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The second season of Real Chance of Love is set to premier tonight on VH1 at 9/8c. Brothers Ahmad Givens and Kamal Givens aka Real and Chance are back for another quest at finding “true love.”

'I Love Money 2' gives 17 new, wild and crazy, All-Star cast members from these 'of Love' series, the chance to battle it out for a quarter of a million dollars. Last time most of these cast members competed it was for the heart of Bret Michaels, New York, Flavor Flav, Real or Chance, but on 'I Love Money' the stakes are arguably higher -. The second season of Real Chance of Love is set to premier tonight on VH1 at 9/8c. Brothers Ahmad Givens and Kamal Givens aka Real and Chance are back for another quest at finding “true love. Real Chance of Love (TV Series 2008– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. I Love Money 4 or I Love Money (season 4) is the fourth season of the VH1 reality television series I Love Money, created by Surreal Life executive producers Cris Abrego and Mark Cronin.The fourth season's 18 contestants were drawn from I Love New York, Rock of Love, Real Chance of Love, Daisy of Love, Megan Wants a Millionaire, and For the Love of Ray J to compete in physical and mental.

Season 1 ended with Chance picking no one, and Real picking Cornfed. Shockingly, the relationship between Real and Cornfed did not last. According to Cornfed, Real abruptly ended their relationship earlier this year. I’m guessing it’s tough to keep a relationship going knowing you have signed on to do a 2nd season of a dating reality show.

You can see the official cast photos here.

Personal and “modeling” photos of the women can be seen here and here.


I Love Money 2 Recap, Episode 1 – The Crazy 18

Posted on 02/03/2009 by Jackie in I Love Money

By Jackie Helm


There could not be a better cast for I Love Money 2! 19 contestants who once competed for love are now fighting for $250,000. Craig J. Jackson heads this havoc in beautiful Huatulco, Mexico!

From I Love New York: pretty boy “20 Pack”, the Godly good guy “Bones” and “T-Weed” who told NY and her mom that he was worth over 100 Mil when his last job was really at a pizza joint.

Who can forget hot boi “Buddha” and squirmy worm “Tailor Made” and their fight in the stairwell? New York eventually chose Tailor Made to be her man…for a minute. “Onix” who was booted for calling NY’s mother fake”. “It” makes us laugh again with his mispronunciation of words and short bus brain. “The Entertainer” and “Heat” who also both appeared on the first season of I Love Money are back for the battle of big bucks.

From Flavor of Love: “Leilene” (stripper, mother, crybaby), “Sapphyri” who went on to win on Flavor of Love Girls Charm School, the weave warrior “Myammee”, DJ “Ice” who admitted being on the show to promote her career, “Prancer” who skated her way around Flav’s crib and none other than the animated “Buckwild”.

I Love Money Streaming

From Real Chance of Love: “Cali” who was accused of being an industry chic and “Milf”, who kissed and told and cried.

From Rock of Love: A very confused, crazy facial expression making “Tamara” and “Angelique a.k.a. Frenchie” a stripper advocate equipped with subtitles.

Craig gathers the competitors to sign their checks for $250,000. Cali needs the grip to pay off her breasts and Prancer just wants to get some. T-Weed wants to open a credit union in the hood. Buckwild has lawyer fees. It' foresees a Chicken Wing restaurant in his future. Buddha’s wants to start a non-profit organization for kids. Bonez will tithe his first 10% to the church. Tamara simply wants to sail away on a houseboat and 20 Pack claims that he’s not there for the money – it’s about the competition. Game on!

Frank, “The Entertainer” is once again being given a chance to get out of his parents basement. And although he booted Heat off the first season of I Love Money – they are now vowing to stick together. Due to Buddha’s strong game play, The Entertainer begins campaigning against him as soon as the competitors set their bags down.

To determine team captains the crew’s first challenge is to retrieve coins out of a huge pool of mud. The Entertainer is sweating bullets the entire time in fear of Buddha winning the lead spot. The mud was thick and fonky and most of the players handled it like mud wading pros. But Tamara was slow and suddenly proclaimed a phobia of water. She's now rethinking her dream of living on a houseboat.

In the end, 20 Pack became captain of the Gold team and chose The Entertainer, Heat, Prancer, Angelique, Sapphyri, Cali, Tailor Made and It' as team members.

T-Weed, the lead of the green team chose Onix, Bonez, Myammee, Buckwild, Milf, Buddha, Ice and Leilene (who had to arm wrestle Tamara to win that last spot).

Hater Entertainer was livid that T-Weed chose Buddha despite his protest. Buddha harshly clowned The Entertainer, Heat and 20 Pack as his took his stand on T-Weeds team. It' was confused as to why he was the last male picked from the “ellimmillation line”. Tamara didn’t leave quietly. She accused the cast AND camera crew of humiliating her and screamed at them with rage of regret. As she did on Rock of Love, Tamara headed out the wrong exit and essentially added to her own unintelligent embarrassment. Sorry Tamara, maybe a good book could serve you well on the flight home.

Future scenes give us a peep at major competitions and drama!!! Who hooks up and whose tail will Buddha beat this time? See you next Monday!

(Photo Courtesy of Vh1)

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