How Do You Win Real Money On Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino Free Sweeps Coins. You do not need a Chumba Casino bonus code or a Chumba promo code to qualify for the free bonus Gold Coin package. Simply sign up to using the link in our review and after completing the email verification, the Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins will be available to use immediately. In essence, as a new player, you'll receive a welcome package of 2,000,000gold coins and $2 sweeps cash. Moreover, you get a no deposit bonus and a $10 free sweeps upon your first purchase of $5. This happens to be the new 2021 bonus that automatically gets you 900,000 coins.

  • Chumba Casino Bonus: Free Sweeps Coins. The Chumba Casino bonus presented is straightforward. You are given a portion of its two virtual currency offerings: Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. At the start, you are given 2,000,000 Gold Coins. These can only be used for play on the site and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • You can be sure to receive one type of reward or the other when you sign up to a casino, such as Chumba for the first time. Bonuses such as these are for attracting new players into playing at a casino. Play And Win Real Money. You don't always have to play with your own money to make some winnings online.

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Chumba Casino is available for Canadians and Americans who wish to take part in sweepstakes online casino gaming. The website offers a large selection of table games and slot machines that can be played to acquire Gold Coins, which may also be purchased through the casino website.

This casino also offers Sweeps Coins, which can be obtained in several different ways to play the games on the casino website. The biggest distinction between the two kinds of coins is that Sweeps Coins are either offered free or bundled with a purchase.

Chumba Casino is a highly popular sweepstakes gaming provider for many reasons. It’s legal for United States players in nearly all states, it offers the potential to win real cash prizes, and it features a huge number of games so you can try a little bit of everything. It also helps that there are two types of currency with the casino, and you can get a bonus to try both when you start gaming with Chumba.

Chumba Casino Sign-up Bonus

There are several different signup bonuses available when you register to play games through the provider. It’s worth understanding what each of them is and how it works so you understand what you can enjoy if you choose to sign up with them.

  • Two Free Sweeps Coins – When you sign up with Chumba Casino, you start with two free Sweeps Coins, which can be used to play a variety of games on the website. Unlike the Gold Coins that the provider also offers, the Sweeps Coins can be turned into funds that you can redeem later. While the bonus may not be high, it gives you a chance to try the site out.
  • Once you’ve gone through the signup process and want to purchase coins, new users can enjoy the $30 package for only $10. This provides you with a huge number of Sweeps Coins that you can use to game or redeem for cash down the line as you win games and prizes.
  • After signup, you also get 2,000,000 Gold Coins, which can also be used to play games but cannot be converted into real money. Those who want to play without making purchases can use these coins to enjoy the site for free and without any investment.

How Do Purchases Work At Chumba Casino?

If you are using the Chumba Casino website, there are several approved payment provider accounts that you can use to make purchases right from the site. Mastercard, Visa, and American Express can all be used to purchase coins on the site, and it’s expected that Discover and Diners cards will also be added in the future.

You can also enjoy Chumba Casino through Facebook but will have to adhere to their terms when doing so. The good news is that Facebook lets you fund transactions using debit cards, credit cards, Facebook Gift Cards, and additional payment methods. Either way, you wish to use to play slot games and table games, you can be sure there are several options to make it as simple and straightforward as possible.

Due to being a sweepstakes website and app, Chumba Casino does purchases differently than a traditional online casino or poker sites would. The sweepstakes provider lets you purchase packs of coins that can be used on the website or app.

Win real money playing games

Chumba makes it easy to purchase the packs, and they come in a single configuration, so there won’t be much confusion. Here is what you can expect if you decide to make a purchase:

  • Purchase of Gold Coin Packs – Chumba Casino offers for sale packs of Gold Coins that cost $5 a piece and come with 900,000 coins in each. You will also get five promo Sweeps with the package, which can be used to play games on the site and redeemed later on down the line.

While purchases used to be limited to payments from Visa and Mastercard, that is no longer the case. You can now make purchases of Gold Coins using Skrill, which is a special online wallet designed for in-game and mobile payments.

How Does Entry By Mail Work At Chumba Casino?

As a provider of sweepstakes games, Chumba Casino also lets you acquire free coins through a mail-in option. The coins you receive will be Sweeps Coins, which can be used to play games on the website, social media, or mobile app. If you earn other Sweeps Coins as prizes from games, those can then be redeemed for actual cash prizes.

Available Games At Chumba Casino

We’ve mentioned a couple of times that Chumba Casino offers a huge selection of games, but you may be wondering what games you’ll have access to when you register. The first thing to know is that when we say lots of games, we’re referring to many dozens of options. While many of the games are slot sweepstakes, there are also other options.

Types of Games Available At Chumba Casino

First, it’s worth looking at the slot games that are on Chumba Casino since there are many of them to choose from. These options range from games called Stampede Fury, Golden Wish to Nefertiti’s Gold, Garden Princess, Fortune of the Fae, and more. You can choose based on the name, the theme of the game, or whatever other method hits your fancy.

When you join a slot game, you’ll see the typical slot bars that are filled with symbols, and at the bottom, you’ll find the buttons you can use. There are areas to spin the wheel, change your coin bet amount, autoplay, and choose the max bet. You can also get information about the pay table in this area.

Win Real Money Online

There are also several table games at Chumba Casino like blackjack and roulette for those who prefer a break from slot games. While there are less of these sweepstakes games, most people will find their favorites available, so this may not be a purely negative thing.

An Example Of Gaming At Chumba Casino

If you choose to play American Roulette, for example, you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose to bet on any number from zero to 34, one of the thirds of the board, evens or odds, or even black or red. You make your bet using currency at the bottom of the screen and then press a bright green button for it to go through.

How Do You Win Real Money On Chumba Casino

How to Register at Chumba Casino

Unlike legal online casinos, Chumba Casino takes very little effort to sign up. You can be playing in just a few minutes after you decide to become a member. The steps below will take you through the process.

  1. Navigate to the signup page and fill in your full name, email address, and create a password. You’ll also need to check boxes regarding the terms of service, the required age to use the casino, and acknowledging that those in Quebec cannot redeem Sweeps Coins.
  2. Press the button to create an account, and you will go to a new page that asks you to check your email. Once you go to your email and click the registration link provided, you can then go back to Chumba Casino and log in.
  3. At this point, you’ll be offered a special promo where you can get coins for $10 instead of $30 to top off your account. Once you do that or click away from the window, you can begin playing games immediately using either Sweeps Coins or Gold Coins.

Support At Chumba Casino

There are several support options at Chumba Casino, depending on your exact need. There is a special area of the website where you can find answers to common questions without contacting anyone. You can also navigate to the “submit a request” page to get help from a human if something isn’t working the way it should be or you are having some kind of problem.

What Is Sweepstakes Gaming?

Sweepstakes gaming is a unique form of gaming that has many traditional casino games but is legal even in most states where online gambling is not yet legalized. This makes them an excellent choice if you are in a state where there aren’t other options.

How Does Sweepstakes Gaming Work?

With sweepstakes gaming, you can visit a website, social media platform, or go onto an app to take part in sweepstakes poker and casino games. The first step to using these providers is to sign up and provide your personal information, although you typically do not need to offer up any financial data about yourself.

The sites typically use coins or other virtual currency to allow you to play slots or table games. You can win additional virtual currency as you play and, in some cases, deposit money on your own to have access to more currency.

How Do You Win Real Cash?

Winning real cash involves acquiring virtual currency by playing games like slots or blackjack. In many cases, getting more virtual currency gives you the option of turning it into actual cash that you can withdraw to use as you please. This is why online sweepstakes sites are a great choice in areas without legal online gambling.

Also, many of these sites feature promotions that can help you earn money faster if you use them frequently. Some of these promos might last a day, while others might be weekly or monthly in frequency.

Where Can You Play?

With Chumba Casino, all residents of the United States and Canada can participate in the games offered, except for Washington State residents. Users in Quebec can play the games but will not be able to redeem prizes. The sweepstakes model used by the provider allows for secure and safe redemption of Sweeps Coins for cash prizes. Chumba Casino offers the assurance of its legality in both countries by working with leading experts in each location to remain compliant with all laws that are on the books.

Will People Who Like Other Online Casinos Like This Form of Gaming?

Yes! Most people who enjoy online casinos will also appreciate gaming at Chumba Casino or other sweepstakes sites like Global Poker and LuckyLand Slots. Many of the same games can be found on both platforms; they are just offered differently.

Casinos require deposits to play, while online sweepstakes websites do not. Instead, the virtual currency is all you need to play, and you can get it for no fee through several different methods.

Chumba Casino FAQ

Can I win real money at Chumba Casino?

Yes! Chumba Casino is a sweepstakes gaming site that allows you to use and collect Sweeps Coins, which can later be redeemed for cash. As such, players who win games can win actual money by using the website or application. You also have the option of playing using Gold Coins, which are provided in large amounts when you sign up, but these are not redeemable for money.

How old do I have to be to play at Chumba Casino?

Win Real Cash

Eighteen years old or older. Unfortunately, those younger cannot play the games on Chumba Casino. The site does offer gaming for those of age who are in most areas of the United States and Canada. It provides the option of entering sweepstakes slot and table games without visiting an online casino, something that isn’t legal in every state.

Can You Really Win Money On Chumba Casino

Do I have to make a purchase to play at Chumba Casino?

No. There is no need to make a purchase at Chumba Casino to play the many games offered there. There is an option to purchase Gold Coins in packages of 900,000, and each purchase also comes with a small number of Sweeps Coins. However, it’s never required to do so. You get free coins when signing up and can request coins through the mail.

What kinds of games does Chumba Casino offer?

Slot games and table games. The largest portion of the many games at Chumba Casino are various slot sweepstakes games with a variety of themes and designs. However, those who prefer table games can also take advantage of choices like blackjack and roulette, both of which are super easy to learn to play. If you are looking to play online poker, you can play at Chumba’s sister site: Global Poker.

How Do You Win Real Money On Chumba Casino Game

What states does Chumba Casino accept as users?

All of them except for Washington. Everyone in Canada and the United States other than Washington can play games on Chumba Casino. Still, those who are in Quebec or outlying territories of the U.S. cannot redeem prizes. Washington has the largest restrictions as those who reside there, and even those who are visiting the state cannot use Chumba Casino.