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Do you have a smartphone?

If yes, so congrats, you can able to earn money online. Today we are going to tell you top 10 money earning apps.

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With which you can make a lot of earning. How to do? We will tell you to step by step everything. So read this blog till the last.


  • 1 Best Money Earning Apps?

Best Money Earning Apps?

Here I have listed Top 10 Latest money earning apps. Which you can download and start earning.

1) MPL ( Mobile Premier League )

MPL ( Mobile Premier League ) is an online gaming platform. Here you will find all kinds of games and tournaments, Such as PUBG or Free Fire, and more than 30+ games are available in MPL app. which you can earn money by playing.

Apart from this, we can also earn by referring to MPL app. And whatever you earn. You can instantly transfer money to your PayTm wallet.

Online Earning App For Laptop

2) ClipClaps

ClipClaps is an online earning app, We can make money by playing games and watching videos.

  • Video – In the app, get to see a videos option, which means that you can earn money by watching videos.

Best Earn Money Apps

  • Refer And Earn – Refer and earn, would you know. This option is usually available in every earning app, And you will find this option in the clip clips app.
  • Games – And you will also get to see games option in the app. we can earn by playing games.

3) MX Player

Most of the people know about the MX player. If you don’t know, MX player is an video player app. Now main thing earlier you can only watch videos in MX player. But now you can also earn. And you will get 2 options to earn money.

  • Refer And Earn – You can earn by inviting your friend.
  • Play Games and Earn Money – And you can also earn by playing games with the MX player app.

4) Gplink

Gplink is a URL shortener app. With this app, you can short any long URL to small URL In a few seconds.

If some user clicks on your shortened URL, Then you will get some commission in your gplink wallet. When 5$ complete in your gplink wallet, You can able to apply for payout.

5) Mall91

Mall91 is an online earning app. we can make money by inviting friends.

Just for that, you will have to go to refer and earn option in this app, and you will get your referral link, you have to share that link to your friend.

If your friend download mall91 app through your referral link, you will get a commission in return.


And apart from this, you will get to see more earning options in the app. For example, daily check-in this option will give you some amount of money for everyday.

6) Qureka Pro

Qureka pro is an online “Gaming Platform” where we can earn money by playing games. Apart from, you can also play quizzes in this app.

And you will get to see a lot of games in this app. And whose score is higher in the game, he wins the prize.

7) GameZop

Gamezop is an online gaming app that you can earn money by playing games. If you now sign Up in gamezop app, you will get a 5rs bonus.

And if you refer the gamezop app through your referral link, then you will get 2rs, If your friend deposit 10rs in the gamezop app, you would get extra 3rs. And with this app, you can take an instant payout.

8) 4Fun

4fun is an online video sharing app. If you sign up in the 4fun app, you will get 50rs in your 4fun account.

If you invite your friend to the app, then you will get every refer 7rs. You will be able to apply withdrawal request only if you have 200rs in your 4fun account.

9) Helo App

helo app is a “Video Sharing Platform” where people share all types of videos. Along with video share, you can also earn by Helo app.

What type of contain helo app can we share?

  • Text contain :- Text means that you can upload any Text Post on Helo app.
  • photos :- Just like you upload photos on Instagram, the same way you can share pictures on helo App.
  • Video :- You can also upload videos on the Helo app. For example, status video and song video. And much more.

You can share all these things on Helo App for free. You have to create an account for him on helo app. And how to create an account and how to earn, I have told everything below.

10) WinZo Gold

Let’s talk about first what is the winzo gold app and how it works. Guys winzo gold app is a gaming app. With this, you can earn money by playing games.

And in the app, you get a lot of games to play. You people can comfortably earn money sitting in the house of the game with the winzo gold application.

If you like top 10 money earning apps, then don’t forget to share it with your friends. And if you want more high paying money earning apps, So you can tell me by commenting.

In today’s time, there are many people who are earning money online by giving some of their time very easily. Their special thing is that they can start work without any investment by using different mobile apps to do different things.

For example, a mobile app pays money to play a game, to watch an advertisement, to share a link, to sell a product, to promote the products of the company etc. Except for a few apps, the more time you spend here, the more money you earn.

It gives you the opportunity to complete many varieties of activities so that you can earn money. It is available online and there are more activities that you can do from SmartPhone like:


Answer questions

Playing games

Watching videos

Daily polls etc.

In this, your earning points are called “SB” which you can redeem, around $ 3 to $ 25 gift cards can be taken through Amazon, PayPal.

It is a very well-known place to earn money online and win gifts. Where people share their thoughts. Most commonly consumed items are surveyed here but you can also fill survey on travel, technology and financial.

One point in the survey is equal to one cent and you must have at least 5 dollars (500 points) in your account to withdraw money. With your hard work, you can earn from 1.5 dollars to 4 dollars per hour.

Task Rabbit is an American company that is one such platform available in an online and mobile app. Which matches the consumer and worker according to the local urban demand, which can help consumers in everyday tasks immediately, including cleaning, moving, delivery, painter, plumber, writer, etc.

Thousands of vetoed, background-checked “taskers” are currently available to assist consumers in a wide variety of categories. People are earning a good amount of money using this free time.

Google Opinion Reward is one such application in which you can complete some survey in your free time and earn some points, which you can also do Redeem for Google Play Store Credit.

If your survey is found to be correct, you can get ₹ 10 or more for a survey. This is an app that gives revenue when certain companies are surveyed. You can use the Google play store for this app. You can use this money only in paid service of Google Play Store.

Play free games like Bubble Shooter, Furious Road (Racing), Aqua Shooter, Jungle Ratna, Loco League for Cricket, Football, Tennis, Live Trivia Quiz. In each game 10 questions are asked, there are winners giving correct answers. Those who are given cash as prizes!

There are various questions from news and politics, current affairs, general knowledge, sports, history, geography, science, current trends, technology etc. Just join all the fun games and money can be withdrawn through Paytm.

In the growing trend of social networking platforms, the “trust and safety” of women have always been a big problem. For this reason, they are afraid to share their personal information on social platforms.

But the SHEROES app, which is playing a big role in upholding this belief, where learning, teaching, connecting with each other, sharing their daily troubles and joys, is also facilitating jobs.

There are many women, who are working from home and earning well with the help of this app. Your earning depends on the hiring company and your skill.

A mobile app pays money to play a game, to watch an advertisement, to share a link, to sell a product, to promote the products of the company etc.