Print Money Is Real

So ya guys, let's print some real money already! Works on almost everyone!!! I was a student with a huge debt before i saw this genuis method that was so si. The Fed doesn’t need to print more currency to do that; it can simply happen electronically, as the banks are credited with more money in the accounts they keep with the Federal Reserve.

Print money is real meaning

Imagine for a moment that you could print your own money out of thin air, starting with little or no money at all and then ending up with a significant amount of money. Well, most people would tell you this is impossible and illegal. To the average person, counterfeiting or fraud are among the few ways of creating money and getting away with it. Most of us have for long bought into the idea that we need money to make money, particularly in business, I hope this post will help reframe that idea.

There are two ways one could print money; one is illegal and involves counterfeiting and other fraudulent means, and often results in jail time. I think people who make money this way lack creativity and sophistication. The other way to print your own money is legal, and can be done with the assistance of the government and/or your bank manager. There are several rules and policies in place that allow smart people to take full advantage of the financial system. We’ll look into a few strategies and tactics one could apply to legally “print money” and be rewarded for it in the process.


A way to generate money is through creating derivatives; here is a traditional model and example of how derivatives work. If you buy 50k’s worth of a public company’s stock and that stock puts 1k into your pockets every month through dividends, while the stock maintains or increases in value, you have created a financial derivative for yourself from your initial 50k investment. In this case, your 50k has the potential to create 12k in annual income.
As “expensive” as this model may appear, the same model can be applied on a smaller scale, with potentially higher returns. For example; let’s say you come up with a solution to a common problem (such as a formula that could cure cancer) then invest some time and energy finding investors, resources or partners (other peoples time and money) to have your solution produced, marketed, delivered and legally protected. Once your solution is packaged and delivered at a price, you have in effect printed money out of thin air.

So if you can move from conceiving an idea to having it delivered to someone willing to trade money for it, at zero or little financial cost to you, you’ve created a derivative of your intellectual and creative thinking capacity. Creating derivatives without initial capital investment is a relatively simple process, but I promise you it isn’t easy. If it was, there would be millionaires in every corner, but as you know this isn’t the case.

One of the major reasons most find this concept of making money out of thin air a bit difficult to understand and apply is because we really don’t know much about money or what it is. We weren’t taught much about it at school, except for things such as accounting which merely shows you how to count it, and economics which basically studies its behaviors. And we most defiantly weren’t taught a thing about it at home, except how evil or scary it is.
Ultimately, money is knowledge. Because with the right knowledge, one knows how to buy the right stocks with little or even no money at all then sell them at a profit. With financial knowledge, one can come up with solutions, and then use other people’s money to legally protect, manufacture and sell the solution to millions of people. So with the right knowledge you can print your own money. Take caution though, printing your own money, may be simple but it is not easy.

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