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How to Get Free PayPal Account 2019 – Have you used PayPal as your online payment method? Or, are you one of the users? As you might know already, PayPal is widely used around the world. This online payment has been around for years and users are really massive.

Are you interested in joining the club? Well, there will be section that helps you to know how to get free PayPal account 2019. Before talking further about that, it will be best to get to know the company first. Let’s dig the information.

Table of Contents

  • 1 How to Get Free Paypal Account Username and Password 2019
    • 1.1 Knowing All about PayPal and How to Get Free PayPal Account 2019
      • 1.1.5 Pay your way
    • 1.2 The Main Advantages in Using PayPal
      • 1.2.6 Discounts

How to Get Free Paypal Account Username and Password 2019

As mentioned before, what has been discussing by now is a big company as an online payment processor. Established in 1998, eBay acquired the company in 2002. As long as its journey, the company has acquired many companies.

These subsidiaries make PayPal to be the company we all know nowadays. In 2015, they announced to walk under their own feet even though they would be one of the payment options on eBay.

As the company grows bigger and bigger, it has services that ease people. In order to know all about this well-known online payment processor, check further information below.

Knowing All about PayPal and How to Get Free PayPal Account 2019

What is the main reason that people prefer PayPal to other online payments? It is an easy question and the answer is because this online payment processor is very transparent with the pricing and terms.

It is easy to use, moreover when you are a newbie. Setting up a new account is not difficult too. It runs very well and it can be concluded that there is no serious obstacle when you use PayPal account.

Before jumping into information of how to get free PayPal account 2019, it is best to know all the services they offer. Let’s focus on the personal services. They claim that it can do a lot of things. Are you interested in knowing more? Here is the information.

  1. Global protection

You are guaranteed to shop worldwide securely. Doing transactions with PayPal means you do not need to share all of your personal and financial record all the time. They also provide PayPal Purchase Protection to cover your transactions when what you purchase is not what you expected. Again, there is no border to start the transactions since millions of sites can accept this online payment.

  1. Easy and quick to send money

Sending your money for any transaction is very easy and quick. You only need to download the app and create an account. For your information, there is a way on how to get free PayPal account 2019. Additionally, add the debit or credit information or link your bank account securely. Sending the money only needs the recipients’ mobile number or address. In few minutes, it is done.

  1. All in one touch

You only need to activate feature One Touch to enjoy the simplicity that PayPal offers. By using the feature, you can skip the login routine, breeze the sites you visit without logging into account, and stay to login on your device. It is way more efficient.

  1. PayPal credit

There will be special price offered for the first 6 months. In addition, adding your credit is not that hard. What you can enjoy from this service is that there is no annual fee and the way you manage the account will be easy.

  1. Pay your way

Using PayPal, you are allowed to choose what payment method you will use. There are through PayPal credit, bank account, and debit or credit card. As mentioned before, you can link the bank account or add debit/credit card to your PayPal.

Is Paypal Money Real

There are services you will enjoy once you are a user. Those are for personal transaction. After knowing the services, you might be curious to know how to get free PayPal account 2019. Now, let’s learn how to create an account. Look at the steps below.

  • Go to the website or the app

First thing to do is to go to the official website or app. It is simple to access PayPal through both of them. The steps of creating an account will be no different.

  • Go to “sign up for free” or “sign up”

In the homepage, go to “sign up for free” or “sign up”. For business accounts, you will meet two options in which they are different in terms of benefits and cost structures. Pick what you need.

  • Type down your email address and password

Enter your email address and create a password. Create the password that there is no way people can access your account. Make sure that it is a strong password.

  • Fill out personal information

What to do next is to fill out your personal information, such as legal name, phone number, and address.

  • Optional step

The next step is optional. You are allowed to add or link your bank account or credit/debit card. In addition, you are also asked whether you will create a PayPal credit or not.

Those are steps of how to get free PayPal account 2019 and Voila! You have a PayPal account now! There, you can start using all the services offered by this online payment processor. What is next? Well, besides knowing the steps to create the account, let’s get to know advantages you can get from using PayPal.


The Main Advantages in Using PayPal

  • Flexibility

PayPal is flexible in terms of its funding. As mentioned above, you can add the credit/debit card or simply link the back account. There is even PayPal credit that put you at ease in buying online. You can order the payment methods which one that comes first and last. In addition, PayPal is smart to take the fund from the order when you make a purchase.

  • Online auctions

We all know that we cannot separate PayPal from eBay. Since they are partner, the PayPal users are more protected compared to other cardholders. Yes, PayPal is indeed special for eBay.

  • Cost

This one is undeniable. PayPal is free that makes people like to stay in this online payment processor. The users are pleased with no service charges, no annual fees, and no processing fees.

Paypal Accounts With Money Generator

  • Credit card security

PayPal guarantee their users with high protection. It can be seen from every transaction you do in which it will not spill any information of yours related to the financial account.

  • Send money

Sending money through PayPal is simple. You only need to access your account. Then, just few clicks can help you sending money to whoever you want.

  • Discounts

PayPal are sponsored by many brands. It brings luck to their users since there are many discounts. Sometimes, selected retailers will give discounts when you pay with PayPal. In order to claim the discount, you only need to use promo code that’s available.

Furthermore, there are things you can do to avoid any bad thing for the PayPal account. There are tips to make you safe from personal information hack. Firstly, making sure to upgrade your software is necessary.

Secondly, try to avoid public Wi-Fi when you are about to do financial transactions. Next, you are highly recommended to use credit card instead of debit card or bank account. Last but not least, avoid phishing scams in the form of links in emails. Try not to click on suspicious emails.

All about PayPal and how to get free PayPal account 2019 have been explained before. Those are the basic information that you need to know before having an account. In addition, the advantages are also presented to give you further insight of what you will get by joining the club.

What will be discussed later is related to PayPal alternatives that you may be interested in. there are reasons why people want to try using other online payments. Reaching more costumers, making the company bigger, protecting the seller and more are only some of the reasons. So, let’s take a glimpse on some PayPal alternatives.

Google pay has been widely used in business field. Those who run a business may add this one to vary their online payments. Google Pay is available for free and it can be accessed through iOS and Android.

Similar to PayPal, Venmo is available for personal and business. You can use it to pay back pizza for a friend or to do business transaction. However, you will need to have PayPal Checkout or Braintree since Venmo can only be used as a payment option.

Real Paypal Accounts With Money 2020

This is one of PayPal services actually. Braintree has various ways that offer different payment for your business. It has been used worldwide, so do not worry about borderless shopping for instance.

Random Free Paypal Account Username and Password 2019

Paypal Accounts

  1. Email Address: [email protected]
    PayPal Password: madison
  2. Email Address: [email protected]
    PayPal Password: payme2525
  3. Email Address: [email protected]
    PayPal Password: p-brody16
  4. Email Address: [email protected]
    PayPal Password: boogie66
  5. Email Address: [email protected]
    PayPal Password: Andrews22

Paypal Accounts With Money Generator

What have been mentioned above are three PayPal alternatives that are easy to use and setup. After knowing all the information regarding PayPal, how to get free PayPal account 2019, and even the alternatives, are you ready to join this service? Well, just use the details and points above as your references or guidelines.