How To Make A Real Money Machine

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How to make a money machine in minecraft

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How to make a real money machine game

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Billions in Minutes is brilliant and hysterical....
-Bob Bly

Over the past few days I’m HOPING I’ve built up the hype machine and created some mystery and anticipation. You know something’s brewing over here in Rich20 land but you don’t know what.

[Insert evil laugh for the third & final time]

For example: yesterday you learned all about the “Narnia Effect” and how savvy marketers create invisible funnels to hack your wallet with hidden psychology.

The question remains — how can you actually apply this knowledge to YOUR BIZ?? You’re probably dying to know how to:

1. Build a new funnel that will make you lots of money

2. Enhance a funnel that you already have to make much more money

Step 1: Build an email list

The first thing you’ll need is an email list of people that want to hear from you.

I command you to stop whining! Building an email list/online brand is NOT THAT HARD.

30-Second crash course on building an internet brand/email list:

1.) The first thing you’ll want to do is start a blog, website or podcast that has something unique to offer — make sure it stands out.

2.) Create honest, original content that people want to consume — so compelling that they MUST share it.

3.) Don’t just wax philosophical – make step-by-step content that actually HELPS people — hint: the monster email you’re reading right now is an example. Then, find other, bigger blogs/outlets where your content will fit and offer it as a guest post.

4.) Don’t just wildly pitch blog owners to do guest posts — use a strategic approach by providing real value and offering favors.

There are many ways to build an email list, but the 4 steps above can get you thousands of subscribers without doing anything else.

Step 2: Learn basic copywriting

Once you have the email list — even a small-ish list of a few hundred people will do — you can start monetizing it by offering products and services that people want.

They can be digital products, physical products, services or experiences. It really doesn’t matter. But how you communicate that offer DOES matter.

We covered the list-building part. Naturally, copy is the next part.

The amount of money you make will be in direct proportion to:

  1. The size/responsiveness of your list — more people = more $$$

  2. The quality of your content/copy — has to be compelling

  3. The quality of your product/service — and how well you communicate that

  4. The construction of your funnel — the more sophisticated/personalized, the better

I don’t have the space to go into the basics of copywriting here. It’s an art form in and of itself. What I can tell you is that it’s not as simple as slapping a few words into an email, pressing send and hoping to make sales.

Will you make sales even if your writing sucks? Honestly, probably. But you’d be astonished how much MORE you can make if you just learn the basics of how to write direct-response copywriting.

Great. So now what?

Step 3: Construct the funnels

Alright, you’ve made it this far. Yes! We have our list. We know how to write puuurty guud.

Now it’s time to start building your funnel.

Today I’m going to walk you through a powerful funnel called the “Emotional Trigger.” Although it may look a little complex, it’s the easiest and most compelling type of funnel to implement immediately.

(If you want to go one step deeper and learn about all the systems, tools, and copy writing I personally use to automate the business…

…Click here if you’re interesting in joining a limited “member’s-only” master course on automatic sales funnels and copywriting. This is your opportunity to literally steal my best work and learn exactly what a high-converting email funnel looks like — from the inside out… including word-for-word templates and instructions.)

In the meantime, take a look at the “Emotional Trigger” funnel.

Something to remember: These are all “launch funnels” — meaning that they are used to launch products periodically. But with a little tweaking, they could always be turned “evergreen”, which means that they would become automated, and they would be sent to new leads automatically upon signing up.

For the sake of simplicity, I won’t differentiate between the two here. I’ll just call everything a “funnel.”

How To Make Paper Money

Cool? Cool.

As I stated above, there are several elements to maximizing your revenue — but putting the pieces of the funnel in the correct place is one of the most important aspects.

And it’s also the aspect that nobody ever talks about.

This is Narnia in full swing. No one but a select few know about it, so no one talks about it.

And those who DO know how to create these systems tend to play coy and keep the information for themselves.

No more, I say!

Behold, the funnel!

The “Emotional Trigger” is the most important funnel because it is the basis of so many effective email campaigns. It’s the bedrock. It’s square one. It’s not the ONLY way to construct a funnel — but it’s a simple format that’s been tested to work.

Strategy: Remember, our entire goal is to use psychology to delight our audience and make them identify with us (remember the Old Spice campaign?). This funnel leverages emotional triggers, especially pain points, to dig deep into the psyche of our readers and compel them to feel an emotion. Later, we’ll leverage that emotion and show them a product that we know will help them.

(Insert evil laugh)

If you look at the diagram above, it’s laid out over 5 days, and each day, the reader gets a new piece of the message that leads them further down the rabbit hole of pain, eventually compelling them to buy something that you can provide.

Think of your campaign as carving out a unique piece of the customer’s brain, like a puzzle piece, in a shape that can only be completed with the matching puzzle piece — your product offering.

To illustrate how this works, let’s create a sample product. Something simple.

Let’s say we’re selling digital courses on how to play the guitar.

Why did I pick that? Well, I just looked around the room and saw my guitar. But this doesn’t have to be an information or course-based product. It could be a physical device or a service offering. The guitar course is simply an example!!

ASSUMPTIONS: We’re going to assume a few things about our demographic/list to guide our copy here. Do your own research for your market and email subscribers:

  • Primarily males

  • 18-35

  • 40k average income

  • Native English speakers

  • No experience playing guitar/ very beginning level

Here’s a day-by-day bulleted breakdown of how the email sequence might play out:

Note #1: I’m not going to write the entire funnel for you because, damn, that would take a long time! But I’ll give you enough to get the idea. If you want to go even deeper with me on this stuff, click here so that I can add you to the insiders list.

Note #2: I linked the skill of guitar playing to to attracting women because of the assumptions I’ve made about my fake demographic. This is an arbitrary decision I made because linking things to relationships/sex/social pain can be powerful.

(You definitely don’t have to take that type of positioning. It’s one of many that could apply.)

Email #1 — Monday: Emotional Story

How To Make A Real Money Machine For Adults

SUBJECT: I watched from the sidelines as he impressed her…

  • Emotional story about your high school experience. Relatable.

  • One guy was so cool, always played guitar and girls swooned over him

  • Looked so rugged playing in the back of his pickup truck. Held “parking lot concerts”

  • He wasn’t smarter or better looking than you — he just had a cool, in-demand skill

  • Pain of having no attention, not even knowing where to begin

  • CTA: Email me back – have you ever been envious of the attention somebody got because of a unique skill they had? Do you find yourself STILL thinking about it years later?

  • PS – Tomorrow, I’ll tell you exactly what I did to snap out of my “mental haze” and actually start learning guitar — and getting more attention

Email #2 — Tuesday: Overcoming Obstacles

SUBJECT: The moment I held my first Fender

  • Narrator makes a decision that he’s going to learn – no matter what

  • Goes into music store – picks up a Fender guitar

  • How it feels in his hands – he’s inspired and a little afraid

  • But then, realizes that he doesn’t have to master this overnight – it’s a process

  • Crunchy tactic – take learning a new skill one day at a time

  • Once I had this realization, a feeling of ease

  • Now I help my students get that same feeling – and it actually makes them see success much faster

  • Tease: If this sounds like something that’d be helpful to you, keep reading, I’m working on something special that I’m going to reveal tomorrow.

Email #3 — Wednesday: Turning Point (soft sales)

SUBJECT: Finally…it all started to “click”

  • Narrator starts playing, slowly, painfully but progress is there

  • Starts to learn one of his favorite songs – and actually gets it!

  • Not 100% confident, but brings the guitar to school where the cool guys are

  • Starts playing and attracts a little crowd

  • Girl he likes says “OMG, I love that song!”

  • He can’t stop smiling – and at that moment, it “clicks”

  • He realizes guitar isn’t about the instrument, it’s about self improvement and expression

  • His confidence is up 1000% and he keeps learning and getting better

  • Why did he wait so long??

  • Now, he wants to other people to have the same amazing feelings- so he developed XYZ course

  • CTA: “I’ll be telling you more this week…but If you’re sick of waiting for this transformation, you can check out the course here.”


  • PS – course will only be open until XYZ – add LINK

Email #4 — Thursday: Sales Open

SUBJECT: XYZ course is now open – learn more here

  • Yesterday I told you about my turning point blah blah blah, and now, I want to tell you about the course I put together to help you get there even faster

  • Here’s a tactic/strategy you didn’t know

  • Lists features of course

  • List BENEFITS of course*

  • What if you had this? How much better would your life be

  • CTA – click here to join the course LINK TO SALES PAGE

  • PS – Tomorrow is the last day LINK TO SALES PAGE

NOTE: The difference between features and benefits — features tell what the product does/consists of, benefits tell how it will help/change the user’s life.

Quick example:

How To Make A Real Money Machine Free

Feature of a guitar training course: 10 hours of modules in HD video

Benefit of a guitar training course: Learn to play 2X faster than trying to teach yourself

Email #5 — Friday Morning: Sales Close #1

SUBJECT: Is XYZ course right for you (closing tonight!)

How To Make A Real Money Machine Game

  • Identify all objections and prove they are wrong

  • This course is right for you if…

  • This course is NOT right for you if…

  • “Future-casting”: Where will you be 6 months, 1 year, 5 years from now if you don’t take this step?

  • Testimonials from current customers

  • Guarantee


  • PS – Scarcity: Course is closing tonight, get it now! LINK TO SALES

Email #6 — Friday Evening: Sales Close #2*

SUBJECT: XYZ course is closing in 4 hours – last chance!

  • Last chance

  • Hazards of not taking action (doom and gloom!)

  • Examples of people who were skeptical, but it worked!

  • Challenge yourself, nothing to lose

  • This is the last time you’ll hear about this for a while

  • Brief recap of benefits


* Sometimes a personal video works well with this video. Just open up your laptop and speak openly and honestly.


How To Make A Money Machine Gift Box

That, in a nutshell, is how you sell anything via email.

Now, you understand the basics. Just to recap, we covered:

  1. The origins of contemporary marketing strategy

  2. How advanced marketing can catch you off guard

  3. The basics of funnel psychology

  4. The exact blueprint to implement the “Emotional Trigger” funnel, including a sentence-by-sentence outline

How To Make A Money Machine In Minecraft

Properly used, the information in this article (which should be a mini-book, actually) is worth at least $500k in the right hands. Seriously.

But what about the advanced stuff?