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If you're going to sell stuff your best bet is to try to sell 6 per week of various items. But honestly just getting the donations or combo prayer and upgrading your graveyard is the best way to make money. If you need to advance time faster you can swing your sword and sleep. Cardinal perk is not working(0% more money). Saw make 3 planks, compared to 6 from sawhorse - workbench 4. Stone grave fence and stone cross have a blue reward for study, but greyed at the table. No way to change the base prayer, but cardinal is bugged (The Buggy B. Blood nails and blood bucket dont drop from dungeon.

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Graveyard Keeper doesn’t do much handholding. It is fantastic and refreshing in the sense that it allows you to jump in and play the game the way you want without an annoying bug telling you how to pick your nose.

On the other hand, sometimes we can miss a subtle detail mentioned in dialog, or not notice some use for an item buried in our trunks.

In these cases, you can either run around for hours trying to figure out something ridiculously simple, or you can Google it and get some help from those who have gone before you.

Of course, this information can often be spread out, vague, or largely unhelpful. Which is why I’ve compiled this list of questions players have asked when playing Graveyard Keeper so that you can have a one-stop-shopping experience. Hopefully, these will help you find some answers.

(Don’t worry. This is a judge free zone.)

How do I save the game?

Don’t worry. Graveyard Keeper automatically saves every time you go to sleep. (So don’t do too many all-nighters.)

How to make Headstones? Also: How to make Repair Kits?

It’s more complicated than you’d think. Conveniently, I’ve made a guide.

What to know when performing an autopsy?

There is a lot that goes into doing an autopsy right in Graveyard Keeper. I highly recommend checking out this guide by Rayune before making your first unsupervised cut.

How to build?

Go to the blueprint table in the area where you want to build. Each area will have its own set of blueprints for what can be built. Some blueprints won’t appear until you’ve attained a skill or unlocked a certain part of the story.

If you are looking to figure out the optimal starting build path, I recommend checking out this guide. It’s titled for headstones, but once you build the essential items laid out in the guide you will be ready to build just about anything.

How to gain skill points?

Skill points are gained by doing actions in the game. Manual labor like making nails will grant you red points. Working with nature, like harvesting berries, will grant you green points. Researching objects will grant you blue points.

Jose tip make slot of money in graveyard keeper roblox

Some activities will grant multiple colors of points. For example, cutting down a tree will grant red and green points.

How to get blue points?

It takes a bit of work, but once you get everything set up you’ll be able to rake it in.

The earliest and easiest way is to study items that yield blue points at the study table in the church basement. To unlock the church basement you will need to clean up the graveyard and talk to the bishop to get him to open the church. See this guide if you are having trouble getting repair kits or headstones. If you are having trouble getting science, see, “How to get science?” below.

The blue items run out pretty quickly, so you will want to bring some honey to the bearded guy outside the village so that he will give you the recipe for cake. If you eat this cake before studying things, you will get one blue point from every item you study, regardless of what type it is.

If you really want to rake in the blue points, you’ll need to buy some hemp seeds from the cake guy. Once you have unlocked the garden (see “How to unlock the garden” below), you’ll want to grow that hemp. Don’t worry, this will stay PG. (Or perhaps do worry, if you had your hopes up.) Once you build a desk in the church basement you will be able to go down to there and, well… make a ton of hemp rope. This will be the easiest and most reliable way to rake in blue points. It will be slow going at first, but once your garden picks up momentum and you have plenty of peat from your compost pile, you will have more hemp rope than you know what to do with.

Of course, you can use that rope to make candles and other things, so don’t throw it all out the first chance you get.

How to get science?

This one stumped me. Graveyard Keeper guides available at the time I was writing this said that once I gave the bishop his bowls he would give me science. But alas, the bowls were delivered, but there was no science.

Instead, I had to make some paper using bat wings I had harvested to the north of my house. To make the paper, I had to first build a Church Workbench in the basement of the church. There, I was able to convert the bat wings into pigskin paper, and then to clean paper.

Clean paper in hand, I headed over to the study table where I was able to break down the clean paper FOR SCIENCE! (I couldn’t help myself.)

Thanks to Greigan Guy for helping me figure this one out.

Where do I find moths?

According to the official Wiki, you can find moths by harvesting flowers at night.

What day does [Insert NPC Here] show up?

I’m still working out the details myself, but here’s what I have so far.

  • Bishop: Sun Day
  • Astrologist: Moon Day
  • Inquisitor: Pointy Stick Day (AKA Stick With a Hat Day, your call.)
  • Donkey: Every couple of days depending on when you emptied your morgue. (Listen for the bell.)
  • Singer: Female Day (The circle thing pointing down. I only know this from Pokemon.)
  • Merchant: Crescent on a Stick Day
  • Snake: Nighttime every few days. I’ve had a hard time pinning this one down, mostly because I don’t want to run down to the basement every night, and also because the way the days shift at midnight. Sometimes he shows up after the day has switched over. If you have any details, let me know in the comments.

If you know of better names for these days, please, for the love of grave digging, tell me in the comments.

And if you have any more information on the days NPCs come and go, let me know and I will update my list.

How to get carrots for the Donkey?

See farming below.

How do I unlock farming? AKA How to unlock the garden?

So far, I know this much: After you’ve opened the church, go and read the sign in the garden to the southeast of your house. It should say something along the lines of, “This land has been repossessed, yadda yadda, do you want to claim this property?”

After reading the sign, go visit the innkeeper and he will have a dialog option to ask about the garden. Click on that. He will give you permission and tell you to meet with the prior owner to work out the details.

This owner is a merchant who shows up in front of the building to the southwest of the Dead Horse Inn every half-moon-on-a-stick day. You can click through the images below to see a screenshot of his location.

After you’ve met the merchant’s demands, you will have a garden! As far as how to plant seeds in the garden, see below.

Where do I get seeds and fertilizer?

According to the official Wiki, you can buy seeds from the farmer found to the south of the wheat farm. He will hate you at first, but as you improve your relationship with him he will offer better quality seeds for sale.

In the early stages of your garden, you can build a compost pile to yield peat which can be used as fertilizer. This grants faster growth times and more seeds. As you advance your technology trees you will eventually be able to make more advanced fertilizers.

Mysteries that Still Haunt this Gravekeeper’s Nightmares

What do you do with a ruined book?

I’m still trying to figure this one out. Let me know if you know. I accidentally threw mine away trying to get some paper out of them.

What is the point of stories?

That is an excellent question! I am just arriving at that part of the game myself, and as soon as I have an answer, I will let you know. As of this writing, the official Wiki only says how to make them, not what to do with them. I will update this section as soon as I know more.

In the meantime, if you find the answer, let me know in the comments and I will update this section.

Jose Tip Make Slot Of Money In Graveyard Keeper Roblox

Thanks for perusing this list of humble Graveyard Keeper questions. Hopefully, they helped you find answers. If not, let us know in the comments below and we’ll try to track the info down for ya. If you have some information that you think we should add to this list, let us know in the comments and we’ll add it as soon as we verify it.

In the meantime, if you would like to see a broader list of tips and tricks for Graveyard Keeper, check out this guide.

Jose Tip Make Slot Of Money In Graveysrd Keeper

Jose Tip Make Slot Of Money In Graveyard Keeper Download

[Updated 8/15/2018 with information gleaned from the official Graveyard Keeper Wiki. ][Updated 8/18/2018 to include information about blue points, and a clearer explanation of peat as a fertilizer]

Jose Tip Make Slot Of Money In Graveyard Keeper Free

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