Games To Win Real Money In Android App

With the constant development of apps these days, it gets a little harder each day to know which ones give you real value. We put together the game apps to win real money this year so that all you have to do is choose the one that suits you and run with it. We have included detailed reviews for each as well as ratings to make it easier.

If you've been looking for a casino with the biggest jackpots and the best bonus promotions for a long time, try Sky Vegas Casino. You can get casino apps win real money and increase your chances of winning. In addition, you can find a poker room and many board games here. Cash’em All is another game free game app to win real money, awesome gift cards, prizes and vouchers for playing mobile games. This app really lets you win real money and boasts over 30k positive reviews in the Google Play store. One recent review states: “This app does what it says. Scratch Off Apps That Pay Real Money. If you’ve gone into the Apple or Android store, you’ve probably seen a lot of scratch off apps offering you the chance to play your favorite games from your phone and win real money. Both of those statements are true, but it’s not the same as buying a scratch off ticket from the local gas station. GAMEE is a free mobile gaming app allowing users to make money by playing free video games, no in-app purchases necessary, no paying to win! Play +70 different games in one app, spin the Wheel of Fortune, compete in the daily ticket leaderboard to win direct cash every day, or take part in the Lucky Games to win $100 every 4 hours, FOR FREE! You can play the same types of gambling games on Android as you would do at a regular online casino. Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, slots, video poker and poker are all fully playable on your.

  • Live chat open 24/7
  • Mobile design
  • UK gambling license
  • Multiple withdrawal methods
2200% + 20 Spins Bonus
  • 0-24 withdrawal timeframe
  • Live chat open 24/7
  • Mobile friendly design
  • UK Gambling License
  • 24 hours cancellation period
  • Top software vendors
  • Mobile Casino included
  • Live chat open 24/7
4$700 Bonus + 100 Spins
  • 0-24 withdrawal timeframe
  • Live chat open 24/7
  • Mobile friendly design
  • UK Gambling License
  • 0-24 withdrawal period
  • Unlimited payouts
  • Live chat open 24/7
  • Mobile friendly design
  • UK gambling license
6 200% Match Bonus
  • Unlimited withdrawals
  • Friendly live chat open 24/7
  • Mobile friendly
  • UK Gambling License
  • Casino available in instant-play format
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Live gaming present
  • Live chat available 24/
  • Website encrypted with SSL
  • Games proven fair
8200% up to €4500
  • 24 withdrawal timeframe
  • Unlimited withdrawals
  • Live chat open 24/7
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • UK Gambling license
  • 0-24 Withdrawal Timeframe
  • High Withdrawal Limits
  • Live Chat Open 24/7
  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • 0-24 withdrawal timeframe
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Live Chat
  • UK Gambling License
  • Mobile casino available
  • Live chat available around the clock
  • Games proven fair by independent audits
  • E-wallet withdrawals take up to 2 hours
12200 Free Spins
  • An astounding number of all kinds of games
  • Completely instant-play format
  • Powered by several leading software vendors
  • Includes live dealer casino
  • Available on mobile
  • Live chat support available
  • Uses SSL encryption
  • Proven fair by independent audits
  • Live chat open
  • Mobile friendly casino
  • UK Gambling Commission license
  • Top-tier game developers featured
  • UK Gambling Commission license included
  • Mobile casino available
  • Live chat open
  • Various currencies accepted
  • Mobile-friendly
  • SSL-encrypted
  • Top tier software providers
16up to $200
  • Features leading video slots and more from NetEnt and Microgaming
  • Offers a real live casino
  • Live chat support provided 7 days a week during most hours
  • Proven fair by independent audits
17100% Bonus + 50 Free Spins
  • 0-24 withdrawal time frame
  • Top-tier software providers
  • Live chat open 24/7
  • Approved by iTech Labs and TST
18100 Free Spins
  • Instant Play
  • Mobile Casino
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • 24/7 Live Chat Facility
  • Instant play
  • Live casino
  • Mobile casino
  • SSL encryption technology
  • Approved by eCOGRA
  • Support provided 24/7
  • Live chat available around the clock
  • A variety of withdrawal methods

8 of the Best Game Apps to Win Real Money this Year

Most of these games apps are available on both Android and iOS. Some are made specifically for each of the Operating Systems.

SpinToWin Slots & Sweepstakes

One of the best game app for slots game apps to win real money is SpinToWin Slots & Sweepstakes, which is available for both Android and iOS. It has a long list of Vegas-style casino games. They include scratch cards, slots, and sweepstakes. You can play these for fun and learning and, in the end, stand to win up to $10,000. Though there is a free version that is essentially best for practice, you can go premium at $2.99 a month or $4.99 a quarter. Annual rates for this app are $17.99, at which point you will get rid of annoying ads that play in the middle of games. Members can also choose to belong in the VIPO club that has Mega Bonuses and ads-free gaming.

HQ Trivia

If you like playing with words, then you will like HQ Trivia, now one of those popular game apps to win real money UK. After massive success in the States, this app was launched in the UK in 2018 and has enjoyed lots of popularity so far. The live trivia is hosted by Sharon Carpenter in the UK and Scott Rogowsky in the states, and winners get to take home both cash and bragging rights. This games of wits is available in apps that can be downloaded from App Store and Play Store. It may excite you to know the game attracts celebrities like Alicia Silverstone too.

Lucky Day

Up there with the best scratch cards to buy UK is this free game app, Lucky Day. It is super easy to play too, with instructions being to simply match three symbols for the chance to get free scratch cards that could instantly win you up to $10,000. It has enticing jackpots too that pile up to $100,000 to be won from the comfort of your home.

There are hundreds of scratch cards and raffles to be won daily, which is encouraging from a free app though players have to contend with a few adverts here and there. It is available on iOS and Android.

Lottery – The Powerball

What's The Best App To Win Real Money

Another of the many free game apps to win real money 2020 is Lottery that allows you to play Powerball. You can download to play anywhere regardless of domicile. This app that is available on mobile only requires you to download it and be connected to the internet to play. Quite easy, too, as all you need is the ability to select what you feel to be the winning combination. This game of chance enables you to win lots of prizes, including cash that is transferred to your online account that you can then send to your bank account.

Long Game Savings

Most people struggle with saving cash, but this app makes it possible to do just that without feeling the pinch of sacrificing today’s gratification. The set-up is quite simple – open an account after downloading the app, set financial goals that you will hit by putting your cash in a Long Game Savings Account, then get coins as you hit each milestone to enable you to play games that could win you up to $1 million. There are no limits to how much you can save or play and so you can be on this every day. Among the many game apps you can win real money with on the market, this is one of the few that will encourage you to save.


If you just can’t get over games that test your brain, then SwagIQ will become one of your favorites quite easily. Just like Trivia HQ, it makes it to the list of best apps to win real money for the games lined here that will not only challenge and humble you but also teach you quite a lot. Since it is affiliated to Swagbucks, you will have to sign up there first to log in here. It is open to people over 13 years old and above since it is both educational and entertaining. Residents of countries outside Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, India, and France are not able to access the game live. When you participate and answer the trivia questions correctly, you get to play games and win real money from your mobile phone, whether Android or iOS.


Exclusively available to iOS users only, Grand is one of the apps on the market that will make it possible to win real money online instantly just by participation. This money-earning lottery game allocates you points each time you send money to your online savings account and puts you in a draw to win some decent sums of money weekly and monthly – up to $1,000 weekly that is sent to your account. Essentially, this game allows you to save some cash that is put in an investment fund or retirement kitty with your consent. The first month is free to give you a feel of how the app runs and the lottery games available here, but after that, a fee of $2 a month is applied.

Perk Pop Quiz

What makes Perk Pop Quiz the best app to win real money is that it is a little twisted. Instead of paying you hard cold cash when you play, you get gift cards for items on Starbucks, Amazon, Target, Nike, and other renowned stores. The money you could have saved at those establishments is saved for other things, or you could sell the gift cards for cash.

Available on both Android, iOS, this game tests your knowledge of TV shows such as “Game of Thrones,” and “Big Bang Theory” and their soundtracks need you quick-witted and to think on your toes. There will be words to unscramble and capital cities all over the world to identify, which makes it both challenging and fun.

How to Find Win Real Money Game Apps

They are not as hard to find as some may think as all you have to do to find win real money game apps online is;

  • Check the game provider
  • Online casino license
  • Availability of app and site in your country

If, say, you are looking for free scratch cards UK, you want to work with a reputable site whose app is recognized and proven legit. You want to ensure they are licensed and regulated and that the information you share with them is protected under airtight privacy policy. On the site, they should indicate the licensing body, regulator, as well as encryption for stored data. Reading the policy also enlightens you on your rights as far as data shared goes.

There are several ways to win real money using online apps.

Using win real money apps to make the most of your time online is not such a complicated process. After you have settled on the games you prefer to play; you want to cement your knowledge of them by playing their free versions before starting to bet. Strategies are available online from expert players and will easily guide you on even the most complicated table game.

Once you have mastered your preferred game and have your strategy down, check online users. Reading a review such as this that lists the best casino game apps to win real money will help you narrow them down among the many available. Regular practice will help you become a better player and even maybe develop your own strategies.

Why use game apps to win real prizes?

For many reasons!

  • They are available on mobile
  • They make you real money
  • You advance your gaming skills.

When you use apps where you can win real money, you perfect your knowledge of that game so you can shine even more when you play on other online platforms. You also get to make some good cash while having fun from the comfort of your house or even on commute. No time is wasted when you play to make money, and even better is the fact that it costs you no more than the cost of the internet. As long as a site is allowed to operate in your country, you can access it and the numerous games developed by companies.

How to Tell the Legitimacy of an Instant Win Game

Scratch-off games, spin-to-win games, and match games are easy to find online, but how do you tell the real from the fake? After learning how to play instant win games, you need to check the source. Only those providers that have a strong brand and online presence with genuine-sounding reviews can be trusted. If the offers are too good, then you may want to dig deeper to verify the legitimacy of those games. Lots of instant game players are quick to express their opinions, so social media is a great place to source for reviews.

These game apps are highly rated and reviewed online, and so you can trust them when you want to play for both fun and real money. All you need is a little time on your hands, internet access, and smartphone.

Many software applications claim to be those perfect game apps to win real money, but the truth is a little different since not all of them come with the same quality or the ability to generate enough income. Believe us, because we tried them and tested them thoroughly. Nothing can escape our meticulous check-up as we always try presenting you with the best reviews possible so you wouldn’t waste your time with rotten apples.

We have chosen the best 9 win real money apps from the best online casinos as we had considered legality, benefits, bonuses, RTP, and other advantages that these offers. We will explain first how to find reliable games and casinos so you could enjoy safe, regulated, transparent, and high-quality gambling.

Some supposed to win real money apps like SwagIQ or Mistplay do not help you win money at all. They waste too much of your precious time engaging you in tasks plus actions that do not generate a substantial amount of cash. It might seem like a good idea for some teenagers who are addicted to their mobile phones and like spending countless hours doing meaningless tasks like completing online surveys. The amount of cash generated in this way does not justify the time spent using these applications. There are other issues, too, like problems that arise when it is time for collecting some hard-earned money.

These apps can win money, advertise themselves as a chance to win real money online instantly, but the word instantly is very far-fetched in this case. Since these apps are primarily made for casual online usage, there are some serious payout problems associated with them.

Transferring your earned bonuses may be challenging as these apps do not have solid withdrawal support like some online casino apps, for example. Online casino apps make withdrawing your money their number one priority as opposed to these more casual apps, which don’t seem to take these issues seriously. There are other ways to make instant money online instead of using some time-wasting trivia games.

Steps and Tips to Find Reliable Game Apps to Win Real Money in 2021

Games To Win Real Money In Android App

When looking for good apps that you can win real money, you should have in mind several things before opting for one. There are several things you should pay attention to:

  • The provider
  • The licenses and reputation of a casino/app
  • The availability in your country.

The first things to look for when searching for the best win real money apps are related to their pedigree. When we say pedigree, we mean a developer company that made such an app. There are a few names in this business that command respect with their total devotion in making the best money-making applications available today. Check out some of those leaders in this industry before picking any of these software wonders. When you see a word Microgaming attached in any casino review, you are on a good way of finding your desired destination.

Let’s face it, casino apps are a thing of the future. They generate all that cash, plus they generate it immediately. They do it with style, with no delay, almost instantly. If you want to win a real money casino app is the thing to look for, so make sure to choose those that are properly licensed by a reputable gaming authority. Spotting those fake, fraudulent casinos is a skill that one must master for surviving in this online jungle. Make sure you have done your homework and checked plus double-checked your casino app background.

You made a decision, did the research, and chose a solid application that promises a good time and some decent prospect of earning a few bucks. Suddenly, one realizes that some of the best casino apps in 2021 are not available in your country. That is some bad luck, but what can you do about that? The only logical thing to do is checking availability before engaging yourself in some sweet gameplay as no one likes coming up short before even having any chance of making some cash. This issue is very much influenced by your local gaming laws, so make sure to study these a little bit just so you can differentiate what is or isn’t allowed in your country.

These steps will ensure that you choose the right place or game that allows you to enjoy gambling and earning real cash. The provider should be reliable company that is a distinguished software company, as you want to have a flawless gambling experience. Once you determine that, have in mind that you must look for the recognized casino that offers approved licenses and a known reputation. This is because you want to be sure that the casino is recognized and approved by some of the major online entertainment authorities to avoid scams and frauds. In the end, make sure the casino is available in your country and that you are allowed by law to participate in online gambling.

Here we peaked the best casino apps for iPhone and Android so you can win real money with comfort.

How to Win Money Online in Game Apps?

In order to win real money game apps, you should learn how to gamble properly. There are several steps you need to follow in order to become good at the adventures you are trying to win. These include:

  • Learning the rules
  • Practicing and improving gambling strategies
  • Applying the learned techniques.

Games To Win Real Money In Android App

These might be games of chance, but they have some strict rules that any serious player should learn like a mandatory condition for engaging in gameplay. Different variations of the same games may have distinctive rules, so make sure to check them all. They can’t be that different, so once a player conquers some basics, he will easily upgrade his skills from that point. Some games are easy, but others require sharp skills that need to be acquired with continuous practice. Mastering every rule will give a player some advantage over the competition and increase his chance of profiting from his gameplay.

Practice will take anyone a long way in any endeavor and not just profiting from any best game app to win real money that is currently available. Extensive literature has been dedicated to explaining various strategies that can be successfully applied to gaming apps. It is like body-building in this gaming world where every muscle needs to be properly nourished plus developed by fitting exercises. Staying fit is essential for sharpening your skills, and this can be done by examining successful strategies that are perfected by players that came before. Make sure that incorporating these plans plus procedures becomes your second nature.

Once mastering those basics, jump into some action because the best way for learning is by doing exactly what you desire to learn. Do not be afraid of making some mistakes, but look at those obstacles as stepping stones toward your final goal, which is generating some income while having fun. Maybe there is some undiscovered player who will be the first one that figured out something that everyone was missing. Maybe this is you, and if so, prepare yourself for a ride of a lifetime.

Of course, you cannot expect to become a master in just a few sessions. Arm yourself with patience and will for practicing as it will take some time before you start winning. Success comes after practicing, so do not lose patience if things do not go as you had planned. Over time, you will understand the mechanics and techniques, and that will enable you to become a good player.

What Apps Pay You Real Money to Play Games?

The most common questions about real cash apps, including what apps pay you real money to play games, can be found all over the Internet. However, not all places offer legit answers. All adventures that come from distinguished providers allow you to do this. For that reason, we will use this opportunity to list several of these to make things easier for you.

Monetizing online software is a dream of every developer, so there is a motherlode of quality projects out there. Just do not be persuaded by some prospect of easy money because some stipulations need to be met so one application can pass as trustworthy. We are talking about the speed plus agility of handling someone’s cash. Only those best casino slots app have integrated solutions that ensure proper plus rapid cash transferring. Wiring funds has never been easier than these days when global companies specialized in transferring funds are joining hands with the most prominent names in this gaming industry.

Forget about annoying ads plus pop-ups that ruin everyone’s gameplay. This has become a constant complaint among players plus users of money-making applications. Casino mobile solutions do not tolerate this nuisance, so they are dedicated to providing some perfect gameplay adventure where a player will not be bothered by these sorts of inconveniences. It is like blocking unwanted ads on Youtube, only better as here one can focus on winning. These mobile solutions are your best choice since other types of applications offer a limited ability for generating income, plus they use too much advertisement that ruins one’s gameplay experience.

Finding the Win Real Money Apps

When it comes to the best game apps to win real money, it is hard to say which one is the best as there are a lot of mobile real money casinos for US players. Instead, the best way to start, especially if you are a beginner, is to start with two or three games and practice them. Also, it is recommended to download some of the casinos that we will list below as these are transparent, regulated, and safe places where you can entertain. Assuming you are new to this industry, we will present you with several games that you should play to win real cash.

Browse the net a little bit, read some reviews posted by experienced players before making your mind. Finding good game apps to win real prizes can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, but with our help, it can turn out into some wondrous quest. Why not starting with some good old slot apps. There are many reasons why such as high winning probability, immersive experience, and there are no complicated strategies that one can spend hours mastering. It is just pure fun from that first spin onward.

1. Mermaids Millions

It is one of the easiest apps you can win real money and prizes that come from the distinguished casino! You can explore mysteries of the ocean while searching for the chest that will make you love these slots! Mermaid Millions offers the fantastic 96.56% RTP, while you can enjoy the great 5-reel slots with 15 pay lines.

Apps That Pay Real Money


  • Huge payouts
  • Vivid graphics
  • Free spins, a lot of bonuses & Jackpot
  • Available for mobile devices


Games To Win Real Money In Android Apple

  • Gameplay can be sometimes slow
  • Not available in all countries

Free Games That Pay Cash

Unfortunately, you can’t play it if you are from the US, so you can try 8 Lucky Charms for free.