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Stick Pool Club Hack Real Money Online


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Stick Pool Club Hack Real Money


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There are currently 3 different playable characters in Venge. Each of them have different abilities and supports different play styles. Each character have a main ability which can inflict spells (cards), and a melee ability that grants mobility and close combat advantages. Melee abilities are not imbuable with cards. Some characters work better in particular maps since they support certain play styles. More heroes will be added over time.


Lilium was the first ever playable character added to Venge. She is an invariable asset of game modes with area defending. Supports general play style both close and far combat.
With her main ability, Grenade, she is able to hold difficult areas. At centre, it hits 125 AOE (area-of-effect) damage and exponentially decreases based on distance from center of the explosion. Grenade's each impact to any surface reduces its speed, based of the angle. She is able to both block enterances and exits of the areas she fight. Her grenade explodes when damaged by a third party source.
With her melee ability, Hammer, she is able to strike a quick melee hit with short period of cooldown and decent damage. Exceptional against close combat heroes like Shin.

Main ability: Grenade

Throws a grenade which explodes after a short period of time. Deals area-of-effect damage.

  • Damage : 25-125 (Highest in centre, lowest in ends)
  • Damage With Spells : 30-143 (Highest in centre, lowest in ends)
  • Cooldown : 10 Seconds
  • Explosion Delay : 2 Seconds
  • Imbuable With: Frost Bomb
  • Midnight Curse
  • Sparking Sprites
  • Muscle Shock

Melee ability: Hammer

Instantly hits with his hammer towards crosshair direction.

  • Damage : 75-95
  • Cooldown : 1 Seconds
  • Hit Delay : 0.4 Seconds


Shin was the first agile character added to Venge. His fast style ables him to survive impossible situations normally might be fatal for other characters. Highly supports close combat play style.
With his main ability Shuriken, he quickly throws three ninja stars towards the direction he faces. Shuriken is both to combo with his other attacks and inflict imbued spells to his enemy. First of the stars travels directly on crosshair direction, second and third travels diagonally transverse directions; thus makes it effective in a wide area towards him, from close to medium range.
With his melee ability Dash, he can travel short distances in a quick leap forwards. Grants him a unique mobility against any threat. Dash also effective as a finishing move. When Dash is active, he deals low amount of damage to any enemy he intersects with.

Main ability: Shuriken

Throws 3 ninja stars towards the crosshair.

  • Damage : 15-20
  • Damage With Spells : 20-35
  • Shuriken count : 3
  • Cooldown : 3 Seconds
  • Imbuable With: Venom
  • Midnight Curse
  • Muscle Shock

Melee ability: Dash

Dashes towards the direction Shin faces. Damages to intersected enemies

  • Damage : 20-50
  • Cooldown : 10 Seconds
  • Dash Delay : 0.1 Seconds


Echo is the third character added to Venge. He has a high mobility secondary ability which ables him to displace to impossible places. Supports a wide range of play styles both close and far combat.
With his main ability, throwing axe, he can deal damage to a single target and inflict the imbued spell. Axe travels directly to crosshair direction and has a low cooldown period. While he moves to impossible to reach locations with his secondary, he can wait off the cooldown to go up then continue to fight with throwing axe.
With his melee ability, Grappling Hook, he is able to quickly displace to the places other characters can't get too easily. The hook can cling on certain surfaces and grant him a unique mobility advantage. If he intersects with any enemy during the grappling sequance, he hits low to medium damage to them. He can use the grappling hook just for the gain speed, displace on the current level of the map or to get high vantage points. Exceptional against Lilium's deadly bombs.

Main ability: Throwing Axe

Stick Pool Club Hack Real Money Download

Throws an axe towards the crosshair.

  • Damage : 15-20
  • Damage With Spells : 20-35
  • Cooldown : 3 Seconds
  • Throw Delay : 0.2 Seconds
  • Imbuable With: Venom
  • Midnight Curse
  • Muscle Shock

Melee ability: Grappling Hook

Fires a grappling hook towards the crosshair. If it connect to a climbable location jerks towards it.

  • Damage : 15-20
  • Cooldown : 5 Seconds

Venge currently has 7 fire weapons. Only 4 of them (primary weapons); Scar, Shotgun, Tec-9 and Sniper usable in public matches. Other 3 weapon; M4, Minigun and Desert Eagle are currently the only available in Gun Game mode.
Primary weapons represents 4 different weapon slots that a player can use in-game. Players will have to chose one of each weapon type in the main menu, before joining matches to use them in-game. Only one weapon of each type can be active at the same time. Weapon rotation system will be introduced when new weapons released in the near future.


Scar is most famous weapon in Venge. It's an assault rifle type weapon. Supports general play style as it balanced in most of the weapon aspects.


  • Shoot Time : 0.06
  • Recoil Rate : 0.9
  • Spread Rate : 300
  • Focus Spread Rate : 200
  • Damage : 15
  • Distance Multiplier : 1
  • Ammo Capacity : 25
  • Reloading Time : 2.2
  • Vision Vibrate : 12
  • Focus FOV : 45


Shotgun is currently the only scattergun in Venge. It shoots 8 projectiles in each shot. Effective in close combat as its slugs lose their damage as they travel more distance proportionally. Half of the projectiles travel in a fixed form and the rest discharges randomly. Projectiles also exponentially spread from each other based on the distance they travel.


  • Shoot Time : 0.85
  • Recoil Rate : 2
  • Spread Rate : 120
  • Focus Spread Rate : 50
  • Damage : 12
  • Distance Multiplier : 0.975
  • Ammo Capacity : 3
  • Reloading Time : 2.2
  • Vision Vibrate : 40
  • Focus FOV : 30


Tec-9 is currently the fastest fire rated weapon in Venge. It's a sub-machine gun (SMG) type weapon. Effective in close to mid range as it has almost irrepressible recoil and spread rate in long ranges.


  • Shoot Time : 0.032
  • Recoil Rate : 1.1
  • Spread Rate : 650
  • Focus Spread Rate : 450
  • Damage : 12
  • Distance Multiplier : 0.9
  • Ammo Capacity : 25
  • Reloading Time : 2.2
  • Vision Vibrate : 15
  • Focus FOV : 45


Sniper is currenly the only sharp shooter weapon in Venge. It's a semi automatic rifle. Effective in medium to far range. Its ammos fired from Sniper lose less damage than other weapons as they travel distance. Headshot with sniper inflicts fatal damage.


  • Shoot Time : 1.1
  • Recoil Rate : 1.5
  • Spread Rate : 120
  • Focus Spread Rate : 7
  • Damage : 95
  • Distance Multiplier : 1
  • Ammo Capacity : 5
  • Reloading Time : 2.2
  • Vision Vibrate : 5
  • Focus FOV : 30


M4 is an assault rifle. It has high fire rate and less spread than Scar but it's recoil is higher. Effective with burst fire shooting and mid to far distance. Currently the only available on Gun Game mode.


  • Shoot Time : 0.04
  • Recoil Rate : 1.2
  • Spread Rate : 500
  • Focus Spread Rate : 400
  • Damage : 16
  • Distance Multiplier : 1
  • Ammo Capacity : 25
  • Reloading Time : 2.2
  • Vision Vibrate : 12
  • Focus FOV : 45

Light Machine Gun (LMG)

LMG is a light-weight machine gun. It has got more ammo capacity than any other weapon in Venge. It's spread and recoil (per second) rates also the highest among other weapons. Currently the only available on Gun Game mode.


  • Shoot Time : 0.07
  • Recoil Rate : 1
  • Spread Rate : 1200
  • Focus Spread Rate : 600
  • Damage : 20
  • Distance Multiplier : 1
  • Ammo Capacity : 50
  • Reloading Time : 3.5
  • Vision Vibrate : 15
  • Focus FOV : 45

Desert Eagle

Desert eagle is currently the only pistol in Venge. It hasn't got any shooting rate restrictions. Currently the only available on Gun Game mode.


  • Shoot Time : 0.16
  • Recoil Rate : 2.1
  • Spread Rate : 500
  • Focus Spread Rate : 450
  • Damage : 35
  • Distance Multiplier : 0.8
  • Ammo Capacity : 12
  • Reloading Time : 2.2
  • Vision Vibrate : 22
  • Focus FOV : 45

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