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At the bank I found out that fake notes had been given through over the weekend and this meant that I lost some money. “Luckily it was not a lot and a managed to make up for the loss but it is a problem to go and stand with a red face and explain where the fake money comes from,” Tercia Erasmus, a manager at the pub told Review. To make forged money undetectable, you should use advanced equipment and follow a strict printing procedure. So far, intaglio printing has proven to be a reliable printing method. When you put the banknote paper into the intaglio printer, you may expect about 32 bills per page. For the fake money to look real, you will need high-quality ink. Called Know Your Money that points out key features to look at to determine if a bill is real or fake. The secret service and U.S. Treasury also offer these suggestions: Hold a bill up to a light and look for a hologram showing an image that matches the face of the individual on the bill. Below, we have a list of 6 ways of spotting counterfeit money, guaranteed to work. But before we get into that, let’s see which is the easiest dollar to counterfeit. There are seven paper bills.

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I am looking for a video about how to make counterfeit money in youtube. What I found is a shocking story how easy it is to make a counterfeit 100 US Dollar bill. The video exactly is a NBC TV programs-Vegas Undercover with Chris Hansen. The suspect in this July 2009 video is 39 years old, Bryan 'Rusty' King. This post is one of my blog top 5 counterfeit story, you can read more about it here: Top 5 counterfeits story.

In this video, you can see how easy it is for Rusty to make a counterfeit USD$100 notes. Undercover Police paid rusty 1,500 for his demonstration in the fine art of counterfeiting. First, he takes real five dollar bills and sets out to remove all of their ink. He soaks them in a degreaser (some people use nail polish) bought at an automotive store and heats them up for a minute or so in a microwave oven. The Bill need about one and half minute in the microwave oven and leave it in there for about ten minutes. Rusty showing the undercover officers how he clean the bills, and actually taking the ink right off. He finishes washing the bill in a bowl of water and sprays it with a household cleaner.
He then uses a hairdryer to finish the drying process. When he's done, what used to be a $5 bill is virtually blank, except for the watermark of Abraham Lincoln. To make the fake hundred he'll use an inkjet printer and a scanner. He scans a photo of a real hundred dollar bill and prints it on top of the blank paper he just created from that five dollar bill. The result is a piece of counterfeit hundred dollar bill. What's the quality? The police say as counterfeits go—it's fairly good. If someone were to take the time to hold this up to a light you could actually see Abraham Lincoln and the $5 strip here. But most people don't do that.
In case you’re thinking of trying this at home, you should know we've left out a number of key steps. Counterfeiting is a felony, punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Counterfeiting US currency and bank cards is felony under US federal law. Manufacturing counterfeiting money: fine $5000 or 15 years in prison. (title 18, section 472 us code). Possession of counterfeit money: fine $15000 or 15 years in prison. (title 18, section 472).
This video show how easy it is to make a fake currency. this counterfeiting money exactly work because most people don't check their money once they receive it. With a difference watermark, it is easy to spot this fake notes by Rusty but most people will not check for it. The paper is the same as the original notes, only the print have some mistake. Adding up with a high tech inkjet printer that can be easily found nowadays, printing your own fake money is not that hard.
Source:, Youtube, Vegas Undercover by Chris Hansen.
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