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After a brief period in beta, the formerly iOS-only HQ Trivia launches for the Google's platform. Android users can now play and win real money.

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The entire family is hooked on HQ Trivia. It's a twice a day (3pm EST & 9pm EST) live game show. Get all twelve questions correct and you share the daily p. The entire family is hooked on HQ Trivia. It's a twice a day (3pm EST & 9pm EST) live game show. Get all twelve questions correct and you share the daily p.

The mobile phone game reportedly went viral when it launched for iOS devices in October. The portable humor-filled quiz game is hosted by Scott Rogowsky, who fans of the game call Quiz Daddy. It was developed by Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov, the same duo behind Vine, the six-second video app.

Android-phone owners can head over to the Google Play Store and download the game to their devices. Participants are advised to brush up on their skills just in time before the next session goes live.

New Year Prize

Since the game does publicize the opportunity to win real money, competition is expected to be fierce. To celebrate the start of a new year and presumably its debut on Google's mobile device platform, Intermediate Labs will reportedly have a special game scheduled at 11 p.m. EST.


Participants can compete against the clock and their wits for a chance to win $18,000 on New Year's Eve.

Winning Money

The biggest incentive that attracts people to join each game is the real cash prizes offered by HQ Trivia. Unlike other trivia games on mobile devices, the title features two schedules every day, the first scheduled event happens every 9 a.m. EST, while the second event goes live every 3 p.m. EST.

People who do not want to miss out will be reminded by a push notification as long as it is enabled on their devices.

Once the game goes live, Quiz Daddy will start off with easy questions that increase in difficulty as each round ends. Players are given 10 seconds each round to select the correct answer, which is presumably fair to discourage cheating via Google or other means.

Claiming the prize

Real Money Cnbc

Players who successfully make it to the end of each game in HQ Trivia win real money. A pot prize of up to $8,500 is split evenly among the number of players who were victorious. The amount each player wins can be transferred directly to their verified PayPal account.

Future Of Entertainment

HQ Trivia is regarded by most of its players as a simple yet entertaining game. Some noted that it carries a nostalgic appeal similar to TV game shows back in the days when there were no DVRs yet. People are encouraged to tune in to the game's schedules just like the old days.

Now that it is available for Android, the developers should see a significant increase in the number of players in 2018.

What Is Real Money

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Hq Trivia Answers

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