how?

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You will be paid for each received test SMS and successfully pushed back to our server. One SMS could be from 0.01 USD up to 0.06 USD. For one account you can use many devices, also dual sim. As many phone numbers you register, more money you will earn.

Free Sms Earn Money Sites Free

Can I get better price per received SMS?

You, please contact us for special conditions and promotions!

Can you read my private messages?

No, we are not forwarding any information about your private messages to our servers. The app only sends the messages to our server which contains our unique test ID that our system creates. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.

Free Sms Earn Money Sites

I want to delete my account. What should I do?

If you would like to delete your account, you can do it using app. Go to Account section and choose Delete Account. After delete you can not use this email to login or register again. For more questions please contact us at [email protected]

Why do you pay money for receiving SMS?

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The reason is that a lot of SMS providers and Mobile Network Operators need to send SMS test messages to foreign countries to verify and ensure proper delivery of their SMS routes. You actually get paid because we use your phone number to provide such testing services.

How can increase the amount of tests?

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Keep the app running constantly and have stable Internet connection. At times Android OS automatically closes some apps so you need to ensure that our app is opened again in such cases. Your main goal is to keep the app always running, our system will see that your phone is available for tests and you will have a greater chance of receiving test messages.