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Top money earning games in India is now the main part of the game lovers. Money earning games with mobile apps are now a huge rumor trends. It is so easy to earn money by playing mobile games. This free money earning games are the most preferable place to earn money on your play and entertainment. is not it?

Money Earning Games in India 2021

Here in this article I am going to enhance you the top money earning games in India 2021. You will able to earn some money with your mobile by playing a game. This money earning games in India 2021 are the best way to earn money for the mobile game lovers.

If you are looking for an app where you can earn money playing games, then you have come to the right place! A while ago, I was just browsing the App Store when a particular app caught my eye. GAMEE - Play games, WIN REAL CASH! On the surface this. Qeeda game is a quiz and puzzle-based gaming app. Users can participate and earn real money on Qeeda. Every user who play Qeeda, always earns real money or qeeda coins. Qeeda Game App is giving Rs.10 Sign Up Bonus which you can use by playing the game and you can earn more. Download Qeeda App. First of all, Download Qeeda App From Above Link. Qeeda game is quiz and puzzle based gaming app. Users can participate and earn real money on Qeeda. Every user who play Qeeda, always earn real money or qeeda coins. On win, user get real money and on lost, user get qeeda coins. Qeeda coins are equals to real money but user can use it only for shopping while real money.

In this way it is most preferable to say that there are no limit of the mobile game lovers in India as well as for the whole world. So in this mean time why they are not earning some good money with their games. So in this era I will guide you for the money earning games for my friends and family.

Let’s start the journey for the money earning games in India 2021 to eye on the earnings with entertainment.

Here the most top money earning games in India 2021. Play to earn money with simple playing the game as you are playing the one now without money. It will provide the pleasure as well as money towards your mobile game.

is not a crazy money earning system for you??


Qeeda Game Play And Earn Real Money Apps


Top Money Earning Games in India 2021

Top money earning games with high earning to the minimum earning station has been listed:

1. Rummy Circle

This game is so popular among all over the world. This trendy game provides the most lucrative earning system for the youngstars with referral bonus up to Rs.5000/ per refer.

One of the best thing here you will get the most appropriate earning manner with this game app is “Deal of the Day”. This port will help you to get the most earning points for your gaming. These points are nothing other than money numbers. After getting the points one can get converted it to real money.

One can get the sign up bonus od Rs.2000/ (Two Thousands) right! And you can use them for the playing purposes and it helps you to get boost the money earning gaming tricks.

2. Ludo by Paytm First games

Now in the right manner COVID-19 enhances to all of us to stay at home. In this time all of us want to spend time with playing on mobile. is not it!! So the trendy gamed in all age basics innovate to Ludo. This Ludo now is a trending game on the nation.

This is most and preferable most popularity game in in India as known for Paytm Cash Games. This game comes with opportunities on earning Paytm cash as well in every moment to paly with it.

Paytm Cash Games provides the signup bonus of Rs.50 for Paytm uses. The company argues that the game app is 100% secure from the side of Paytm.

3. Qrumble Box

Qrumble Box ia a quizzing game. It will be played with two friends and more. The challenging game port provides the opportunities to challenge your friends and earn money as well.

This Qrumble Box app also provides sign up bonus of Rs.10 per referral. This marketed by trivia game portal. So you need not to hope the fake of gaming with earning money.

This best game provides the facilities to select your favorite topic including Bollywood, Cricket, League as well to attract the friends to your game and earn money with them.

4. Carrom Clash

It is the best time for the carrom lovers to earn money with playing carrom. This Carrom cash is the one stop solution for your talent on carrom. Tis dis the solid user friendly apps to play carrom and earn money with friends.

You can take part with any tournament from the worldwide. Where the friends it is no matter, but you have to play with them and earn Paytm cash as well.

5. MPL – Mobile Premier League

MPL – Mobile premier league is the most used gaming apps in INDIA. This offers the most easy ways like 50+ paytm money earning games. You will be able to earn money with paytm cash.

6. Winzy

Winzy helps to play quizzes, trivia and flash play to win cash prizes, discount coupons, mobile phones, electronics and lot more. It provides the most impact parts which discussed below with main points to know more.


The trivia quiz is brimming with questions which will challenge your general knowledge. It asks the tricky questions on the various fields ranging from sports, history, science and many more.

Flash Play

This flash play comes with wonderful special events and win amazing prizes at your litle efforts.


You will able to earn coins for free with daily check-ins and participate in fun and amazing events. These coins are most useful for the product purchasing from Winzy.


It shows the top of the leaderboard. So you will not worries on about points on leaderboard. You will get points on rewards from which you can redeem coupons from the partner brands.


Winz provides real Paytm cash from its prize pool.

Game playing format: Quiz, Flash play

Payment interface: Paytm

Minimum payout: Rs. 250/-

7. MiniJoy Pro

MiniJoy is providing play games for free to win bonus. You can get all your favourite games here. And also tells the complete in the games to win rewards. It prrovides pro version to reedem joy to cash.

By coming through on about MiniJoy, it is a casual games platform. One can get a chance to play games like pool with your friends and other players. Let’s join the contest and win bonus everyday.

If anyone unsatisfied on the games in any circumstances, he/she can cancel the orderat any time. You will get refund within 30 business days from your cancelation.

8. Ludo Supreme

Ludo supreme is a game with earn money style by inviting your friends and family to play with together. It is a timestamp manner game with 10 minutes. Highest score is the large emphasis on the game. Who wins with more score it will choose the player.

About going to its depth of this money earning game, Ludo supreme is sertified dice game by RNG, iTech Labs. This thrilling with 10 minutes game.

By coming to the features on the Ludo supreme, you can get the opportunities:

  1. Best Rummy And Poker Experience
  2. Best Promotions
  3. 100% safe and secure
  4. 24/7 Tournament
  5. Verified Game
  6. 10 Minutes time-stamp
  7. Fastest withdrawals

You can start your game now with simple step by step at <Link>

9. Step Set Go (SSG)

Step set go makes every step count. It provides the opportunities on making fitness fun as well as rewarding. Step set go is so easy to work with in smoothly. It is so easy to shopping with rewards on every purchasing. In every 1000 steps you take rewards with SSG(Step Set Go) coin.

The rewarded SSG coins can be collected over time to claim products and discounts in app bazaar. Walk your way to a better health and amazing rewards tracking your daily steps, distance and salaries.

It comes with a slogan The more you walk, the fitter you become, the bigger the rewards are.

Redeem coins: Apps bazaar

Per say income: up to 23 coins

Qeeda Game Play And Earn Real Money Online

10. KhelPlay Rummy

Khel Play Rummy is the premium website to play Indian rummy online to win the cash. Traditional rummy card game is a fun filled game. Here ages has been a great source of entertainment within friends and family.

Now playing rummy at home with a physical pack of cards is now passe. Khel play rummy brings to you the digital versions of the traditional 13 cards. As well as it provides 21 cards. Indian rummy that can be played with desktop/laptop/tablet.

Khel play provides easy deposits option online when you choose to play online rummy with cash. It also provides the app option to deposit cash for playing rummy.

Withdrawal threshold: Rs. 200 to Rs. 10000

Payment method: Direct deposit/cheque transfer

11. Bulb Smash

Bulb smash is one of the most played games of 2021. Most of us like to shoot and break light bulb, Yes/No. Perhaps major granted me to say, yes. If your answer is also one with me , this bulb smash is a good fit for you.

This bulb smash is a real light bulb shooting app for shooting game lovers like me. You have to break the light bulb within timer by he help of slingshot.

They are not easy to break as they look to shoot. Let’s care to give one a try to play and win. There are seven reason to play in their games like funny, bulls eye, brick bod, budge up, Spartan, explode, revolution.

Payment method: Paytm

Play And Earn Money

12. Pocket Money

Pocket money, the name is enough. It takes control of your finance today. A powerful yet easy to use personal finance. Pocket money let’s you track your income and expense, your cash flow, understand your net worth.

Pocket money gives you everything you need to easily and efficiently organize your finance from the comfort and convenience of your iPhone and iPod. This game is a must trusted with your handy manner.

By the help of pocket money one can manage any kind of account, banks, credit cards, bit coin, PayPal, pension, investments, business accounts, joint accounts.

13. Qureka

Qureka is one wonderful playing game. The questions are very standard and informative. I love playing Qureka and the format if follows to play. It is also so friendly.

Qureka is India’s top live trivia game show. It is a fun based trivia destination game. Here you can play live quiz show and other quiz contests on over 25 categories in just for free.

Qureka features quizzes in every hour from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. So one can play at their preferable time. It comes with different quiz formats like back to school, memory quiz etc.

Type of earning: Paly and win, refer

Payment system: in-and-in virtual currency

Minimum payout: Rs. 250/- (approx)

14. Fan Fight

Fantasy sport has been an absolute revolution in India. Over 21 Million people are a part of this bandwagon. This number increases gradually day by day.

FanFight thrives on giving users the best possible fantasy cricket experience. This is fully secure, its easy to use and transaction on it happen at a lightening quick speed.

Fantasy cricket gives you an opportunity to win money and that’s a major reason for users to stick around it. The pre-requisite for this would be a little knowledge about the game.

Game categories: Cricket(New), Kabaddi, Football, Basketball, Baseball

Minimum payout: Rs. 250/- (average)

15. Pocket League

Among the best games Pocket League is one of them in India. It is a best gaming platform for casual games. You can play this games with your skill based. This casual games absolutely free of cost.

Pocket League is completely free platform. It never asks to spend money towards playing games. The platform having apps with many existing features as well to boost the game.

Here in Pocket League games like Cricket clash, Twist jump, Blocks and Snakes. It also comes with jump-jump, high way driver 3D,Crushing Candies.

Category: Free casual game

Publish Date: 15/X/2019

Qeeda game play and earn real money online, free to get started

16. Ludo Circle

This Ludo Circle moves you through challenge and hope, fun and emotion. A circle of time and skill what are we are waiting for? It comes with many attractive rewards.

It is not an easy to win game, not hard also for me and you if you have tricks. It demands skill and forward your thinking to choose down your rival come face-to-face with your opponents and taste the reality feeling.

If you think it is easy to win credits, you are in mistaken.

Minimum payout: Rs.50/-

Payment method Paytm

17. Zupee Gold

Earn money by playing Zupee Gold. and win real money by answering simple questions. But these simple questions have the time limit within 60 Seconds. One can eligible to answer the questions in just one minute.

Zupee Gold not only a game for earning money but also improves knowledge. The competition here is amazing. Knowledge and real cash in minimum possible time.

Minimum payout: Rs. 250/-

Payment system: Paytm

18. Loco

The live trivia game Loco is a game show app. Loco comes with interactive trivia game show. It provides users to answer 10 multiple choice questions and win money in real time.

One can get to play different types of games in this platform. The most popular games are available in this gaming zone. You should read the privacy with many terms and conditions to play.

Now it is the most played e-sporting game zone. This gaming app wants to ride the wave to make a big impact in e-sports. You will feel the reality within game.

19. GameGully

GameGully Indian game app is best for playing new games and earn Paytm cash. This is a simple and skill based game for earning money. An addictive game of memory and reflexes. Match the blast colored balls in this classic puzzle game.

GameGully comes with many attracted criteria like Zoom Racer, Knife Hit, Shape Swipe, Gully Runner, Jumpy-Jumbo. On the eve of war it provides street war, Bubble shooter etc.

In playing section it comes in with basket ball, Slingaum, Bowling strike. The shape swipes are the most attractive categories to play with it. The fun tower game also comes under fun stack.

Minimum payout: Rs. 200/-

Payment method: Paytm

20. Qeeda

Qeeda Game Play And Earn Real Money From Puppy Town

With Qeeda, one can shop, join contest and get the opportunities to play games to win cashback. It also provides deals coupon and shopping credits. When install, as soon as it will give you Rs. 10.

Qeeda coins can be used in “Qeeda Store” where one can purchase anything what he/she loves to buy. Just you need to choose your products in the shopping cart, then place the order. Order will be delivered within4 to 5 business day.

Qeeda is most played game n India. As they easily click the minimum level earn the most. One can play with it on their smartphone at anywhere and earn money easily. So it also most popular game among the college students as well.

Wrapped Up – Top Money Earning Games in India

We are more addicted with games as we are in the teen age or college students. Game gives the pleasure and some of them comes with knowledge based. Both are in the form of game.

Games are always good to play with friends as well as in single. Now it is very rapidly growing in the young-stars. Games are also the best way to spend time as well in tricky or knowledge.

Qaeda Game Play And Earn Real Money

The above discussed games are perfect and top level games by analysis. They are good in their ways as well. But we have to take which game is perfect for us. Free games are always welcome first.

If you have any most popular game please mention and we will dig it depth. Comments are welcome always from your side.

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