Ways To Earn Money Playing Video Games

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There’s a lot of money to be made playing video games. With a global market expected to exceed 200 billion dollars in value by 2023, the gaming industry is alive and well. Against a backdrop of global lockdowns, next-gen console releases, and eSports millionaires, video games are experiencing a new golden age.

But you don’t have to be the next Markiplier to make bank. There’s a ton of different ways to make money gaming, and we’re going to help you find out how.

In this guide, we’ll break down how to make money playing video games as a:

Think of this as your in-game tutorial. Let’s get started!

1. Live streamer

Source: https://influencermarketinghub.com/black-twitch-streamers/

Streaming gives gamers more control and connection with their fans than most other options. Thanks to Twitch, YouTube, and a handful of other platforms, video games have become more open, democratic, and potentially lucrative than ever, with expert streamers earning upwards of $1.5 million a year.

Of those, superstar streamers like PewDiePie reportedly make $4.5 million a month!

However, if you want to make money as a streamer, it takes a serious amount of time, originality, and persistence. Picking the right platform, getting the right gear, and understanding how to market yourself are all vital.

Let’s take a look at the platforms:


With 140 million active monthly users, Twitch is the largest stomping ground for streamers. It’s also where the lion’s share of earnings can be made as a gamer – by a mile. Full-time Twitch streamers can make over $5000 a month (before ad revenue) with the best of them earning potentially much, much more.

Source: https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/8-twitch-tips-for-watching-esports

How to make money on Twitch

You’ll need to become a Twitch affiliate to unlock most of the monetization Twitch offers, including money from subscriptions, bits, and ads. To be invited to become an affiliate, you will need the following within the last 30 days:

  • At least 500 minutes streamed, over seven different days
  • An average of three concurrent viewers or more

Once you’re affiliated, here’s how you’ll actually make money on Twitch:

How to make money playing video games xbox one
  • Subscriptions – $5/subscriber, Twitch takes 50%. So to make $100 a month playing video games on Twitch, you’ll need 40+ subscribers.
  • Donations – anyone can receive a donation on Twitch. Generally, most viewers donate between $1-10, although it’s not unheard of to receive insane donations on Twitch that will make you cry/laugh/vomit with excitement.
  • Bits – these are Twitch’s built-in donation system, but people don’t use them as much (since Twitch takes around 30% as a cut.)
  • Ads – around $250 per 100 subscribers. Twitch will also only pay out ad revenues once they’re over $100 a month.
  • Sponsorship and endorsements – varies depending on the brand and partnership. Sponsorships can include gear endorsements, or streamers being paid to play specific games. Allegedly, these can reach up to $10,000 per hour for the biggest channels.

Ultimately, Twitch is a great platform if you want to build communities and offer raw, DIY-style content. It’s also got some of the best monetization options available, and relatively broad content guidelines.


Source: https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/pewdiepie-youtube-livestream-deal-videos/

Next to Twitch, YouTube supports the widest community of video game content creators and offers some of the best monetization options. While it doesn’t pay as much as Twitch in the beginning to middle ground, at the very top end of earnings YouTube is definitely up there.

Here’s how you can make money as a YouTube streamer:

  • Ads – $5 per 1000 views. As long as your content falls within the remit of YouTubes ever-changing community guidelines, you can potentially make serious money through YouTube ads. There are also a lot of options for the kind, timing, and location of ads you want to include in your videos, to help curate your channel experience better.
  • Sponsorships and endorsements – popular streamers and podcasters generate thousands of dollars in revenue through paid partnerships. Typically, brands expect you to include a mention of their product and its benefits to your viewers, as well as offering some sort of incentive (like a store discount with a unique code for your channel).
  • Super Chat and Stickers – similar to Twitch’s ‘bits’ donation system, Super Chat, and Stickers allow viewers to make donations with special pinned comments and emotes. Like Twitch, YouTube takes a 30% cut of the money earned this way
  • Members – viewers can become paying subscribers to your channel (different to YouTubes basic ‘subscribe’ button on all videos), as long as you have at least 1,000 subscribers and are a member of the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube takes slightly less of a cut than Twitch, at just 30%, but the feature isn’t used nearly as much as it is on Twitch.

Other ways to monetize video games as a streamer

There are other ways to make money as a streamer, including alternative platforms like Facebook Gaming platform and Patreon. Facebook Gaming provides potential revenue streams in the form of subscriptions, donations, and sponsorship opportunities.

Patreon is also a great option if you want total editorial control of your content. It allows creators to assign ‘tiers’ to different subscription amounts, giving more bonus content and goodies as a user’s subscription cost goes up.

Whatever platform you choose to build your channel on, you’ll need basic video and audio editing skills and a few pieces of gear – like mics, a camera, a graphics card, and basic audio and video software.

Once you’ve got those, pick games you love playing and let your personality and enthusiasm shine through. The best streamers create original content, post regularly, and make genuine connections with their subscribers.

2. Professional gamer

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-09-10/amazon-s-twitch-gets-streaming-star-ninja-back-on-its-service

The next highest-paying bracket as a gamer is to go pro. If you can dominate in one specific game, this might be the path for you. Keep in mind that a ton of esports players often have livestreams too. Factor this in with sponsorship deals, advertising revenue, and merchandise, and it’s easy to see how rising to the top as a gamer can be so lucrative.

How much can you earn as a professional gamer?

The short answer? It depends. Contrary to popular belief, pro gamers don’t make the bulk of their income through winning competitions – although it certainly helps. The top prize pools in esports are regularly in excess of $1 million, with games like Dota 2, Fortnite, and League of Legends leading the pack.

Interestingly, a lot of the most competitive esports games are also some of the most viewed content on Twitch. The takeaway? The most popular games are also the most competitive!

Tip: At the individual level, the world’s highest-paid professional gamers receive revenue from multiple outlets. Some of it comes from competing, but a lot more comes from sponsorships, endorsement, merchandise, streaming, and advertising revenue.

On winnings alone, a handful of players can claim to pull in figures above $5 million for competing. However, there are other famous professional gamers and streamers, like PewDiePie and Markipilier, who make the majority of their income from things like ad revenue and merch.

Although figures vary, PewDiePie reportedly makes between $20 million and $60 million a year!

Finally, at the team level, professional esports organizations generally offer each player an incentive package that can include a regular salary. Although the industry is pretty quiet about exact numbers, you can expect around $4,000 a month as a contracted player in a top organization.

Source: https://esportsjunkie.com/2019/12/29/highest-paid-dota-2-players-are-from-og

If you have what it takes to join the ranks of a team like Team Liquid, OG, or Fnatic, expect to get paid considerably more. Just make sure you win!

How can I join a professional esports team?

Going the distance as a pro gamer is hard. The competition is relentless, and you’ll need to have crazy talent to compete with the best. But it’s possible.

Realistically, however, you’ll need to be exceptionally gifted and competitive in one or two games. On top of this, you’ll need to practice obsessively, do well in reputable competitions or leaderboards, and make a name for yourself.

3. Content creator

Being a content creator is the broadest and most accessible way to make money playing video games. If you’re creative, persistent, and have some basic video skills, content creation is the best place to start.

Typically, the most-watched gaming videos include:

  • Reviews
  • Guides, tutorials, and walkthroughs
  • ‘Watch me play’ videos
  • Collaborations and team games
  • Easter-eggs, glitches, and rare in-game events
  • Speedruns and hardcore challenges
  • News

Often, income for gaming content comes through ad revenue and paid partnerships. As we’ve mentioned, your options for monetization differ slightly depending on your platform, but the same principles apply regardless of where you build your following.

How to make money playing video games reddit

Source: https://thegameawards.com/nominees/content-creator-of-the-year

You’ll need a unique angle, bags of personality, and the ability to engage with your fans.

If you want to make money making gaming videos, you’ll need to invest a bit of cash upfront for the right gear, develop your editing skills, and be prepared to publish content regularly.

Luckily, we’ve covered this all in our guide on How to Start a Gaming Channel.

4. Selling gaming merchandise

Whether you’re a streamer, YouTuber, or esports pro, you’ll probably be thinking about merchandise of some kind. From clothing brands to 3D printed video game memorabilia, merch is a great way to connect with your fans. The great thing about merch is that you can do it either as a standalone service or as part of your wider brand identity.

Source: https://www.complex.com/pop-culture/2018/10/cloak-brand-clothing-announcement

It’s pretty simple to get started selling DIY merch with sites like teespring.com. You don’t even necessarily need to be a designer to start selling branded merch, as there are plenty of decent design platforms out there.

Tip: Start by searching for the kind of merch you would want to buy. If it doesn’t exist – great! That means there could be a gap in the market you could fill.

Ideally, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of a particular subculture within the gaming community, or have a passion for a particular game and its mythology. There are tons of Etsy sites where creators sell merch on every game imaginable, from Pokemon posters to Destiny ghosts. The potential is endless!

5. Video game journalist

Video game journalism is a great way to make money playing video games, with comparably fewer barriers to entry. Journalism differs from other gaming content slightly, in that it often focuses on news, reviews, and opinion-focused pieces, with a strong written element.

Typically, video game journalists write or create video reviews, provide commentary, and discuss what’s going on in the industry as a whole.

Gaming journalists can make anywhere between $15 – $50 an hour, depending on how good they are and the kind of publication they work for. You can also self-publish on your own blog or website, or choose to freelance.

Source: https://prowly.com/magazine/top-gaming-journalists/

In these instances, your earnings depend on things like your site visitors, viewers, and relationships with other publishers. There are literally thousands of publishers out there, from alternative tech news companies to esports analysis websites, that will pay well for decent gaming content.

Tip: A good place to start is to create video reviews and write for blogs as a side hustle. Try to find guest posting opportunities and build up your portfolio. Once you have a couple of pieces under your belt, email editors in your niche with short, succinct pitches that explain what your article would be about and why it’s relevant to their catalog.

There are also other avenues to writing about games that come with a decent salary, such as technical writer positions in major gaming companies.

6. QA tester

Fancy finding bugs for a living? No, we don’t mean becoming an entomologist. A QA, or Quality Assurance tester, basically tries to find everything that can go wrong in a video game.

Their job involves trialing different environments and characters, testing gameplay variations, and finding any bugs or glitches – then repeating this until a game is considered ready to ship.

Source: https://www.kmuw.org/post/your-move-cyberpunk-2077-awesome-right-platform

It’s a vital part of the process because it ensures that end-users enjoy a seamless, bug-free experience (looking at you, Cyberpunk.)

From the job listings, we’ve found, QA testers make anywhere between $15 – $35 an hour, depending on experience. If you have the patience, love video games, and are process-oriented, QA testing could be the role for you.

Tip: The best place to start is by searching job boards. Get a feel for the experience needed, and try to land some freelance contract work, to begin with at smaller studios. From there, you’ll have some XP under your belt and will be able to find better positions at major studios where you can earn money playing video games.

Build your gaming brand the right way

Building a gaming channel or brand is straightforward, but it’s hard work. Whether you’re building your platform as a streamer or finding new publications to write for, the market is competitive, and it’ll take some time to get moving. Think carefully about the medium you want to work on and how this lines up with your skills and character.

From there, it’s really just a case of putting content out there, being authentic, and having fun.

The most successful people in the gaming industry have well-established brands. Including a brand name, gaming logo, branded profile images, and cover photos, and much more.

Start by designing your logo and you’ll be one step ahead of the competition. It’s more than possible to make a living gaming. Just don’t expect to become a millionaire overnight!

Video Games Testing Is Only Way To Make SERIOUS Money By Playing Games

Video Games Testing is definitely recommended to all video gamers who want to make quick cash or convert this fun task in REGULAR MONTHLY INCOME.

However, do you know you can also make good amount of money by doing task that you already do in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

For example, here are some job opportunities that you can grab RIGHT NOW!

  • Posting Facebook comments – $25 per hour
  • Commenting on and ‘liking’ YouTube videos $20 per hour
  • Tweeting’ special offers and promotions – $200 per week part time
  • Social Media Manager – $1050 per week full time
  • Managing Facebook groups and contests $27 per hour

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Many people like playing games, but only a few smart ones know how to make money playing video games. YES! There are some ways to get paid to play games online.

You can easily play these games on your computer… No need to spend your money on gaming consoles

More importantly, the websites are completely free to join, and they allow you to play flash-based games that can easily run on any computer.

Some people using this method as full-time work and some are doing it part-time. The best thing is there is no restriction. You will get paid according to the time you are spending doesn’t matter if it is in the night or in the morning.

You can use this money to buy new gadgets or pay new bills, or you can buy some new games or invest in getting game tester job that pays $20 per hour (more on this is available here).

Is It Possible To Make Money By Playing Games?

YES! Some sites can pay you for winning the tournament, or just for playing the game (doesn’t matter even if you lose). In some sites, you get paid to play games on a smartphone as well.

It is good to register yourself with one or two sites, get familiar with their process, note down their daily offers and make few bucks before registering to other sites.

Many people make money playing games so this is not a scam or an overnight millionaire scheme, so it may take some time especially if you are new to money-paying gaming sites.

And, don’t forget to register with Paypal because sites offer rewards in the form of gift cards, gaming credits, gifts but if you want cash, then you can redeem your reward points with cash in your Paypal account.

I have done some research and below are 25 sites that are free to register and they pay you playing games and completing other tasks:

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My friend Jeremy Reynolds had a great passion for games and often get paid to play games online. He used to play games 13+ hours in a day. When I recently met him after 20 years, he told me he is working as a full-time game tester in which he is making $20+ an hour for testing new games.


He told me he discovered a site that connects gamers like you and me with the high-paying game developing companies like EA, Rockstar, Ubisoft, 2K Games and many more.

Basically, these companies pay money for testing upcoming video games just to make sure their games don’t have any glitch when they hit the market. More importantly, they give you free gaming DVD that you can keep yourself or sell it later.

However, you know Jeremy is now using Facebook to earn money. In fact, he is earning $25 per hour just for Facebook commenting. He told me here are some job opening that anyone can join.

Here are these jobs:

  • Posting Facebook comments – $25 per hour
  • Commenting on and ‘liking’ YouTube videos $20 per hour
  • Tweeting’ special offers and promotions – $200 per week part time
  • Social Media Manager – $1050 per week full time
  • Managing Facebook groups and contests $27 per hour
Ways To Earn Money Playing Video Games

Here is the link to apply for these jobs –> http://easymoneywithgames.com/l/socialmedia/

P.S: So far, I am making $150 every month for doing fun stuff on Facebook

1. GSN Cash Games

Website: http://www.gsn.com/games/

GSN Cash Games is the most trustworthy gaming site in which you can win up to $50. The great thing is, GSN Cash Games is a part of GSN Game Show that is owned by Sony Entertainment and AT&T Entertainment.

GSN Cash Games was previously known as WorldWinner, but now it is grown to become one of the popular gaming platforms. You will find many gaming competitions that cost only a few bucks to join, but they pay up to $50 to the winner.

GSN Cash Games is a hub of money-paying games, and it contains games of almost every category ranging from card games to action games.

Every year GSN pay hefty amount to winners, and there are over millions of users that are using this site to get paid to play games. So, why are you waiting for? Join GSN Cash Games now.

2. Swagbucks

Website: https://www.swagbucks.com/

Swagbucks is the most popular site in which you will get paid to play games online at home. This is the most trusted site that has paid over $150 million to their users.

Moreover, Swagbucks is more than just a gaming site. It is a platform where users can earn points (they called it Swagbucks) for completing different tasks such as surfing the internet, watching a video or answering to survey questions.

After becoming the member of Swagbucks, you will get free $10 credit that you can use to take part in the gaming tournaments, and if you play well and win, you will get a prize in the form of Swagbucks that you can redeem for gift cards or get cash back through Paypal.

Another way to earn Swagbucks is playing ‘pay-to-play’ games. You will find a big list of games that you can play online, and anytime you pay $1 you will get 18 bucks back. There are various games on this list ranging from slot games to action games.

3. Second Life:

Website: https://secondlife.com/

Did you ever play ‘The Sims’ by EA Network?

If you are a game lover then chances are, you have played The Sims once in your life. Second Life is very much similar to The Sims, but the difference is, you can convert in-game currency (Linden Dollars) into real money.

This award-winning game created by San-Francisco firm Linden Lab.

Second Life is the most popular game to earn money online for a reason. A Chinese girl Anshe Chung became the first lady to earn one million dollars when she converted her 250 million L$ (Linden Dollars)

Not everyone can repeat such kind of success, but many people earn money from this game.

Currently, more than 2 million active gamers playing this game. You can set up your avatar (a three-dimensional character) and interact with other people to buy their virtual property, sell your content, furniture or get hired for the job.

There were a bunch of ways from which you can earn Linden Dollars and once you think you need to cash out you can convert these in-game currencies into real dollars.

4. Bingo! Zone

Website: http://www.bingozone.com/

Bingo is a very popular online game, and if you love playing Bingo, then you can register this site.

Gameville created Bingo Zone for the people who love playing Bingo. Also, you can make money while playing it as well.

Bingo Zone provides an opportunity for people to make some money by playing Bingo so that they don’t have to visit Bingo Hall to play it. You will find different types of Bingo games on this website.

You will start earning money from $1, and money will keep increasing until a winner announced. You don’t have to wait because there is continuously a Bingo round is going on so that you can take part without wasting time.

The minimum cash out limit is $1, and Bingo Zone offers you to join-n-play Bingo for free.

5. Inbox Dollars

Website: https://www.inboxdollars.com/games

Inbox Dollars is one of the popular reward sites that pay you for doing many different tasks, including playing games. However, they offer GSN Cash Games and allow you to get paid to play games that are hosted by GSN. You will get cash back for every dollar you spend through their network.

Inbox Dollars founded in 2000 and within 18 years they have paid over $50 million to their users which proves that this is one of the trustworthy sites that you can join with confidence.

Once you register your account with Inbox Dollars, you will get free $5 in your account. You can earn reward points by shopping online, watching the video, filling out surveys, taking part in the competition, performing web searches and so forth. You will get paid once you reach $40.

Inbox Dollars associated with some big brands, and they have a track record of paying without any delay to their members.

6. Cash Crate

Website: https://www.cashcrate.com/

Cash Crate is another reward site similar to Swagbucks and Index Dollars where you can earn points by completing surveys, or watching videos or interacting with other users or by playing games that are supported by GSN Cash Games.

Cash Crate founded in 2006 and now it is 2 million users that prove this is one of the trustworthy sites that pay to its users. Cash Crate has 12 different tournament-type games where users compete with each other.

These tournaments cost only a few points to enter, and the winner receives a prize. In these tournaments, you have to complete a specific task or gather more points than other users.

Completing an activity in Cash Crate can pay you around $0.35 to $50. However, you have to reach $20 to withdraw money. You will get bonus money by posting the photo of your cheque. When you register, you will get $1 as a bonus.

7. App Cent:

Website: https://appcent.ru/

App Cent offers multiple ways to help you earn coins (1000 points = $1). You can play their sponsored games, download free premium app or referral to your friends.

App Cent has different payout options. You can download apps (for example Clash of Clan gives you 250 points just for installing) and then you can complete other tasks to make an additional 70 coins.

Once you gain enough coins, you can redeem these coin to purchase premium apps from the Google App Store and Apple Store. These coins can also be redeemed for gift cards of some popular stores such as PlayStation Store, Amazon, etc. You also have an option to covert these coins into real cash and transfer it into your Paypal account.

App Cent also has a referral system. You can use your unique link to refer your friends and when they join you will make coins.

8. Clip2Play:

Website: http://clip2play.com/

If you are a hardcore gamer, then Clip2Play is for you. Once you join Clip2Play, you will need to upload your avatar and select your favorite category to start playing games. Clip2Play contains many flash games in different categories ranging from Action to Sports games.

Clip2Play allows you to master these games and you can also take part in different tournaments that run the whole day. Clip2Play announces 50 winners at the end of the day, and these winners awarded cash prizes and gift cards.

The registration process is very simple, and you can start competing against other players right away without wasting any time. You can also refer your friends and get 10 points anytime your friend joins with your referral link.

9. Gamesville:

Website: https://www.gamesville.com/

Gamesville is one of the first and well-known sites where you can get paid to play games.

Gamesville offers web-based games that you can use to earn GV Rewards. These GV Rewards are the in-game currency that can convert into cash. You can earn GV Rewards through multiple ways such as winning tournaments, beating high scores and with slots as well. Gamesville allows you to convert GV Rewards into cash or prizes anytime.

Gamesville is accepting playing from all over the world, but the player should be at least 18 years to join this site. Gamesville created by Lycos, a web-based search engine since 1999. Inside Gamesville, you have two options to make money. One is by playing free tournaments and second is through Bingo. Some games even have a progressive jackpot.

You can use GV Rewards to enter into prize drawings and win cash prizes and gift cards. Gamesville has some cool games such as Magic 21, Hot Streak Solitaire, Quick-Draw Poker, Super Chef and others.

Gamesville has a premium membership ($2.99 monthly or $24.99 yearly) that gives some extra privileges to the site.

10. Lala Loot:

Website: http://lalaloot.com

Lala Loot is free to join and offer many free games that you can play to earn tokens. Once you have enough tokens, you can use these tokens to play other cash giving games to win cash prizes.

The great thing about Lala Loot is, you will find only casual games here and no intense games.

Once you sign up with this site, you can earn token just by watching sponsors offers for first five days. After these five days, you have to complete the task to earn tokens. You can use these tokens to play more games and increase your chances of winning the cash prizes.

You have to make at least $20 before you are eligible to withdraw money to your Paypal account.

11. Paid Game Player:

Website: http://paidgameplayer.com/

Paid Game Player is much like Swagbucks but with little following. You will find some expert gamer on this website. Paid Game Player offers more than 600 games from which you can compete for cash with other players.

According to the official website, they have paid $250,000 in cash to their members. Besides playing games, you can compete with other players in tournaments, and by performing other activities such as completing surveys, reviewing games and referring your friends.

Paid Game Player offers two different types of memberships. In the free membership, you can play limited games and compete in tournaments, while in premium membership (4.99 monthly) you will get full version games, priority support, and 2x bonus multiplier. You will also receive 1000 points when you first sign up for premium.

This site has some cool casual games like Bejeweled 2, Family Feud and Zuma, etc.

12. Play and Win:

Website: https://www.playandwin.co.uk/

Play and Win is the site from the UK that offers a variety of games that help you to earn points. Some of these games include puzzle games, matching games, Bingo, etc. You can use your points by purchasing gift cards or by withdrawing money in Paypal account.

Play and Win provide you the opportunity to play many exciting and fun games for free, and you can win a token from them. These tokens can be used to win the jackpot through lucky draws.

Play and Win are offering tournaments as well where you can obtain medals to unlock some cool cash prizes.

Note: You don’t need to be in the UK to participate in this site.

13. Exodus 3000

Website: http://www.exodus3000.com/

Exodus 3000 is one of the popular role-playing game (RPG) games that you can play to earn money. Exodus 3000 based on 1000s years in the future when Earth is uninhabitable and people start living on Mars. You have to build your Empire, form alliance and destroy enemies.

Exodus 3000 has an in-game currency that called Mars dollars. You can generate these Mars Dollars by exploring volcanoes, searching ruins and destroying your enemies. You will generate around 5,000 dollars for signing up.

You have to generate 300,000 Mars Dollars to withdraw $20 in your Paypal Account.

The great thing is, you don’t need to install any software to play this game. You can instantly start playing this game as soon as you complete your sign-up process.

14. Pogo:

Website: https://www.pogo.com/

Pogo is one of the trusted sites that I highly recommend for people who want to play games to earn money. Pogo has created a reputation in this industry because it is sponsored by well-known game developers Electronic Arts (EA) and they regularly update the site with new in-house developed games, features, and contest.

You may be thinking why I have put this site on number 13 spot? First, it contains too many ads, and second it contains gambling games (for above age 18).

Many gamers reported Pogo has paid them. I must say Pogo games are fun, exciting and engaging but some of these are gambling games to lure the audience to win, win and win.

Pogo offers multiple platform games that can be downloaded or played as an online multi-player game. For $5.99 you can become Pogo Club Member which bypass ads, open new secret competition to win big prizes and give you access to the secret private chat room.

15. XY Gaming

Website: https://www.xygaming.com/

XY Gaming is created and operated by an experienced developer. XY Gaming doesn’t own any game because it offers the opportunity to play modern and latest game that you already have in your computer, Xbox or Play Station but challenge players from their network.

You have an option to compete against other players individually or as a team. If you have friends, you can play with them as a team to defeat other teams.

XY Gaming offers a chance to improve your gaming skills, and in this process, you can earn real cash or coins (an in-game currency) which can be redeemed for games, gift cards or gaming accessories.

You can enter in tournaments to win daily or weekly prizes. There are basically three different tournaments. The first one is a FREE tournament in which you are allowed to take part complete free and win prizes. Second type of tournament called a 50/50 tournament in which you have to complete the tournament among top half to win a prize. The third type of tournament is ‘Double Up’ that will double the entry fees (for example $5 will double to $10)

XY Gaming has a verification system to prevent fraudulent victories.

16. Bingo For Money:

Website: https://www.bingoformoney.com/

As its name, Bingo For Money created for people who love playing Bingo. Bingo For Money built on a secure platform that is operated by experienced developers. Your information is completely safe in their servers.

Bingo For Money is providing a unique gaming experience to Bingo lovers since 2002. You will find some entertaining bingo games and contains some interesting prizes.

You can access Bingo Rooms where you can make new friends and win unique prizes and cash.

New users get some amazing gifts and $25 bonus as a starting kit. Users will receive a 500% bonus on making their first deposit. Bingo For Money contains many games such as slot games, poker, and other 300+ bingo games.

You can take part in four jackpots starting from $4,335 and goes up to $931,387. The prices of per card start from 25 cents and go till $2.5. You can also take part in games that have free Bingo Cards.

17. Free Slots 4U:

Website: https://www.freeslots4u.com/

If you have ever played slot games, then you will have the idea of how they usually works. Free Slot 4U offers more than 80 unique slots games where you can play and win real game.

Free Slot 4U has interactive slot games as well. These interactive slot games are little different than traditional slot games where you have to match three things to win a prize. However, in interactive slot games (or I-slot) there is a storyline. You will create a story with every spin.

Many people have earn real cash prizes with these I-slot games, and some of them won real gifts like iPads, Amazon Fire Tablets, etc.

Free Slots 4U offers seven ways to win Prizes that are:

  • Monthly Play and Win Competitions
  • Weekly Giveaways
  • Lucky Player of The Week
  • Monthly Facebook Share and Win Prize Draws
  • Monthly Sponsored Tournaments
  • Seasonal Competition

You can start playing games without registration but to save your score, registration is mandatory.

18. Slingo

Website: https://www.slingo.com

Slingo is the combination of Bingo and Slot game that has become popular in just a few years after its launch. Although this site dedicated to one Slingo game but you will find a great variety of online slot games where you can win jackpots.

Slingo provides a fast-loading gaming experience with a glitch-free environment where games can play and win cash prizes and jackpots.

Slingo was launch only in 2016 but made his name in Bingo and gaming world. The development team keeps on updating its backend and frontend features to make it interesting and bug-free.

Slingo is running an exclusive promotion in which you will earn £5 free just for verifying your debit and credit card. And if you decided to deposit at least £10, then you will receive 300% bonus cash.

People from any part of the world can register into this site and start playing tournament. Slingo tournament is one hour long and cost 5,000 coins. At the end of the tournament, two players will receive rewards.

These rewards can convert into real cash.

19. Dollar Candy:

Website: https://www.dollarcandygame.com/

If you love puzzle games, then you going to love Dollar Candy. It is a platform where players can take part in different tournaments and win prizes.

Dollar Candy pays through Paypal and at the end of every tournament the rewards are distributed among two or three players. You will earn prizes depending on your entry fee. The higher the entry fee, the higher is the reward.

Inside Dollar Candy you will find three types of tournaments (Casual, Medium and Intense.)

Casual is the 4-player tournament that has $0.09 entry fees, but the winning amount distributed amount three top player. This means you have to beat just one player to get the winning prize.

As you progress, you will get options to play Medium and Intense tournaments that have the higher winning amount. The winner of the medium tournament can DOUBLE his money while the winner of the intense tournament can TRIPLE his money.

20. Givling:

Website: https://givling.com/givling/

If you like trivia game and also want to eradicate your student loan or mortgage debt then Givling is the perfect platform for you.

“We seem to be like we’re too good to be true,” says one of the Givling’s representatives in a video. Givling is available on Android and iOS platform that offers two free games in every 24 hours, so anyone can at least try it a couple of time in a day for free.

When you sign up your account in Givling website, you will be allotted a unique number in a queue for paying off your student loan up to $50,000 or mortgage up to $25,000. You can play this game even if you don’t want a student loan or mortgage. You can either sell your queue number or giveaway for free to any other player.

When users play the game, they will connect with unique funding source team that ask true/false questions until they lose. The more correct answer they give, the higher the score they will get.

According to the homepage, Givling has paid off $1.7 million in student loans and cash prizes. And till now they have paid off 30 students loans.

The Truth About Winning A Loan

The idea behind Givling seems to be like an interesting story but it is like playing for a lottery. I think you need to give it a try in case if you like trivia game and have enough patience to play just two games in a day for free, overall you can also play this game even if you don’t have any loan.

Although Givling can help users to eradicate their student or mortgage debt, but it is not something that users should hold breath on. Anyways, the numbers of borrowers that Givling helped is growing every week. As of November 2018, Givling has paid off 30 student loans totaling $1.7 million.

21. Game Loot Network:

Website: https://gamelootnetwork.com/

Game Loot Network is the only get-paid-to site that claims their users can earn enough money so that they can quit their 9 to 5 job. However, No one can verify their claim and I don’t know how many people have actually quit their job after joining Game Loot Network.

Anyways, Game Loot Network offers two earning models.

First is, users have to choose one of the nine different games ranging from air combat, memory, and trivia games. They get into the daily, weekly and monthly tournament. These games allow them to earn tickets that can be used to exchange prizes, redeem for auction bids or purchase in-game upgrades to compete better and rank higher.

Second is, users can earn cash money by sharing games with their friends and family members. Most of the times, users get in-game currency or free fuel as a reward for inviting their friends or family members. However, if you invite your friends for games available in Game Loot Network database then you will earn real money.

22. Corporation Master

Website: https://www.corporationmaster.ga/

Corporation Master is the political, social and economic stimulating game in which you will be awarded productivity points to earn higher wages and extra bonuses. Your productivity points can reach up to 700 points and each day productivity points will decline by 0.15%.

Corporation Master is a stimulating game which is similar to the Second Line which means you can convert your in-game currency to real cash. There is only one option for payout and that is Paypal.

When you sign up with Corporation Master, you will get the opportunity to work for Government, train your character, create new companies, gain military ranks, and build corporations.

This is a strategy-based game in which you will get paid according to your strategy. You get an option to own a Corporation Suit and take part in the arena where you will fight with different players in your rank. You will earn productivity points, CMC (Corporation Master Currency) and other bonuses.

There is no time limit in this game, some reach their goals quickly than others. Success in this game depends upon your actions and perseverance. Just like in real life, those who don’t give up reach their goals.

23. Quick Rewards

Website: https://www.quickrewards.net/

Note: Currently, Quick Rewards is only available for the US and Canada Residence (as per their terms and condition). They started allowing UK citizens as well (as per their homepage)

Quick Rewards is one of the oldest GPT (Get Paid To) program which founded in 2002 and has over 7,000 Facebook Fans. All these years, Quick Rewards has lived up to their name by providing quick earning opportunities, quick payouts and quick customer support.

Similar to Swag Bucks, Quick Rewards offers multiple earning opportunities through taking surveys, purchasing online, playing games, watching videos and more. You will earn QuickPoints and Token by completing different tasks.

You can redeem your QuickPoints and Tokes as a balance in Paypal or gift cards. You will need more than $10 to send withdraw request which will be paid only on a verified Paypal account.

When you sign up you will get the opportunity to sign up for at least one of their programs.

QuickRewards Shop And Earn Program offers the opportunity to receive cash back whenever you make a purchase on online stores such as Barnes And Noble, Macy’s and More

QuickRewards Paid For Your Opinion Program offers the opportunity to earn rewards by completing surveys.

QuickRewards Earn Cash Online Program offers the opportunity to earn rewards by completing an online task such as conducting searches through QuickRewards search engine, playing games, watching videos, etc.

After becoming their regular member, you have the opportunity to unsubscribe from their email list. It is important to log into your account once per month and earn at least a point to avoid the risk of account closure.

24. PCHgames

Website: http://games.pch.com/

PCHgames is one of the popular and oldest platforms where you can earn tokens for winning. Keep in mind, you can’t redeem your token directly into cash prizes. Instead, these tokens will be used for entry into sweepstakes which provides you the opportunity to earn gift cards and cash prize up to $1000 daily.

Unlike most gaming platform, PCHgames has over 100 games in their database. They are in this business since 1997 that clearly show they are a trustworthy network.

You are free to play any games from their database of 100+ games ranging from puzzle, strategy, arcade, word games and so forth.

PCHgames is a large network where numerous players from the US, Canada, and UK take part to win big in the sweepstake. You will get a good amount of tickets just to play your favorite games. For example, you will get extra tickets if you remain consistent with the network. You can earn up to 2,500 tickets for playing the same game for a week.

Many readers asked us, “Does anyone win prizes in sweepstake in PCHgames?” And the answer is YES! Although, it is difficult to win in sweepstake because there are millions of entries in every sweepstake, but some people manage to win $5-25 gift cards and multiple $50 cash prizes as well.

25. Twitch

Website: https://www.twitch.tv/

If you are a gamer then you probably heard about the Twitch platform. Twitch is considered as an alternative to Youtube for gamers.

Those who don’t know, Twitch is the platform where gamers steam videos of themselves playing video games and allow visitors to watch their videos. Some popular gaming developers also have their channels on Twitch where they broadcast game launching event.

The first step to earn money from Twitch is setting up your channel which is just a few minutes process and you can sign up with your Facebook account as well. Once you set up your channel, you are ready to broadcast your gameplay.

Many successful Twitch steamers use variety to methods to get paid by playing games. Some of the popular ways they use are:

Twitch Subscriptions: This is the most popular way of earning with your Twitch channel. Viewers have the option to buy premium twitch subscription worth $4.99, $9.99 or $24.99. This amount is split 50/50 between broadcaster and Twitch. However, some gamers are offered more than 50% to encourage them to stay with the Twitch network. This is one of the best ways to earn monthly recurring income.

Receiving Donations: Gamers can accept donations from their viewers which can be a one-time payment as low as a single dollar to thousands of dollars. This is a popular way of earning because viewers like to spend money by giving donations on Twitch network because they are not bound to any monthly or yearly contract.

Playing Video Ads During Steam: Many gamers don’t prefer this option because they don’t want to lose the connection they have with their viewers during the gameplay. Moreover, there is only $2 for every 1000 views. It seems that some gamers get $2 for 600 views as well. It mostly depends on country’s location as well.

Affiliate Link: Twitch allows gamers to include an affiliate link in their channel description and chat box during gameplay. Anyone can easily become Amazon Partner in which they will get some percentage for any item they sell through their unique affiliate link.


How To Make Money Playing Video Games As A Kid

Although, there are many more sites that you can use to make money playing games, but I’ve only posted those that are trusted, reliable and pay money on time. You can use these sites to start making some money and invest that money in getting game tester job that pays $20+/hour and more importantly you will get the opportunity to play games that are yet to come in the general public.

Is Playing Games For Cash Real?

Money For Playing Video Games

Absolutely! Many people are using these sites to make extra income for buying new phones or other gadgets. If you want to get paid to play games, then I recommend you to join GSN Cash Games, Swagbucks, and Inbox Dollars. Once you make few dollars with them, then use the money to become game tester and earn money.

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