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You’re not a true gambling man, but always want to try your hand in games of fortune and chance? And, of course, not to lose big bucks at the same time? Well, it’s real when it comes to free bingo. This casino game isn’t as popular as, for example, video poker, roulette, and slots, but no less exciting. Interested? Let’s dwell on it!

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What is the Bingo game?

We should thank the Italians not only for pasta, pizza, and wine but also for bingo. They invented this game in the 16th century, and people play it all over the world to this day.

Many of us learned about this game as a child, after visiting the local church with a devout aunt. Yes, don’t be surprised. They often play bingo in churches. This game is not considered to be a hazard and has no restrictions.

In this game, everything depends on the chance of success. Each player gets a card with numbers in random order. The leader takes turns in the numbers, and the person checks the card for the numbers in it. The winner is the one whose card was the first containing the winning combination. Players who have numbers in a row, several rows, or a block receive a prize.

True bingo lovers can enjoy the game in special bingo online, free halls. But you can find interesting models in almost every online casino.

Free bingo variety and the basic rules

There’re many models in this game. Let’s check out the most popular ones.

The 90-ball bingo game is the most sought-after in Europe. The player receives a quad card with 3 rows of 9 cells. In each row, there are 5 cells, which are numbered, and 4 are empty. Thus, only 15 numbers from 1 to 90 are involved, which are chosen randomly. In the 1st column, there’re numbers from 1 to 9, in the second – from 10 to 19, in the third from – 20 to 29 and so on.

The game begins with the launch of the lottery drum, from which balls with numbers are taken. You need to find these numbers and mark them on your card. The online version has a great advantage in the form of auto-fill function: the computer itself marks the necessary numbers. So you won’t miss a single number.

The winner of the 1st game stage is the one who marks all 5 numbers in one line (row). The winner of the 2nd stage is the player who filled 2 lines. At the 3rd stage, you must cover the entire card. If at each stage of the game there are several winners, then the prize is given out equally between them.

The 75-ball Bingo game is most common in the USA. The card is divided into 25 cells – 5×5 squares. The card has the title “BINGO”, so each column has its letter. The 1st column under the letter “B” includes numbers from 1 to 15, the 2nd column under the letter “I” contains numbers from 16 to 30, and so on. The central cell is always free.

Just like in the above version, the balls are randomly drawn. The main task is to cover a certain pattern, which is proposed at the very beginning. There’re a lot of different patterns. It can be ordinary letters, short words, and even various shapes. The winner is the one who first gets the winning combination. If several players at the same time mark the necessary figure, then they all get their winnings in equal parts.

The 80-ball bingo game is a new model of the beloved game, which is a lighter version of the 75-ball Bingo. The card is a 4×4 square. The columns are highlighted in different colors, as well as the corresponding balls with numbers. The rules of the game are very similar to the ones of the 75-ball Bingo. Here you also need to fill out a full card or collect some figure. The difference is that there is no free cell and there are fewer cells.

There is also a 30-ball model – an accelerated version of the game. The ticket has 9 numbers with 3 rows and 3 columns.

Why online Bingo?

Bingo has undergone many changes but this didn’t affect anything other than the transition from ground-based bingo halls to an online game. Even if you’re a fan of classic bingo games with printed cards, you should try to play free bingo online. There are several obvious reasons for this.

Firstly, you can play at any time of the day – online bingo games are available 24/7. If you have a very busy schedule, it’s hard to find a few hours for your favorite entertainment. But online, you can relax even during your lunch break.

You can play at any convenient place without being dependent on a casino and a bingo hall. Also, it makes no sense to spend time on a trip, if you’re going to play no more than half an hour. Play Bingo online when you’re stuck in a jam, or when you have to wait for something. Thus, the forced break will be really useful.

Secondly, emotional comfort is very important. Playing at your PC, you don’t need to think about ethics rules and other people. The main thing is not to violate the rules of the game. You can start the drums and enjoy delicious food and drink, for which you don’t have to pay large sums. Big advantage, right?

You can play using several cards at once. Moreover, the numbers are automatically marked on the cards. It’s much more convenient than desperately follow the numbers for fear of missing at least one.

And most importantly, you can play free bingo games – no download, no registration is required.

Is it free?

Fans of gambling are used to paying for every spin. But yes, you can play free bingo games for fun and without any deposit – it’s true!
Keep in mind that even if you play a free game, you still have to “buy” a bingo card. But don’t worry! Nothing is required of you in the free game. After that, the fun begins.

Free bingo games are no different from playing for real money. You just enjoy your game without losing anything. Taking risk is good, but isn’t a calm and relaxing game any better?

Free games are a great opportunity to try a lot of machines and choose the one you like the most.

Perhaps free Bingo is the least scary game in the modern online gaming market. This is the perfect start in the gambling world. Free bingo games can always offer you a safe and convenient way to join the world of online betting.


📌 Where can I play bingo online for free?

Right here! We will provide you the links with the best free bingo offers. Some of them may demand registration, some games you can play right now. They have a different system of balls – choose which one you like more. They’re all different, but they’re all cool and free.

📌 How to play bingo online for free?

To get started, choose a website with free bingo games (it may require registration). The rules of online bingo are almost no different from the usual live game. The main difference is that you play against the casino. You’ll get a card for playing bingo – if you don’t like it, you can choose any other card – and you need to fill it out. Your winnings will depend on how quickly all numbers on your card will be marked. Thus, the faster the numbers you need fall out, the more you will get.

📌 Which are free US bingo sites?

The success of the game depends on the choice of gaming platform. We’ve compiled a list of reliable websites offering bingo games that will provide you with a safe and honest game. Check them out right now! It doesn’t matter for what reason you decide to play Bingo – these sites will always help you enjoy this thrilling game.

📌 How to download free bingo?

You can choose an online casino from our list of all Android and iOS casinos on our website. We offer you to visit the most well-trusted and reputable online casinos with the free bingo games. Go to our affiliate link and download all bingo games for free to your mobile device.

There was a farmer who had a dog and B...oh wait; this is about a different kind of bingo. As catchy as that song might be, this page is about betting on bingo games online and how it can be done legally at many sites across the world. While there are bingo games that come as sub-sections to online casinos, there are actually sites primarily dedicated to legal online bingo as well. Legal online bingo rooms are not too hard to find when you know where to look.


One of the best parts about betting bingo online is the fact that American bettors are able to do so. There are offshore bingo sites accepting USA players for real-money wagering on many types of bingo games. In truth, knows for a fact that there are several that you didn't even know existed, but once you see how they are played you just might be hooked and want to try them out. By the time you are finished reading, you will know where to find all of the best legal U.S. online bingo sites.

Is It Legal To Play Internet Bingo In The U.S.?

Real-money bingo sites cannot operate in the United States in just about every state. There are a few states that do offer legal online gambling, including bingo, but these are few and far between (though it seems one or two more join the movement each legislative year).

Other than this new development, though, online bingo sites legal for USA bettors operate outside of the U.S. The Wire Act (1961) and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA, 2006) are the U.S. federal laws preventing online gambling sites based in the U.S. from accepting and dealing with out-of-state customers, so many American bingo players choose to simply avoid the domestic legal issues related to online gaming and sign up with overseas bingo operators. These companies are not bound by U.S. laws, and they can thus legally accept American bingo players for real-money gaming over the Internet.

What's The Age To Play Bingo Online For Money?

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In most cases, despite the fact that online bingo can be played legally and the sites operate offshore, the legal betting age in a player's state will still apply. Bingo sites offering real-money betting will stipulate a gambling age on site, which is usually 18. Bettors will have to be at least the minimum betting age required by the site, even if they want to play for fun.

If a bingo site says that they defer to a state's betting age in addition to the age on site, then users must meet the required age to gamble online in their state. Some legal online bingo websites can opt not to use state ages at all though, it's really up to them.

Best Online Bingo Rooms That Are Legal

Legal bingo sites aren't as common as online casinos or poker rooms, but there are some good ones that can be found. Below you can read about our top-rated legal bingo site that features a ton of great stuff. While you can find several different bingo sites (and while some sportsbooks and casino sites offer pretty decent bingo products and are definitely worth your while if you enjoy the pastime), Downtown Bingo is the best “all bingo, all the time” website there is.

Downtown Bingo - The Best Online Bingo Room That Welcomes Americans Period!

It is hard to top Downtown Bingo when it comes to legal online bingo rooms. There are 75, 80, and 90-ball bingo games for players to choose from. There are games with guaranteed cash, huge jackpots, and even rooms that you can enter and participate in the action for just 5 cents! The fun just keeps on rolling at Downtown Bingo. You can purchase cards for as little as $0.05, and you can even customize your own bingo card. The first personalized card is on the house, and you can use it for any 75-ball bingo game.

You will first need to make a deposit in order to start playing bingo for real cash. At Downtown Bingo, you can make a deposit with Visa, MasterCard, bank wire, or check. Lately, however, the most popular Downtown Bingo deposit method is actually Bitcoin. Regardless of the method you choose, the deposit minimum is $25, and new players may deposit up to $100 per day. Once you have started to play in the online bingo room, however, you can email the cashier about increasing your limit.

All of the top legal bingo sites offer bonuses and prizes to new players, and Downtown Bingo has more of these than any other provider. When you sign up at the site, you can redeem a welcome bonus that will give you $25 (with no deposit required!) and then up to 300% in universal bonuses on your first daily deposits, with different perks available every day of the week. Downtown Bingo is one of the best legal U.S. online bingo sites! Join now, grab your bonus, and start playing real bingo for real money, legally and safely, right over the Internet. You can even use your iPhone or Android phone to play at Downtown Bingo, so you can take the world’s best bingo hall with you wherever you go!

Laws Related To Playing Online Bingo In The United States

UIGEA of 2006

As we explained up above on this page, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) covers all financial institutions in the U.S. as they pertain to funding online gaming accounts and receiving payouts therefrom. The law does not forbid gambling online from the point of view of the player, though. What the UIGEA does do is prevent monetary transactions for bets being processed by your chosen bingo site. Of course, the law doesn’t actually apply to offshore gambling operators or individual gamblers at all, which means there are plenty of legal workarounds.

This is what leaves room for bettors to legally wager. For those who might question how playing bingo can be done legally while it's not legal to operate in the U.S., this is your answer. Offshore bingo websites are not under federal jurisdiction, and if they want to accept American bettors, then those players are free to sign up and open accounts.

Online Bingo FAQs

Can I Really Win Money?

You will need to visit the cashier page and request a payout. Legal online bingo rooms have a couple of payout methods for USA players to choose from. You can have a check mailed to your front door or opt for money orders via MoneyGram or Western Union. Some sites will also allow you to withdraw your funds via prepaid cards or bank wire transfers. However, all the top bingo sites accept Bitcoin for both payouts and withdrawals, and this is quickly becoming the gambling public’s most popular method of cashing out. You can visit your preferred bingo site to see the current payout options for more information.

Is Bingo The Only Game I Can Play?

Legal bingo sites focus on bingo but there are still plenty of other games to play. In addition to their legal online bingo rooms, you will also find a selection of slots, video poker, and table games. Sites like Downtown Bingo have games for all types of players looking to win cash.

How Do I Withdraw Cash Prizes?

You will need to visit the cashier page and request a payout. Legal online bingo rooms have a couple of payout methods for USA players to choose from. You can have a check mailed to your front door or opt MoneyGram or Western Union. Some sites will also allow you to withdraw your funds via prepaid card or bank wire. You can visit your preferred bingo site to see the current payout options.

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What Is A Sign Up Bonus?

People Playing Bingo In Facebook Groups For Real Money 2020

Legal US online bingo sites will often offer sign-up bonuses that will match your initial deposit by a certain percentage. For example, at Downtown Bingo, you can get your first deposit matched by 500%, your second deposit matched by 600%, and your third deposit matched by 400%. Sign-up bonuses are a way for legal betting sites to show their customers that they are valued. You get more money to play with in your account, which means more chances to win money!

If I Have Never Played Bingo, Should I Still Join A Site?

People Playing Bingo In Facebook Groups For Real Money

You should still join because bingo is a relatively easy game to learn. The great part about legal betting sites for bingo is that they have customer representatives that are always willing to show new players the ropes. There are also community chat rooms that are helpful when you want to learn how to play bingo for real money.