How Do The Real House Wives Make There Money

With the 10th series of the popular ITVbe reality show The Real Housewives of Cheshire now over, new viewers may be interested to know where the money all came from. Did the women always lead the glamourous lifestyles we see on the television or did they come from more humble beginnings? If you want to know all the gossip, then keep on reading – you might even learn a few money-making tips yourself along the way!

There aren't many left who trust him with their money, so Alexis can say bye-bye to all the nice things she brags about. 2 Cindy Barshop - Lost Much Of Her Fortunate After Leaving The Show Cindy may be one of the few cast members of any of the Real Housewives shows to walk away and publicly insult the franchise. Feb 24, 2021 How much does Teresa Giudice really make on The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Teresa has been racking in money since May 2009, when The Real Housewives of New Jersey first premiered on Bravo. The show is still running and the tenth season will premiere on Nov.

The 39 year-old was born in Bournemouth but has lived in LA for the last 15 years before returning to the UK to film the latest season of the show. The newcomer was originally set for a career in trading after studying an economics degree at Royal Holloway University, however, she ended up making her money as a page 3 model. Alongside modelling, Leilani also owns her own clothing company called Leiluna collection.

Dawn, who has starred in the series since its beginning, has been married to ex-professional footballer Ashley Ward for 25 years. The pair have worked together to build their fortune and have earnt their money through their reality TV appearances and business ventures. Dawn also has her own cosmetics clinic, Skulpt, which she runs from her home.

Tanya has also been in the show since series one and was previously a glamour model. She was voted as the first FHM High Street Honey in 2002 and has been included in their list of 100 Sexiest Women in the World five times. The housewife has been married to footballer Phil Bardsley since 2014 and has also dabbled in acting.

Rachel has lived in Cheshire all her life and joined the show in its sixth season. Herself and her ex-husband were in the property business together and have five children, report the Sun. Rachel was married to ex-husband John Lugo for 18 years, however, she announced her divorce in the latest series.

Ester Dohnalová, also known as Ester Dee, is originally from the Czech Republic but now lives in Macclesfield. The 33-year-old comes from humble beginnings and first worked as an au pair in London. Now, it seems that her expensive lifestyle is funded by her controversial love life and her millionaire husband John Temple, alongside her reality TV appearances.

Fashionista Seema Malhotra has made her fortune in the clothing business. After studying a Fashion and Design degree at the University of Salford, she met her husband Sandeep Malhotra and supported him in running his parents fashion empire. She now runs her own successful 200-piece clothing boutique, Forever Unique, and joined the show in series three.

The second newest housewife Perla Navia joined the women in the eighth series. Perla owns her own yoga business and is originally from Columbia. The Latina is married to self-made Jonathan Barton, however she prides herself as being self-sufficient in the money department.

How Do The Real House Wives Make There Money

Hanna is 31 and runs her own dental practice in St Helens, Merseyside, specialising in cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics. She is engaged to Dr Martin Kinsella, who is also well known in the cosmetics field. Hanna also joined the show in the eighth series, alongside fellow star Perla Navia.

Guest star on the series Christine McGuinness is the wife of the popular TV presenter Paddy McGuiness. The pair married in June 2011 after more than three years together, however, Christine had an established modelling career before then. During her teenage years, she won several beauty pageants and was crowned Miss Liverpool in 2007 at 18 years-old.

Nermina appeared as a regular on series 6-7 of the show, however, she has since came back as a guest star during series 10. She is married to the footballer Erik Pieters, who plays for Stoke City and the Dutch national team. Nermina is a trained legal advisor but is also a model and has shot for the clothing brand of fellow wife, Seema Malhotra, Forever Unique. The 28-year-old launched a music career on the show and is an aspiring singer, say the Sun. Although she has no children, she takes care of two horses and two dogs.


Ever wonder how much money the stars of the Real Housewives franchises are making at any given time? Aside from the major levels of dough they're bringing in from their time on television, many of Bravo's heavy hitters are making bank in a wide range of industries. Real estate, restaurants, entertainment, name it, a Real Housewives star is probably at the top of that field. So it comes as no surprise that when the cameras start rolling, there's plenty of eye candy for viewers to focus on. Which makes me (and I'm sure everyone else) seriously curious as to just how much these stars are making.

While many of the women of the Real Housewives are big businesswomen, the husbands are sitting just as pretty. These men have been working hard day in and day out; if the numbers are anything to go by, the drive to succeed is major for these guys. When it comes to working hard as a Real Housewives husband, you definitely have to play hard. The product of all their hard work takes the form of the private planes, extravagant holidays, fancy nights on town and the top-of-the-line duds we get to see them indulge in. C'mon, aren't you just the tiniest bit curious as to how much their worth?

1) David Foster

Foster is an icon in his own right, having built a massive career in music spanning over 40 years. The maverick who's worked with everyone from Andrea Boccelli to Jennifer Lopez is worth an estimated $30 million. Keep hitting those high notes a.k.a. C-notes, Foster, okay?

2) Chris Laurita

Some of Laurita's fortune has gone to settling some legal woes over the years but his net worth is still hefty: $500,000. If only I still had that much money leftover from paying all my bills, but alas, I dream.

3) Kroy Biermann

The cutest Real Housewives of Atlanta hubby is also a player with the Atlanta Falcons. As such, Biermann gets to rake in around $3.5 million. Now that's what I call 'bringing home the bacon.'

4) Mark Deuber

Deuber's extravagant taste for clothes, good food and fine living is well-documented on Real Housewives of Dallas.With a net worth of $1.5 million, I'd say it's well-deserved.

5) Mauricio Umansky

Private jets, fancy cars, extravagant parties...It's all in a day's work if you're Umansky. The real estate mogul is worth $30 million and that's nothing to sneeze at.

6) Ken Todd

Todd has made his fortunes from the restaurant business and, before that, as a prominent soccer career in the UK. Today, his net worth sits at around $85 million, which in turn makes me a very envious person.

7) Joe Gorga

New Jersey's sassiest husband is also an entrepreneur worth $1.5 million. That's a whole lotta Hamiltons, Gorga! Now tell us all of your brilliant money-making secrets.

8) Paul Nassif

Arguably one of the most colorful Real Housewives husbands in recent memory, Nassif's net worth is $14 million . That's some serious moolah.

How Do The Real Housewives Of New York Make Their Money

9) Terry Dubrow

Nassif's partner-in-crime on Botched, is also one of the more chill husbands on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.Dubrow's net worth is $30 million, earning mostly from his work as a plastic surgeon. Get down with your bad self, Dubrow.

10) Travis Hollman

How Do The Real House Wives Make There Money

Have you ever met an heir? Hollman is the heir to the Hollman, Inc. wood and laminate locker empire. The family business is still booming, leaving him with a net worth of $18 million.

11) Todd Tucker

How Did The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Make Their Money

Tucker may feel slightly more relatable with a net worth at around $200,000 but that's still a big, big price tag. Get that paper, Tucker!

How Do The Real Housewives Make Their Money

How do the real housewives make their money

How Did The Real Housewives Of Dallas Get Their Money

So, after seeing how big these bank accounts are, I think it's time to get the rear in gear and start earning. What could possibly be more motivational than seeing others make millions?

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