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  1. You can also use the bonuses to test strategies before playing with real money. Know your odds: Learn the different types of roulette bets’ odds as they will help you form your strategy as you play. Play variants with a lower house edge: Some roulette variants like the American roulette have a higher house edge than the European roulette.
  2. Immediate Bonus Chips. This is a simulation and NOT a real money paying game. Game Features:. Offline European and American Roulette simulator. Easy to switch between single zero & double zero roulettes from Settings. Join Live Multiplayer Tables and Play Tournament Challenges world wide with thousands of roulette players.
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If you're looking for online roulette real money sites, there are plenty of these available online. Here are a few examples of these kinds of sites. That way, you can choose between the top three and try them out.

#1 Bovada

Whether you want to practice before playing real money roulette, or just enjoy playing for fun, free online roulette is a great way to become part of the action.You’ll find both classic. The best roulette game to play for real money varies depending on your personal preferences. Some players enjoy classic versions of European and French roulette. Others enjoy innovative variants, such as Mini Roulette or Monopoly Roulette. We have collated the best roulette real money games for your perusal.

The first place you can play roulette online for real money is on Bovada. This is an online roulette game real money is involved in it. It's a good choice for people from the USA.

The reason for this is that there’s a number of different options at Bovada. For example, you can try sports options in between all of your casino options. They have a live dealer as well.

The site is easy to use, and it has an appeal to it. There are a number of revolving pictures right on the main site so that you know what events are currently available. This includes different roulette options and special events.

This is likely the best option for your first stop on your journey to find the site that works for you personally the best. You can make some real money here, so it's worth checking out.

#2 Ignition Casino

Another excellent option for an online roulette for real money is at Ignition. There are a number of roulette options here, and you can get up to a thousand dollars for signing up. They also have live dealers as well.

Some of the most popular casino games available include options like 'A Night with Cleo', the '777 Deluxe' as well as a number of others. If you want something more exotic they even have Baccarat.

In the event that you want to do something in addition to roulette, there are some poker options. You can look through the site to find details like their top table games and special poker features. There are anonymous tables, tournaments, and other options available here.

One particularly interesting feature on the site is that they have progressive jackpots. This means that the money goes up and up until someone wins it. And someone needs to win it eventually. That someone could absolutely be you.
Examples of jackpots like this on the site include the Shopping Spree game, Bulletproof Babes, Dragons, Fruit Frenzy, Rain Dance, and others. It’s worth a shot to try these games out since many of them are highly colorful and could both be fun to play and make you some real money online.

Planet 7 Casino

This online casino is full of big online roulette signup bonuses where you can earn online money in real life. There are special codes on the site, so it's worth paying attention to these when you do roulette sign up in order to get as much as you can. It's a real choice to play online roulette for real money.

It’s quite a colorful site, with many beautiful drawings of fairies, aliens, and other fanciful depictions. This means that you can enjoy yourself while you win. Games on the site include the Diamond Mine and Diamond Mine Deluxe, Jazz Time, Paydirt!, Rudolph's Revenge, Lion's Lair, Aztec's Treasure, Food Fight, Sevens and Stripes and others.

Each of these options has real online money jackpots. Many of them are as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars. The site has an easy to use interface, and you can sign up with one click. It’s easy to both deposit and withdraws on the site, and they have real, live customer support.

There are also a number of safe and secure measures to make sure your money remains with you, just like all of these top three sites.

Overall, you’ll be in good hands with any of these top three sites. The key is to just dive in and try them out. You'll find that they are some of the best roulette options in the USA where you can play roulette online for real money.

Roulette is the ultimate betting experience at any online casino. We know just how much players love the clattering sound of the ball and the satisfaction when it lands on just the right number. As such, our roulette section is jam-packed with all of your favourite roulette forms. We cater to new players as much as veterans who have years of experience under their belts. From classic to modern, mobile, to live, if you want to play roulette, then take a look at our incredible range.


Enjoy every exciting form of online roulette

Roulette is a French word that means little wheel and the game was invented in 18th century France. It was an instant hit that has since evolved to fill casino halls all over the planet. There is now a wide variety of roulette games available to spin. Here at RajBet, we bring all of the most popular variants together into one convenient roulette casino. Browse our range, where you can find your preferred roulette game online, such as:

Play roulette real money
  • European Roulette is one of the original forms and offers great odds. The numbers on a European Roulette wheel go from 0 to 36, providing single number odds of 1 in 37.
  • American Roulette differs slightly from its European counterpart in that it also has an extra 00 pocket. American Roulette wheels offer odds of 1 in 38 for single number bets.
  • French Roulette shares many similarities with European Roulette, with one key difference. Should the ball land on the 0 pocket, players win half their money back thanks to the La Partage rule.
  • Live Roulette is just like visiting a physical casino thanks to the games being hosted by live dealers, and full of other players. Live online roulette is streamed in HD to perfectly capture the live roulette experience.
  • Roulette with track has a unique section on the table that looks like an oval race track. Players are able to make bets on this special track if they so choose, adding a fun new dimension to the roulette gaming.

When it comes time to play roulette online India, all of our games are optimised for mobile devices. This means wherever you are, our fabulous tables are ready for top-quality roulette gambling at any time. The choice is in your hands.

Roulette – a simple game that is full of surprises

One of roulette's key attractions is its simple gameplay and wealth of betting opportunities. If you haven't played before, you might be wondering how to win at roulette. One reason for roulette’s popularity is its simplicity. All you need to do is place a bet on what you think the result of the next spin will be. The only tricky part is deciding which type of wager to place. Online roulette betting options are split into two types – inside bets and outside bets.

Inside bets include:

  • Single /Straight Up – a bet on one single number. This type of bet offers the greatest rewards.
  • Split – a bet on two numbers which are next to each other on the board.
  • Street – a bet on three numbers in one row.
  • Quarter/Corner – a bet on four different numbers in a square formation.
  • Six Line – two adjacent rows combined into one bet.

Outside bets:

  • Red/Black - bet on whether the number will be red or black.
  • Odd/Even - betting on whether the result will be an odd or even number.
  • High/Low – players bet on a group of numbers, either 1 to 18 or 19 to 36.
  • Dozens – this is a bet on a group of 12 numbers, also called 12s.
  • Column – bet on a whole column of 12 numbers.

You may come across different betting options with other forms of online roulette. One example is Top Line bets in American Roulette or Lightning Roulette. The great news is that roulette can be played for free without needing to place real wagers. In this way, you can become familiar with all of the rules and feel confident when live betting

Online Roulette Real Money

Develop your roulette betting strategy

Online roulette is a game of pure chance. However, many players choose to form their own strategies when it comes to betting. No strategy will allow you to win roulette every spin of course, but they can help improve your overall experience when you play.

Play Roulette Online Real Money Usa

The number one betting strategy is to play within your bankroll limit. Online roulette is ideal for this since you have total control over how much is staked on each spin. While no one knows where the ball will land, there are a few popular betting strategies you could experiment with. Two of the most popular are the Martingale Betting System and the d'Alembert System.

If you simply want to make bets which offer the best odds stick to Red/Black, Low/High, or Even/Odd bets. These wagers typically provide 1 to 1 payouts and are perfect for beginners to build their confidence with.


How to play roulette?

Playing online roulette games is straightforward, fun, and easy. The first step is to find the type you would like, such as American Roulette, European Roulette, and so on. When joining a table, make sure to pay attention to the minimum and maximum betting limits. Find the bet type you would like to make, and good luck!

Is roulette legal in India?

Play Roulette Real Money

There are no laws against online roulette real money India betting as long as the casino is located outside the country. Physical casinos in India are forbidden, but the law allows gamblers to play online roulette for real money in India hosted by offshore casinos.

How to win in roulette?

As long as the ball lands in the pocket that you have bet on, you have a winner! To help increase your enjoyment, and possibly your winning chances then you can develop a betting strategy. Decide if you wish to place riskier, higher reward bets such as singles. Or, safer, less rewarding bets like Red/Black. Be sure to take advantage of the bonuses we offer at which can add an edge to your playing. It is possible to create a betting system but keep in mind that roulette is a game of pure chance.

What is the best bet in roulette?

The best online roulette bet comes down to personal preference and betting style. The great thing about the roulette game is that it allows a fantastic range of bets. From almost 50/50 bets such as red or black, up to 36 to 1 odds from single bets, players have a fantastic range of gambling opportunities.