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Everyday, the world of video games is getting more professionalized, and more people appear choosing this option as a way to make a living. And it’s not only that the professional players of the big leagues make a lot of money, but that every time a larger group of amateurs, who do not compete at a great level, are finding a way to make money playing at video game.

Free video poker is fun, but nothing beats the thrill of winning cash when playing video poker games for real money. You can enjoy the best quality poker slots at our premium online casinos, while also taking advantage of bonuses to spice up your gameplay. Video games rarely pay you directly. However, you can win real money by playing in video game tournaments, farming out characters you’ve leveled up, or becoming a Twitch streamer. In one extreme case, superstar gamer Tyler Blevins, known as Ninja, has. Make Money Playing Video Games If you don’t like playing trivial games online then you can play video games on your PC or a console like PS4 or Xbox. Here you sign up with a website, download the software on your PC, select a game you want to play from the list and after achieving certain target you earn rewards or points.


This is possible because there are more and more companies involved, which have seen a business in this sector that they can exploit, and are investing their time and money to reach all the fans of the sector.

The first step, if you have decided to make a living playing videogames is to understand something, who will pay us to play and why? There must be a genuine interest on the part of someone to make our activity profitable.

Real Money Video Games

We have found 5 different ways to earn money with video games, and you will tell us which one suits you the most.

1. Promote games that are coming to the market

This is one of the most difficult ways to make money with video games, mainly because it depends on the influence you have in the videogame world.

The vast majority of people who make their living promoting games are famous youtubers and with communities of subscribers or very large fans, do you know like Vegetta777, Willyrex or El Rubius?

Normally the most leading videogame studios look for this type of people, give them access to their games and pay them to try them on their channels. Although there are also many small studies;) that bet on microinfluencers that do not have such large following communities but work the same.

When Real Money Games

Not only youtube, also those who have their own blog or website can join the advertiser company including links or ads to earn a commission for the sale.

2. Search for donations or monetize your gameplays

This way of making money with video games is connected to the phenomenon of streaming that is increasingly known and accepted by people around the world.

With platforms like and similar, more and more players are deciding to monetize their gameplays, asking for donations to fans who enjoy watching their videos and joining this type of platform. Which give a percentage of the profits to the player for sales and clicks on the advertising transmitted.

3. Betting on online gambling

Betting real money in games of chance, whether in online poker events, online casinos, gaming platforms, etc.

This is the riskiest and least recommended way we have found to make a living with video games, although after all the one that counts is worth it.

4. Winning virtual gold and exchange it for real money

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This is one of the slowest, safest and most accessible way for everyone since it mainly consists of collecting as many resources as possible and selling it to players who do not want to waste time on these types of tasks.

Mainly it is a way to make money that is made in games where the resources have great importance in the development and advancement of the players.

Real Money Video Games For Sale

As a main drawback, there is the fact that many developers do not see with good eyes that the players themselves exchange real money for resources in their games, and most punish these actions with the feared bans or permanent blocks to your account.

But attentive, there are games where these actions are not only allowed but they are regulated, where you can change real money for virtual and vice versa, that is, if it has not been clear, you can change your virtual money for real money. Some of these games are: Goldentowns, Exodus 3000 or Marketglory.

5. Selling precious items to other players

This way of earning money can be one of the easiest or most difficult to carry out, since in most games obtaining legendary or special items depends on luck. But there are also those where we ourselves can build our own equipment, this is where, if we manage to advance enough in the game to get valuable items and equipment, which not everyone has access to, we can sell them to the masses.

This type of items, which can vary from spells, weapons, armor, precious materials, clothing, shields, etc., can be found for sale both within the same games, as in platforms type E-Bay, Mercadolibre or also some pages of the Deep Web.

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We hope that this 5 tips to earning money trhough videogames without being a profesioal gamer help you. See you soon!!!