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Quite often poker beginners face the problem when downloading the PokerStars app up to a certain time they have to play for play money chips only. But one day they realize that the game for play money chips isn't as fascinating as the game for real money. But within the PokerStars software they can't find how to switch to the real money mode. That's why they start bombarding Internet with queries like 'PokerStars: how to switch to the real money mode?'.

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This article was specially written for such players.

You should consider that you can't simply switch to the real money mode in PokerStars: first you're to complete several steps.

Transfer from to real money games

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Many novice poker players ask one question: 'which PokerStars is for real money'. This question arises because marketing team can not promote real money poker games everywhere, so the have created a web site for play money only and called it You can download the software there and join the real players from all over the world, who keen on playing for fun. But some day you will understand that you need real surge of adrenaline. And for this reason, you somehow have to create real money PokerStars account.

Play real money pokerstars app online

You are not allowed to play for real money in PokerStars because you've registered your account on, which implies that the game will be for play money chips only. In order to start playing for real money in PokerStars, you need to create a new playing account on

Play Real Money Pokerstars App Online

PokerStars real money not allowed - what to do

A new account should be registered with the help of the device (computer/telephone/tablet) that hasn't been previously used for PokerStars gaming clients. Otherwise you won't be able to play for real money.

1. In order to register an account for the real money game in PokerStars go to the website following the special link.

2. Create a new account.

3. When creating a new account use the PokerStars marketing code = psp19423

Your new PokerStars account can now be used for both real and play money games.

In case you've created an account in PokerStars from the mobile app, read the article 'How to enter the marketing code when registering via the mobile phone'

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Poker network: Independent
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PokerStars is a brand known to almost everyone, including people who don't play and/or have never played poker at all. For many poker enthusiasts PokerStars is the synonym of online poker. It is not surprising, because PokerStars holds the lead in online poker industry for more than 10 years already (confirmed by Wikipedia) - this poker site is number one in the world in terms of player’s traffic at cash tables, multi-table tournaments, software quality, safety, efficiency, competence of support service... This list may go into infinity. This is also closely connected with the fact that for the whole period of activities of the poker room it was represented by the most prominent people not only in poker (Daniel Negreanu, Jason Mercier, Chris Moneymaker), but also in the sport (Andrey Shevchenko, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Rafael Nadal, etc.).

You will know in this article:

  • Where to download PokerStars installation file to your desktop (PC/laptop)
  • Advantages of this poker room and information of the new poker client PokerStars 7
  • How to download PokerStars real money client to your PC in English

Where to download PokerStars app to the desktop

Online poker and the most famous of his variations - Texas Hold’em - has become the most popular card game in the world. This is closely connected with the fact that the game is available for everyone - you just need to have an Internet connection and some will to compete with other fans of this game - common people, just like you. Nevertheless, some users still have questions like “Where to download PokerStars” or “PokerStars com client how to download”.

Play real money on pokerstars app

There's nothing fancy here. As in the vast majority of poker room to install the PokerStars client on your PC, you need to download a special installer (pokerstarsinstall.exe) and install the poker software on your computer or laptop. Using this software you will be able to play poker both for real money and for free.

You can download English version of PokerStars client for free on the official web site following the link below.

PokerStars com download the client in English

As we’ve mentioned earlier, English version of Poker Stars client can be downloaded absolutely free. One is able to download PokerStars in English form any country. The installation file is called pokerstars.exe and it is common for all the web sites. Regardless of which site you go to try to download the client for free: PokerStars au, PokerStars com, PokerStars eu, PokerStars uk etc.

As most of the users online use Windows OS, it is obvious you will be able to download Poker Stars for Windows. PokerStars app for desktop is optimized for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 etc.

You can download full and the latest version of PokerStars in English, Deutsche etc. for free from the official web site. It is easy and everyone can do it between one breath and another:

  1. Head over to the official web site of PokerStars following this special link
  2. On the opened page, click in the green button “Download & Play now”:

After that you will have to wait for downloading process to end and launch PokerStars installation file.

How to install real money PokerStars client for PC in English

If you have an account, all you have to do is enter login and password in order to get an access to the functional. If you don’t have an account, you have to create it. Don’t forget to enter the PokerStars marketing code = psp19423 in order to get an access to exclusive promotions.

Is you’ve downloaded and installed the software in some other language, just change it in the settings to English. You can read our article on how to change the language at PokerStars settings.

Download PokerStars in some other language

As you’ve probably realized, the English version of an downloadable PokerStars client for PC is not the only one in this huge poker room. In reality, one is able to download Poker Stars software in more than 30 languages of the world, including Russian, German, Chinese etc.

PokerStars 7

In 2015, poker room management decided to update flawless client. In result, the interface of the poker room started to look closer to the modern standards and of better quality. Moreover, the lobby is very comfortable and user-friendly: you will be able to easily find what you need.

Table interface was also changed.

New filters were added, as well as settings and software performance. Currently you are able to download only new PokerStars 7 client. The old client PokerStars 6 isn’t available for download anymore.

Without any doubt, PokerStars client is some sort of quality and reliability standard every online poker room aims for.

PokerStars downloadable desktop client - advantages

Nobody can deny the obvious fact: PokerStars offers the widest selection of cash tables and tournaments (with new tournament beginning every second). Among the variations are Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Draw Poker, Mixes Games, Badugi etc.

Download PokerStars, sign up with marketing code = psp19423 and you will receive:

  • Access to the widest selection of tournaments and cash tables at top-notch software
  • Opportunity to study in free school PokerStars and receive studying bonus of $33
  • Opportunity to receive $20 momentarily for the deposit of $10 or more
  • Access to private freerolls with total prize pool of more than $10.000

Also don’t forget that you can download PokerStars for Android and download PokerStars for iPhone as the developers worked hard and released special mobile versions of the software. This was made for players to join the biggest poker players community in any place of the world. The gaming process is close to the one in desktop/laptop version of software.

Downloadable version of PokerStars - FAQ

Why can’t I download PokerStars?

Pokerstars Play Money Games

There could be plenty of reasons for that. We can only recommend you to clear cookies in your browser and try to repeat the try using this link.

Can I download PokerStars via torrent?

We recommend you not to do that as in this case you are able to become the victim of the fraud. You’d better download PokerStars from the official web site (link above). In that case, you will get 100% guarantee your money will be safe.

I have downloaded the client but I can only play for Play money. What should I do?

Play Real Money Pokerstars App Free

You probably didn’t follow our advice entirely and downloaded PokerStars play money app. We redirect you to the article “PokerStars: how to switch to the real money mode from play money chips games?”

How to download PokerStars in Cyprus?

Playing online poker for real money is illegal in Cyprus, that is why the official web site of PokerStars may be clocked by your Internet provider. So if you wish to start playing poker for real money on PokerStars, you will have to use any VPN tool (for instance, HideMyName or Opera web browser with VPN option activated in it) to download the gaming client. After that you will manage to install it on your PC and launch with no VPN required.


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  • Web Site:PokerStars
  • Poker network: Independent
  • Name: PokerStars
  • Established: 2001
  • Location: Isle of Man
  • Currency: United States dollar, Euro
  • VIP Program: Up to 30%
  • Rake system: Weight contributed
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