How To Earn Money From A Blog Site

It’s not a myth that you can make money off a website. Anyone with a website can do it. In fact, becoming an income-generating part-time blogger or website is common with a bit of luck, enthusiasm, and hard work.

Maybe this sounds too good to be true but yes, there’re at least 20 ways by which you can make money with a blog. Therefore, if you’re planning to open a blog, here’re 20 ways you could try for earning a decent and legit income. Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing ranks as the topmost way most people make money from blogs. Remember, the more traffic you get the more money you can potentially make from a website. Sometimes social media can be easier to attract than search engine traffic (at least in the short term) and in turn increase the revenue of their money-making website. In fact, many websites rely on social media for the majority of their traffic. But just because it’s easier to make money with your blog today, doesn’t mean that most bloggers do. According to ConvertKit’s 2017 state of blogging report, pro bloggers reported an average profit of $138,064 the past year, while amateur bloggers (who made up 86% of those surveyed) made only $9,497. Great post as always and massive collection of tips to make money from a website too! What I think about making money from a blog is that unless you know how to sell none of the monetization strategies can help you make money from blogging. The key here is to learn the art of selling without sounding like a sale guy.

If done correctly, all monetization methods can work wonders, including simple ones as well as more complex ones. Let’s get our hands on the five successful ways by which you can make money from your website.

If you are wondering how I can make money from my website, then scroll through the following 5 ways and see what fits you the best. And if you haven’t launched your own website yet, check out these 20 small business website examples.

1. Monetize Your Website by Affiliate Marketing

How To Earn Money From A Blog Site

Your website’s content is used to promote brands and businesses through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing works in a simple way. You write about a product or service on your website, and then you simply link it to that product or service by using a unique link/code, often known as a referral. When people click on that unique link and make a purchase, you earn easy money.

How To Earn Through Blog

2. Make Money from Your Website by Selling Ads

Ads are a great way to make money from a website. The Google AdSense program is a popular and quick way to display ads on your website. However, Google has criteria for AdSense approval. In order to generate income from these ads, you need to meet those criteria.

3. Make Money from Website by Writing Tutorials

Content is the king. Visitors come to your website because they are looking for good quality content, so provide useful content, do a tutorial about something you can do by using a tool and encourage your visitors to buy that tool through an affiliate link so that you can earn.

4. Make Money by Offering Consulting Services

People say that a piece of advice has no monetary value. But, if you own a website, and you have expertise in any field, then offer consulting services. You may be surprised to know that there are people out there who are willing to pay you just for guiding them on their personal, professional, and business goals.

5. Monetize Your Website by Charging People for Premium Memberships

How To Earn Money From A Blog Site For A

Simply put, customers visit your site to read valuable content. They’re in love and crave more meaningful content. In exchange for a price, you offer them a better level of content. Having clarity about what you will offer is the first step. Once that’s done, you can create a membership area so that they are able to access the information you’re selling.

How To Earn Money From A Blog Site Without

Once you have the website up and running, it is time to market it. To ensure you get the best results, give your email marketing a boost and include an advertisement at the bottom of every page, urging your readers to read your better-paid content if they enjoyed what they already read.