Red Dead Online Best Way To Earn Money

From Fishing to Bounty Hunting, read this Red Dead Online guide and walkthrough on the best ways and methods to earn & farm money online!

Nov 27, 2018 Weapons in Red Dead Online can cost several hundred dollars, and many of the activities will grant just a few bucks. Thankfully, we’ve found a way to earn several hundred dollars in your first.

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Complete Legendary Bounties

Get a good amount of money, gold bars, and XP by bringing in Legendary Bounties in Red Dead Online! These criminal at large are dangerous and Lawmen have sent out a bounty for their captures.

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Must Be A Bounty Hunter to Participate

Players who want to participate in Legendary Bounties must have the role of Bounty Hunter. With the Frontier Pursuits update, players can now take on the role of a Bounty Hunter and hunt down these ne'er-do-wells!

Red Dead Online Best Way To Earn Money

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Complete Solo or With Friends


Legendary Bounties can be completed solo or with friends in a posse. Keep in mind that Legendary Bounties are replayable. This means that you will be able to farm these bounties to gain as much money as you want!

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Fish & Sell Your Catch

Fishing is an available activity in Red Dead Online which is one of the most lucrative ways to earn money. The fish you catch can be sold and earn you top dollar in the game.

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Fishing Unlocked in Rank 30

Fishing Rod will only be unlocked for purchase after reaching Rank 30. If you are yet to reach that rank, try other methods such as hunting wildlife or repeating Story Missions.

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Fishing Does Not Grant XP

Fishing in Red Dead Online does not give you experience. Use this method only if you want to make quick cash.

Hunt & Sell Animal Parts

The amount of fauna in Red Dead Online makes hunting very profitable. You can sell pelts, animal parts and meat for cash online.

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Use Bows Or Small Caliber Guns To Kill Animals

The higher quality of the pelt or animal part, the higher the price you get when selling them. Make quick & clean kills using your bow, varmint rifle, or other weapons suitable for the size of your prey to retain their pristine condition.

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Use Lasso On Large Games for a Clean Kill

You can also use your horse to chase after your game and Lasso them to close in for a clean knife kill. Using this method will kill the prey instantly, and will not damage any parts. Note that this method only works for large games such as boars or deers.

Online Ways To Earn Cash

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Replay Story Missions

In Red Dead Online, you can replay story missions by selecting from the start menu. You can do this to help out other players who need to complete the mission and you get a good amount of money & XP in return.

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'Kill Them, Each And Every One' is Great for Quick Cash

The mission 'Kill Them, Each And Every One' is one of the best mission available in the game to gain some quick cash. This mission consists of quick gunfights against mobs of enemies, you can loot them for additional bonuses along with the quest reward.

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