Hearthstone Real Money Tournaments


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Hearthstone Real Money Tournaments

How to Make Money Entering Video Game Tournaments. If playing video games for a living sounds like the dream job, you may well be interested in entering competitive video gaming tournaments for money. ESports is the umbrella term that describes competitive gaming at a professional level, and it is taking over the world with full force. Hearthstone Betting with Real Money Half the thrill of playing tournaments and world championships is driven by the possibility of making real world money. And this is the same feverish excitement that drives the bettor as well as the bookies related to Hearthstone betting with real money. ALLIE coins can be converted into ETH(Ethereum), which can be sent to your bank account in real money. Further prizes that we want to include in upcoming tournaments are: Digital art of the winner digitalized into a HS character. Merch from Allies store. Hearthstone is a great game. Unfortunately, it’s also a very expensive game. While many people don’t have an exact sense for how expensive the game is, there’s a lingering sense among many players that the game is hard to get into, return to after a break, or even keep up with while you’re still playing unless you’re investing a large amount of time or money.

2016-12-081stTier 2BatStone #23 : 2Vlps$2,500
2016-10-161stTier 2Kinguin For Charity with PaypalThijs$2,500
2016-07-241stTier 1SeatStory Cup V4 : 3J4CKIECHAN$10,000
2015-12-041stTier 1Celestial Invitational #13 : 1tom60229$10,000
2015-10-043 - 4thTier 12015 HWC - Europe Championship0 : 3Thijs$2,500
2015-08-092ndTier 2WCA 2015 - Europe Pro Qualifier2 : 3Kolento$3,300
2015-05-311stTier 1Viagame House Cup #34 : 3StrifeCro$10,000
2015-03-011stTier 2Kinguin For Charity - Spring Edition 20154 : 1Lothar$2,500
2014-11-293 - 4thTier 1DreamHack Hearthstone Championship1 : 4ThijsNL$2,500
2014-04-291stTier 2Hearth2P EU vs CN Masters1/0/0Grp. S.$2,000
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Hearthstone Real Money Tournaments 2019

DatePlacementTierTournamentResultsPrizePartner List
2017-03-186thTier 1Trinity Series Season 13 - 4Grp. S.$1,500
  • Rdu
  • Thijs
2017-06-1641 - 48thTier 12017 Hearthstone Global Games1 - 4Grp. S.$1,000
  • C4mlann
  • SuperJJ
  • Viper
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