How Can A Casino Lose Money Laundering

The Process of Money Laundering in Casinos

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A major concern among law enforcements is the process of committing money laundering crime through financial disguise untraceable from illicit origins of funds. To keep law enforcements off a money launderer's track, all monetary funds raised from illegal activities should be converted into a more readily negotiable and manageable money instrument without leaving an audit trail.

Money laundering is a process that criminals use in an attempt to hide the illegal source of their income. By passing money through complex transfers and transactions, or through a series of businesses, the money is “cleaned” of its illegitimate origin and made to appear as legitimate business profits. Gross Profit Gross profit is the. As long as you can demonstrate an active operation, a casino is perfect. That’s why Las Vegas was started by the mob. Even if the feds are auditing the casino—as they do in Ozark—you can still beat them by secretly giving gamblers illegal money to lose. The trouble with commingling legal and illegal cash is that it’s slow. Ms Sharp then asked: “If they lose some money, how can it be money laundering?” “That’s simple if you have dirty money, you are going to lose some. It’s going to cost you 20 per cent.

The laundered money is typically reintroduced back to the economy with the disguise coming from a legitimate origin in order to prevent suspicions that will lead to tracing the transactions to money laundering back from its illegal source.


Casino establishments are highly vulnerable for money laundering due to the financial structures of its business. Money laundering in the casino does not necessarily takes the form of currency transactions but may also take money instruments forms such as credit cards and wire transfer. Suspicious transaction of this form usually comes from an initial placement of the laundered money from another financial establishment or may have been transferred from series of financial institutions to a casino.

How Can A Casino Lose Money Laundering

The financial transactions of the unsuspected money laundering disguise to the casino are made by another agent that deviate the authorities from the real identity of the criminals involved with money laundering. These agents are even willing to lose small bets in the form of chips or they may offset larger bets to which they exchange the chips into a currency form, wire transfer or a check.

Another means of disguising money laundering in a casino is through using an anonymous individual using false identification to layer the source of their transactions in large amounts of funds through structuring by creating multiple accounts and transactions in the casino to avoid tracing money laundering transactions from taking place in the casino.

Gambling And Money Laundering

Because of the vulnerability of casino establishments to money laundering, casino officials are placed in a unique position for detecting the occurrence of suspicious activities of money laundering. Suspicion is usually initiated when a financial transaction seems to appear without any legitimate purpose or when it is presented with an unusual type of casino player or when the transactions taking place are inconsistent with wagering transactions carried out in a casino. These occurrences usually occur in casino gaming tables, casino cage and slot machines.

Any suspicious activities particularly concerning financial transactions that are taking place in a casino should be reported to the casino management who in turn has the obligation to report their suspicions to the law enforcement bodies for investigation.

How Does Money Get Laundered


How Can A Casino Lose Money Laundering

Being prone as a front to illegal activities such as money laundering without any direct participation of the casino management, all means to protect the credibility of the casino establishment should be observed. This is through keen observation by all casino personnel in eyeing suspicious financial transactions beyond the usual expected process that takes place within their casino establishment.