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In the post-COVID19 lockdown era, one question many people ask is, How can I earn Money Online? In this article, I will tell you how you can Earn Money Online from Quora Partner Program (QPP).

Quora runs a Quora Partnership Program (QPP) which allows you to make money. Many online, freelancers are already making thousands of pounds a week by simply asking engaging questions on the website!

But for you to break into the top earners and make lots of money asking questions on Quora, you will need to be extremely patient and dedicated. If you’re joining Quora to make some quick money, I would right away advise you look elsewhere.

Being an online worker myself, I can tell you that most truly paying online gigs are long term. They will need a bit of time to start organically generating any meaningful revenue. If you want quick money, you will most likely give up before your work actually starts bringing the much money you desired.

How Earn Money Online Quora

So What is Quora?

More like Kweshan, Quora is an online knowledgebase platform intended to share knowledge. Users of the Quora website can ask questions and connect with people who freely contribute answers on the platform.

Quora is an American company formed in June 2009. The Quora website is visited by over 300 million unique visitors every month. It’s currently (2020) translated into 24 international languages.

The company makes money through monetization of its traffic through a Pay Per Click (PPC) network.

How does one make money on Quora?

Quora Users can make money through the Quora Partner Program (QPP). The QPP is currently an invite-only program where Quora invites Users who spend more time and ask engaging questions on the Quora website.

In the QPP, writers and other users who ask traffic bringing questions, are invited and get paid for their questions based on the number of people answered and the traffic and ad-impressions on each question.

Why IS Quora Partnership Program Limited to Invite-only?

Certainly not the official statement from Quora but my guess is that the QPP is closed to open sign up because of the huge numbers involved.

As earlier stated, Quora has over 300,000,000 active users in a single month. Even if just 10% of those were to signup for the QPP, the verification process would become a living day hell of a job for the firm.

Secondly, the platform tries to make it more about the content than a reward-driven platform. People should post with the aim of addressing a user’s problem not simply motivated by the need to make some money online.

The QPP is Quora’s way of saying thank you for generating content that is useful to its users. Random, insincere questioned aimed at simply getting you some money drive away traffic which Quora wants to keep. It’s for these reasons probably that the Platform handpicks users who have demonstrated over time that they are asking and responding to well-thought questions that address the user’s needs without being financially induced.

Tips for getting into the Quora partner program (QPP)

Although the QPP is based on invites only, The following tips will help you increase your chances of getting invited to participate in the QPP.

Tip 1. Ask questions regularly.

You need to stand out by regularly asking for quality and useful questions. There millions of users looking for solutions. If you drop in once in a while to ask a question then you are not helping the cause of Quora.

Quora wants partners that help them continuously generate content so that its user’s needs are taken care of. By having more and more content generated, Quora also improves its google rank score and improves its organic traffic flow from the search engine.

Tip 2. Provide good answers

You need to prove that you have invested quality time in Quora’s website by providing meaningful and helpful answers. Your general worth to Quora must improve before you are selected into their QPP.

How Earn Money Online Quora

Joining the QPP is more like being offered a job as a content developer. You must express quality in your contributions before you are given the Job.

By Joining the QPP you will be helping Quora increase its content. No one wants to pay you for some copy and paste text. Take time and invest in your contributions if you want to be selected for the QPP.

Tip 3. Make a legitimate Profile.

Your profile picture, the profile bio and name are critical to the Quora platform. Think of it as a newspaper editor with a weird name, funny profile picture and a bio of a thief! Who would value that writer’s content?

To improve on the trust in your content, you need to stay professional

Tip 4. Observe the Terms Of Use.

One common mistake of new users on Quora is to try and build up statistics that are not backed up by any quality.

Quite often users will come up with bots that try to automate the posting on Quora. Others will simply go asking random or generic useless questions all in the name of having asked many questions.

Asking irrelevant questions or offering generic useless responses can only count badly on your eligibility score to be invited for the QPP. It’s very important that you read, understand and abide by the quora terms of use to improve your chances of being added to their Quora Partner Program.
Be patient.

The above tips will help you improve your Quora worth and make you more eligible to be selected for inclusion in the Quora Partner Program. Once you are accepted as a Quora Partner Program contributor, you will need the following tricks to earn more money from the QPP.

Tricks to Make More Money From Quora Partner Program.

1. Increase your time on Quora. Read more, Answer more and definitely ask more questions. The QPP rewards you for asking Genuine questions that relate with user’s needs. You have to read more so that you know what readers might most likely be interested in. The trick is to stay ahead of the game and ask the question before the other users actually ask!

2. Be patient and stay dedicated. It’s important that you ask very engaging Questions whose answers will most likely attend to what users are looking for. Even then it will take a bit of time before you generate enough organic traffic to earn meaningful mone. Stay dedicated and don’t give up asking more and more engaging questions simply because you are not yet earning enough. The top earners also started like you. Don’t give up!

3. If you are not a native English speaker or you are not fluent, get a language you are comfortable with and contribute in that language. Using broken language or some online translation tool will not endear users to your content. At its worst, you will get flagged.

4. Ask open-ended questions that can attract divergent views. Questions that ask Why, How, and generally tutorial in nature tend to attract quality responses that will generate high organic traffic from search engine users.

5. Avoid repeat questions. When you ask a question more than once or ask a similar question as another user, the two will get merged. Invest time to research on your question before you ask so that you are asking from an angle that hasn’t been asked before and will not get merged with another.

6. Keep observing the TOS. Some QPP users will abide by the Terms of Use until they are approved then they will go off and get banned.

Let us know if you liked the post. That’s the only way we can improve.

I didn’t want to share about how to earn money online on Quora this soon but helping others has been my nature. My major source of income is online money. And, Quora plays a very important role after Google in my online money-making process.

In this article, I’m going to reveal all the secrets that I use on Quora. You could follow the same and start making money. I will explain how to start wherever necessary. If you have more questions, you can always comment below. So let’s start:

Ways to Earn Money Online on Quora:

1. Quora Partner Program (QPP)

Officially, Quora has only one way of earning. There’s no rocket science in earning money through Quora Partnership Program. First, let’s understand how Quora makes money.

It is a community where people ask questions about anything and others answer it. The same questions and answers are shown on the user’s feed as per their interest. Also, the followers of the answering user. Other people may have the same question (which they never thought of) or some of the questions are so interesting that they click on it and read the answers.

Just like any other social networking website, Quora show you ads. If you click on the ad, Quora charges the business for it.

Now in QPP, people who ask questions are rewarded by Quora if their question attracts more answers which means more traffic and more clicks on the ads. So, more revenue for Quora.

Here are some of the screenshots shared by some of the generous Quorans:

How to Start with Quora Partner Program

Unfortunately, it is an invite-only program and you cannot apply for it yourself. Quora will email you if they feel your questions are valuable and may bring a lot of revenue for Quora.

But, there are some ways which can higher your chances of getting an invite:

  1. Ask questions that attract a lot of answers.
  2. Ask questions that attract famous Quorans to answer it. One answer from a famous Quoran is more than enough as their fan-base brings in a lot of traffic.
  3. Ask a lot of questions. At least 10 in a day so that at least 1 question falls in the above two categories.
  4. Ask useful questions.
  5. Make sure they are unique. If your question is merged with some other question, you will lose your earning.

If you are lucky, you will receive an invite.

However, I would not consider this as the main source of income but it would work really well as a passive income. So, QPP is one of the answers on how to earn money online on Quora.

Now let’s talk about some of the unconventional ways to earn.

2. Start a Blog and Promote on Quora

I’ve been doing this for a few months. Blogging opens a lot of doors for earning. When you start a blog, getting your initial traffic is really difficult. That’s where Quora comes to the rescue. When you share your articles on Facebook or Twitter, it is shown to a very limited audience unless you are super famous and get many shares and retweets.

This is my one week traffic. I have received 2450 visitors from Quora:

I have around 1,000 followers on twitter only shown to 100 people. Whereas Quora is a community based social media platform, which would show your answer to various users even if you have 0 followers.

How to Start a Blog and Promote it on Quora

I have written a detailed step by step guide on How to Start Blogging in 2020 (Check Link). It requires some investment for the domain, hosting, and SSL certificate. But if you’re committed, create and follow the strategy, your investment will be covered a lot sooner. Let’s see how to earn money online on Quora with the help of blogging:

  1. Decide on a niche. Think about what you would really like to write about. What will never demotivate you and you enjoy writing? It doesn’t have to be a saturated niche. You can write for a small audience too.
  2. Search for the niche topic and answer questions related to it. Build your follower-base.
  3. Start your blog. Refer above link.
  4. Write at least 10 articles on your niche.
  5. Monetize your blog either with Google Adsense or affiliate marketing from the companies in your space.
  6. Now, whenever you write an answer on Quora, smartly insert your link somewhere in the answer. Or, you can also end your answer with something like this – I hope this helped. If you have more questions, please feel free to comment below. I write regularly at www[dot]yourdomain[dot]com about [your niche]. Check it out. Thank You.
  7. This way, people will start coming to your blog and may click on ads.
  8. Also, you can share your answers in the spaces.
  9. Add your blog link in your credentials.

Apart from Quora, there are many other ways to grow your blog. But we will talk about it in some other article.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is where you sell other business’s products/services and they pay the commission for it.

This is related to the previous point. You actually require a website/blog to sign up with major affiliate programs because they have a mandatory field in website sections. Previously, I used to provide my Quora profile link but I was always rejected.

So, it’s always better to have a blog.

Once you are approved for an affiliate program, You can use the same links directly into Quora answers. I had added my Amazon affiliate link in one of the answers. Within 24 hours, I earned approximately 3,000 Rupees. But later the answer was deleted.

Note: Quora hates affiliate links in the answers and they may delete your answers after a few hours. Most probably, such answers will be deleted. But if you are lucky, the answer stays and you may keep getting the revenue for the long term. But Quora doesn’t mind if you put your blog or website link and they have affiliate links placed.

4. Selling your own Product or Services

If you are good at something, never do it for free. – The Joker

This point is also for startups and Freelancers. You may have your own product or services. I had my own startup and 30% of my customers used to come from Quora. It has proven to be the best platform for a lot of startups and individual owners.

In 2018, Shashank Shekhar of Stoned Santa answered the question “What did you do today?” in a non-conventional way sharing his recent marketing campaign which went viral. All he did was added his website link to his signature:

With the help of Quora, their ROI was increased by 300%. Since then, Shashank and his team have been really active on Quora.

I also know a lot of freelancers who received some huge projects just by answering on Quora.

Likewise, you can answer the questions smartly and promote your product or services.

You may not see success overnight. But consistency is the key. You never know which answer would get viral.

Earn Money Online Today

5. Become an Influencer

If you work on creating your fan-base and have 1000s of followers and millions of answer views, brands are going to approach you to place their product or service. A stockbroking firm reached me to add their link in one of the answers. They were ready to pay me $10 per answer (I didn’t do it). Not a huge amount but enough for Family Biryani Party?

You have to write detailed answers which add value. Followers will come themselves. Pick up a niche and start writing answers.

How To Earn Money Online Quora India

6. Write a book/eBook and Promote

This relates to the 4th point. Followers on Quora are really loyal to Quorans they follow – If you write really good answers.

Here, you have 2 opportunities to promote your books. You can write answers related to the niche you’re writing the book about. Secondly, every social media has a community of booklovers. Write about books, review some of the books, and put a link to your book.

A famous Quoran, Divyansh Mudra has significantly grown his follower base and he has a huge amount of loyal followers. He has written 3 books by now and one of them is a best-seller. Though he has never claimed that it is Quora that gave him a massive success to his books. But in my opinion, Quora has an important role in his success.

7. Start YouTube Channels and Steal Subscribers

There are many famous Quoran who have started their YouTube channel after getting success on Quora. In fact, I started a YouTube Channel long back which never received more than 10 subscribers. Once, I started writing answers and started a new channel, within a week the subscriber count was 70+.

However, later I stopped making videos because I’m enjoying blogging than creating a video.

How Earn Money From Internet

Here’s Divyansh promoting his YouTube Channel in Bio(Currently he has 692 Subscribers)

Ankita Shrivastava promoting her YouTube Channel Link in Bio (Currently she has 1.94K Subscribers – Channel was started the last month)

Note: I’m not defaming them. They are doing the right thing.

Bonus: Keep These Points in Mind:

  1. Provide value in your answers.
  2. Don’t put links in every answer. Write some answers without a look at the profits.
  3. Ignore rude comments. You are going to receive a lot.
  4. Respect other members.
  5. Follow the rules of Quora. Don’t break them.
  6. If your answer is removed, contact Quora moderation and apologize instead of bashing them.
  7. It needs time and commitment. You won’t get $1000 overnight.
  8. Use your bio explicitly for promoting links.

How Does Quora Make Money

Conclusion about Making Money on Quora

Earn Money Online Quizzes

Quora is just a social media platform with lesser limitations. Thankfully, we don’t have individual mods like Reddit who rudely ban you if you share any link. Officially you can make money only through QPP but other opportunities are endless. Check out more articles on Personal Finance. I hope this article was helpful and you learned how to earn money online on Quora.

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments.