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In many ways, Minecraft is one of the most surprising pop culture successes to hit the Internet in the past few years. Remarkably simple yet highly addicting, the cloud-based gaming environment draws its fan base from all walks of life. What few burgeoning entrepreneurs realize is that you can actually make a fair amount of money by hosting your own Minecraft server. Potential profits can run into the thousands of dollars per month if you play your cards right. Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to get started.

Fillet said: t is against the EULA to buy in-game items for real life money. Click to expand. Yes but actually no. The EULA is accepted by the server - so they can’t sell p2w stuff, not the player. So you wont have any trouble from mojang buying coins, but it’s against hypixel rules and you really shouldnt. If you want to learn more read our guide to setup a Minecraft server so you can start learning how to make money from Minecraft server with this guide. In 1 decade the game has assumed a legendary status and huge volumes of “digital epics” have been written around various technical specs as well as enhancing the user experience. Mar 10, 2021 The only real downside is that the best Minecraft mods can't be used with Minecraft Realms. But they are online 24/7, meaning the host won't need to be there before others can join. Well if you've got the talent you can make money from it. A quick scroll through using the search term 'Minecraft' and you'll find lots of artists offering to draw scenes in exchange for money. Recreate Images In Minecraft. If drawing isn't for you, maybe you're one of those people who likes recreating real world scenes in Minecraft.

Sketch Your Business Plan

Ultimately, your Minecraft server will act as a community hub where block-loving gamers can interact in real time. While accurate estimates are hard to come by, there are anywhere from 15,000 to 80,000 Minecraft servers in existence with more popping up every day. To stand out from the crowd to the point where you can turn a profit, you’ll need a specific angle to play. You can focus on monetization methods later. Just come up with a unique way to build a community first.

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Find the Appropriate Hosting

While it’s possible to run a Minecraft server from home, professional hosting is a must for commercial operations. There are essentially two paths to take in this regard: DIY hosting or managed hosting. On the DIY front, you could use an independent option like Digital Ocean and set up the software yourself. Alternatively, you could go with a company like MC Pro Hosting that handles all the details for you. Either way, choose a host with topnotch gear like SSD drives and high bandwidth.

Setting Up the Infrastructure

Once you’ve settled on hosting, it’s time to get your Minecraft server up and running. If you’re not an experienced web server admin, you can always find someone on oDesk or eLance to do the work for you. Once again, a hosted solution like MC Pro Hosting, CubedHost or ProMinecraftHost is the best option if you don’t really know what you’re doing in the server department. It’s actually pretty easy to launch a Minecraft server on your own since the whole game is based on Java binaries.

Business Rigmarole & Paperwork

Before going any further, it’s important to mention the business and legal ramifications of running any digital enterprise. Technically speaking, you’re required to pay taxes related to your operation in your jurisdiction no matter where you live. In actuality, it’s difficult for most governments to enforce their tax laws on all-digital businesses. Use your own best judgment as far as taxes and regulation go in your state, province or country. For increased protection, incorporate and seek professional advice regarding taxes.

How To Make Money By Playing Minecraft


Marketing Your Servers

It’s probably a good idea to market your server before you even launch. Think of it as a pre-launch promotion. Go to gaming forums, the Minecraft section of Reddit and social media communities that specialize in online video games to spread the word. You’ll be relying on word-of-mouth promotion quite a bit to develop an avid Minecraft following. Listing your server on sites like Planet Minecraft and so forth is the best way to get started. Offering superb customer service is ultimately the most productive tactic insofar as differentiating yourself from your rivals is concerned.

The Monetization Equation

Once you’ve achieved a critical mass of 100+ players or so, you’ll need to work on monetization. While donations could be lucrative, they’re an unreliable way to make money. If your community is popular enough, you could charge a low monthly fee to all participants. Asking $10 to $15 per month could be reasonable depending on your circumstances. You could also throw in advertising and sponsorship opportunities if you’re high-profile enough. Often, something like Buycraft – a plug-in that allows you to easily create an online shopping cart allowing you to promote your items for sale like ranks, kits etc.- is the best way to cash in on your popularity.

Make Real Money In Minecraft Fast

Staying On the Cutting Edge

Make Real Money In Minecraft Online

There’s no guarantee that a productive Minecraft business strategy that works today will prove fruitful tomorrow. Keeping an eye on current Minecraft trends is essential. Having a plan in place to pivot to the next big trend ensures your longevity. One day, another game may supplant Minecraft. As such, you should keep your eyes peeled for that next big thing. Ultimately, hosting servers for games like Minecraft can translate into a healthy side or primary income if you stay on your toes.