How To Earn Money Making 3d Models For Games

Game monetization. When you've spent your time building a game, distributing it and promoting it you should consider earning some money out of it. If your work is a serious endeavour on the path to becoming an independent game developer able to make a living, read on and see what your options are. The technology is mature enough; now it's just.

A Checklist for New 3D Artists


Learn how to publish and sell your 3D models on TurboSquid! If you are still wondering why you should choose us as your 3D marketplace, be sure to learn more about us.

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How To Earn Money Making 3d Models For Games 2020

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How To Earn Money Making 3d Models For Games Cheap

Suggested reading: Learn more about publishing best practices on TurboSquid, including how to set up your product page and what kind of imagery is required for your product uploads.

Manage your assets, make bulk price changes, and more in the My Products area.

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Join SquidGuild, our artist exclusivity program, and start earning higher royalties-- up to 80% on every sale.

Get a boost in search results and make more money by publishing your first CheckMate model.

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Get your assets into the hands of customers who don't traditionally buy 3D models: graphic designers. Visit the PixelSquid site to see how this unique product works, then learn how to publish to a whole new marketplace.

Suggested reading: Once you've taken a tour of the PixelSquid marketplace, get to know the tech behind our submission process.


Model in your favorite app while we make conversions for you. Get your work into more applications by publishing your first StemCell product.

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