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When it comes to investing, there are three methods to choose from: Keep up with change… Get ahead of change… Or, fall behind change. Why? Because in the financial markets, nothing stays the same. The rules are always changing. To be a winning investor, you’ve got to change as the markets change and anticipate changes to come. And that means always learning. One of the areas I find most important today, and most challenging, is in the area of cryptocurrencies. They are so new, so volatile, and mutating so fast that the learning is at the speed of light. That's why we are back with an update on our three favorite cryptos from 2020, and three new tokens you'll want to pay attention to...


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Rich Dad Poor Dad Letter is the newsletter of one of the greatest financial educators in recent history. Robert T. Kiyosaki has changed the way millions of Americans look at money… And now he is taking his teaching method and applying it to real-world situations to give you actionable solutions to bigger financial problems. Every month, Robert and his team will send you their take on a financial or economic current-event and the #1 investment opportunity he has identified flowing from it…