Real Money Wtih Dave Holland

Coming from an Edmonton Oilers point of view, BLH provides you with excerpts from the latest NHL news, rumors, and speculation from all of the internet’s best sites including Spector’s Hockey, The Fourth Period, NHL Trade Talk, The Hockey Writers, Sportsnet, The Athletic, TSN and more!

Holland Mortgage Advisors is a 100% referral-based company. We do not purchase lists from third-parties and we do not tele-market. We depend solely on our reputation for providing professional, quality service and superior product to generate confidence and referrals from other professionals in affiliated industries, such as Realtors, Attorneys, Insurance Agents and Financial Planners,. Holland now needs a like-minded, hard-to-play-against shutdown right D to replace Larsson. A trade makes more sense, like Buffalo’s Rasmus Ristolainen, 26, ($5.4 mil cap hit), great work ethic, is tired of losing, with the caveat he’s UFA next summer. Holland has checked in on the Finn who has.

From the Edmonton Sun (Jim Matheson)

Oilers Notes: With Larsson gone Ristolainen could be target
  • Holland now needs a like-minded, hard-to-play-against shutdown right D to replace Larsson.
  • A trade makes more sense, like Buffalo’s Rasmus Ristolainen, 26, ($5.4 mil cap hit), great work ethic, is tired of losing, with the caveat he’s UFA next summer. Holland has checked in on the Finn who has played 542 games; it would cost him a good prospect and a fairly good draft pick, most likely.
  • Or he could look at Colorado’s right-shot Erik Johnson, 33, who makes $6 million for two more years there but if the Avs would eat $2 million each year, that’s $4 million (Larsson) out and $4 mil.
  • If they are going the free-agent route, then David Savard, who won a Cup ring in Tampa and plays exactly same style as Larsson. But half a dozen teams will be bidding for Savard, 31.

BLH’s Thoughts: Weird, it was just yesterday that somebody on this site was saying the team was talking to the Buffalo Sabres…

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I love the idea of getting Ristolainen. It flies in the faces of the computer boys and he’s a better version of Adam Larsson, in my opinion. Not only is he a mother f*cker to play against, but he puts up points AND he’s been doing it on a shitty team in Buffalo nearly his whole career.

Real Money Wtih Dave Holland Show

The Sabres don’t have any NHL goalies on their roster right now, so wouldn’t it make sense to send them Mikko Koskinen, Dmitri Samorukov, and a 1st round pick to get The Finnish Ivan Drago?

I’ll reiterate that I think John Klingberg from Dallas is another option and might even be more or a realistic one given his salary is in the same range that Ken Holland set aside for Larsson.

I'm of the belief that the #LetsGoOilers are working on acquiring a notable addition to address their defense.

— B.L.H. (Edmonton Oilers Enthusiast) (@BeerLeagueHeroe) July 22, 2021

From The Oilers Rig (Alex Thomas)

Oilers Won’t Go “Big Game Hunting” For Adam Larsson Replacement
Real Money Wtih Dave Holland
  • Holland knows that he’ll need to replace Larsson. He also knows it is unlikely that he’ll be adding a star rearguard to do it. Those dreams of Dougie Hamilton signing with the Edmonton Oilers? Let’s put those to bed right now. It’s unfortunately not going to happen.
    • “We won’t be big game hunting on the backend if you’re talking about an eight-million-dollar defenseman,” Holland said at his pre-draft media availability on Thursday. “Part of what I have to factor in is, obviously, Darnell Nurse is an unrestricted free agent. In a flat cap, whether the cap is $81.5 (million) next year or $82.5, I look at the players on our team right now. Ethan Bear is a restricted free agent a year from now, Jesse Puljujarvi is an unrestricted free agent a year from now, Darnell Nurse is an unrestricted free agent a year from now. I just can’t go out and spend all this money.”
    • “The big game hunting is going to be term. It’s not only going to be cap numbers, it’s going to be big term. Internally, I have to make sure I have some money set aside that’s going to come off the books as I look towards the summer of ’22. We will not be in big game hunting mode on defense.”

BLH’s Thoughts: Man, I’m glad Holland put that silly idea to rest. The amount of “smart” Oilers fans on Twitter who thought that the Oilers could go after Dougie Hamilton now that Adam Larsson’s dollars were available was staggering.

Sure, on a spreadsheet you could make that happen, but not in the real world. There’s a human element to all of this that hockey fans, smart or otherwise, fail to get a grasp on. There are prior relationships that need to be considered as well, so it’s not just about setting up a meeting and throwing handfuls of money at a guy. There has to be a fit on so many levels and not just for the upcoming season either, the ramifications of signing a long-term deal, in the city of Edmonton no less, reach far and wide.

Dougie Hamilton and the Oilers are not a good fit, in my opinion. If you want point production and a player that actually looks alive on the ice, bring back Tyson Barrie, the league’s highest scoring defenseman from last year.

From Sportsnet (Mark Spector)

Oilers’ Ken Holland in win-now mode as pressure grows from all sides
  • It is time for your Edmonton Oilers to take the next step. Sure, they’ve moved from doormat to 12th place in the National Hockey League, to 11th under your watch — but they haven’t won a playoff series.
  • You’ve got about $8 million in cap space from those two Swedes. “Get out there and replace them,” the fans are saying.
  • The emotional fans wanted you to sign Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, and you made him an Oiler for life. But when you sign Hyman to an almost identical contract you’re going to get crushed.
  • Every player whose name arrives at Central Registry as part of an NHL transaction, you should have been in on. Every player you are in on, you’re an idiot for even considering him.
  • He simply can’t come back with Mikko Koskinen as a backup to a 39-year-old Smith. There is no way he can’t address that position.
  • Holland will exercise a buy-out shortly, more likely on James Neal than Koskinen, but maybe both. He won’t qualify Dominik Kahun, who he’ll wave goodbye to, or Jujhar Khaira, who he’ll try to re-sign at a lesser number.

BLH’s Thoughts: Well, as they say, if you spend your time listening to the fans, you’ll soon be sitting with them.

I do like this piece from Spector though. It’s clear that he’s getting tired of the ultras in Edmonton and good on him for having the brass balls to write about it in this tone.

That said, he is right about the Oilers having to get on their horse now. Holland has the green light and he needs to light up the opposition this summer. Getting some real competitive types like Duncan Keith and Zach Hyman will definitely help, but I think there’s still some room to add a real SOB to the lineup. Your Nazim Kadri, Yanni Gourde, Brendan Lemieux, Antoine Roussel sort of player. Somebody that’ll feature on the PK as well as play a very unique role for the team because they don’t have enough players who pull others into the game, if you will. Could that be Kailer Yamamoto? That’d help.

From Spector’s Hockey

NHL Rumor Mill – July 22, 2021
  • TORONTO STAR: If Hyman agrees to terms with the Oilers, his rights could be traded to Edmonton before the free-agent market opens on July 28. It’s believed the Leafs would want draft picks in return. The winger has drawn interest around the league, with one offer (not from the Oilers) said to be as high as $7 million annually. Hyman is only interested in playing for a contender.
  • SPECTOR’S NOTE: The reason for the sign-and-trade is for the Oilers to get an extra year on the contract. Teams can re-sign players to a maximum of eight years. Unrestricted free agents from other teams can be signed for no more than seven years.
  • Whoever the general manager is that’s offering Hyman $7 million should be fired at once. The winger’s a good player but he’s not worth $7 million per season. With some GMs apparently succumbing to auction fever already, Hyman’s going to make a lot of money on his next contract.

BLH’s Thoughts: Is that extra year worth the draft pick? Edmonton is going to save around 400k/yr by doing the sign-and-trade? Why do it? Keep the asset and save yourself some trouble down the road. I guess Holland could save about $3.2M if he does it but in the grand scheme of it all, I don’t know if it’s the best use of his futures.

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R.I.P. ex-Judas Priest and Trapeze drummer Dave Holland (1948-2018)

Sad news as former Judas Priest and Trapeze drummer Dave Holland reportedly passed away a few days ago at the age of 69. The cause of death is unknown.

The website reports that the news was confirmed by Trapeze management.

There is a report of an internet hoax about the death of Holland but it appears to be related to jazz musician Dave Holland.

Wikipedia states the following in part about Holland (with slight edits):

Dave Holland (born David Holland, 5 April 1948, Northampton) is an English rock drummer, best remembered for his stints with Trapeze from 1969 to 1979 and Judas Priest from 1979 to 1989.

Early Life:
At the age of six, Holland began piano lessons, but soon developed a “mania for the drums” in his own words and begged his parents to let him have a set. After his first appearance as a stand-in for a local band, Holland realised he wanted to be a musician. When he was 14 years old, he supplemented his pocket money by playing with another local band titled The Drumbeats, and selling furniture and carpets.


As a youngster, Holland listened to traditional jazz. He cited his first rock influence as Johnny Kidd and the Pirates. Later, he became interested in funk music in the vein of Booker T & the MG’s, blues rock of Free and progressive–psychedelic music of Traffic.

Early Bands:
Having moved to Rugby, Holland joined The Liberators and continued playing with them after education. The Liberators soon evolved into Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours, a folk pop band that put autoharp to good use, taking after The Loving Spoonful. In 1966 a single, “Mirror Mirror” (released 15 January 1966 on Decca, produced by future The Moody Blues producer Tony Clarke), peaked at No. 8 in the UK Singles Chart.

Finders Keepers:
Holland stayed with the band until August 1968, when he joined Finders Keepers, a pop cover outfit. However, Holland continued studio session work. He did not play on a 1969 No. 5 hit single “Smile a Little Smile for Me” released by the band that used to be Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours under the name of The Flying Machine.

Finders Keepers, who were soon joined by Mel Galley (guitar) and Glenn Hughes (bass), recorded several singles, with some of the songs now available on various compilations. Soon afterwards, the threesome joined forces with vocalist and winds player John Jones and multi-instrumentalist Terry Rowley of The Montanas fame to form a quintet called Trapeze (the band name was Terry Rowley‘s idea).

Trapeze appeared in the British TV show Colour Me Pop and soon was swamped with offers of recording contracts, including one from The BeatlesApple. Trapeze, however, settled for the newly formed Threshold label, belonging to The Moody Blues members. The band would soon open for The Moodies and other well-known acts. On Threshold, the band released three records, the debut as a quintet and the rest as a power trio.

Trapeze were gaining momentum at the time, especially in the southern United States, but lost a major contributor as Glenn Hughes decided to leave the band and join Deep Purple for the recording of their Burn album.

Galley and Holland added a bass player and a second guitarist. Holland and Galley also toured as part of John LodgeJustin Hayward (of The Moody Blues fame) band The Blue Jays.

In 1978, Trapeze recorded their last studio LP, Hold On.

Earlier on, both Galley and Holland lent a hand in the recording of Glenn Hughes‘ first solo album, Play Me Out, offering a unique blend of psychedelic jazz funk. Holland was assisted by Mark Nauseef on percussion.

In 1979 and 1980, Holland recorded some drum parts for Justin Hayward‘s solo albums, Songwriter and Night Flight.

Real money with dave holland net worth

Judas Priest:
Holland left Trapeze and joined Judas Priest in August 1979. He played drums on many of Judas Priest‘s platinum albums, such as British Steel, Screaming for Vengeance, Defenders of the Faith, and Turbo. Ram It Down, however, was recorded with the use of a drum computer, although Holland was credited with the parts.

During the 1980s, Holland also collaborated with guitarist Robin George, as part of his band Life and on George‘s solo project, Dangerous Music.

In 1989, personal problems (health and family issues) and musical differences forced Holland to leave Judas Priest. He was replaced by original Saints Or Sinners drummer Scott Travis, who had also previously played in the band Racer X.

Later career:
Throughout the 1990s, besides touring with briefly reformed Trapeze and filling in for various bands like The Screaming Jets during their European tours, Holland gave drum clinics and private lessons, managed and produced bands such as the Swedish “teen funk trio” Shutlanger Sam whom Holland introduced in person at a show with his former Trapeze bandmate Glenn Hughes in Vänersborg 1996, and played on various recordings of his former mates. In 1996, he participated in sessions that involved Glenn Hughes, Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath fame, and keyboardist Don Airey. In 1998, a collaboration with Al Atkins, Judas Priest‘s original singer, was released, featuring a few covers of early Priest songs that Holland did not originally play on. Judas Priest with Atkins at the helm had supported Trapeze in 1971.

In 2004, Holland was found guilty of attempted rape and several indecent assaults against a 17-year-old male with learning disabilities to whom he had been giving drum lessons. In an interview during the criminal proceedings, Holland revealed that he is bisexual. He was sentenced to eight years in prison. As a result, Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi chose to replace Holland‘s drum parts on The 1996 DEP Sessions because he did not want a convicted sex offender appearing on his album. Holland was scheduled for release in 2012 and was reportedly out by June that year.

In late 2006, Holland, who has steadfastly maintained his innocence, revealed that he was in the process of writing a tell-all autobiography. Writing to Judas Priest biographer Neil Daniels from prison, Holland stated “I was convicted of a crime that I didn’t commit, and like so many others in similar situations to the one in which I find myself, an offense that never even existed in the first place…”.”

Discography (albums only):
1970 — TrapezeTrapeze
1970 — TrapezeMedusa
1972 — TrapezeYou Are the Music…We’re Just the Band
1974 — TrapezeThe Final Swing
1974 — TrapezeHot Wire
1975 — TrapezeLive At The Boat Club
1975 — Trapeze Trapeze
1977 — Glenn HughesPlay Me Out
1977 — Justin HaywardSongwriter
1978/79 — TrapezeHold On a.k.a. Running
1980 — Justin HaywardNight Flight
1980 — Judas PriestBritish Steel
1981 — Judas PriestPoint Of Entry
1982 — Judas PriestScreaming For Vengeance
1984 — Judas PriestDefenders Of The Faith
1986 — Judas PriestTurbo
1987 — Judas PriestPriest…Live!
1988 — Judas PriestRam It Down
1993 — TrapezeWelcome To The Real World
1996 — TrapezeHigh Flyers: The Best Of Trapeze
1998 — TrapezeWay Back To The Bone
2003 — TrapezeOn The Highwire
2004 — Tony IommiThe 1996 DEP Sessions (Original version only)