What Does Real Money Buy You In Eve Online

Update 6/10/15You're all still free to leave comments on this video but there is a lot of repetition in the comments basically just saying the same stuff ove. Please do keep in mind that this list is not an exhaustive resource for every disallowed action in EVE Online, only exploits which have been publicly disclosed will be listed below. Should you think that you may have discovered an unknown exploit, please report it directly to us through the 'Exploit' category in a support ticket. I’m Winning EVE! EVE Online is a really great game. It’s a lot of fun, with all the exciting action, content, dramatic intrigue, and endless trash talk from total losers who stroke my ego because they are jealous of my elite min/max strategies. I really can’t think of a game I’d rather be playing. Raid costs EVE player $1,500 in real money:Online player loses sh. ISK is used to buy, sell, and trade pretty much everything in EVE Online, making it a necessity for players to earn as much ISK as possible while exploring space. On Odealo, you can sell and buy EVE ISK with the use of real money. It's one of the most secure shops for EVE ISK and other in-game currencies.

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Learn about the three main EVE Online tradeable Currency Items

One of the main reasons EVE Online gained its' popularity is because of the complex economy system it offers to its' players. The EVE Online's Market shows a lot of similarities to a real-life stock exchange, including its very pleasing GUI (graphic user interface). The extent to which players can shape the game's world through the economy, made trading the main activity for many players. Players can buy, sell and trade their ships, ships' parts, and items including ISK, Plex and Skill Injectors. The latter trio makes up for the three most popular currency items on the EVE Online market. However, for more casual players, the trading system might be hard to comprehend, that's why we have decided to write this Guide.

EVE Online market's main window showing current prices for PLEX

Trading with other players is the most secure way of buying EVE Online items with real cash. On Odealo all offers are user-posted, and on top of the highest security, you are to expect the best prices.

ISK, PLEX, SKill Injectors - EVE Online Tradeable Currencies


ISK - InterStellar Kreditsare the primary currency in EVE Online. Players can use it to trade with one another (to buy or sell items), use it on the in-game market for ISK-based transactions as well as accept contracts between other players for services, characters or other assets.

Players can obtain ISK through regular gameplay. They can conduct several activities, while the most popular ones are:

  1. Piracy - the most rewarding (yet the hardest) EVE Online profession. Piracy involves a lot of PVP battle practice, trickery, and deception. Also, the most successful pirates usually bend the game rules to their advantage (sometimes catching the Game Masters attention). Some of the favorite pirate's activities are: stealing Ore from miners, salvaging wrecks, stealing other players/alliances mission items for ransom.
  2. Mining - most basic activity players conduct when trying to get their hands on some extra ISKs. There are three main types of mining which are: Ore mining, Gas Mining, Ice Mining. The general idea behind mining is getting your frigate to an asteroid belt in the area you reside in. Then all you have to do is target an asteroid and start drilling.
  3. Industry - you can earn money by crafting and selling valuable equipment. The best profit comes from rare and high-tech stuff, though it's still good money if you do Tech1 crafts with a small profit margin
  4. Buying PLEXon the in-game marketand selling it for ISK. You can buy 500 PLEX for $20 and sell it for around 1,500,000,000 ISK. That is how the 'official' price of ISK is defined and currently stands at approximately $13-$14 per 1,000,000,000 ISK. On the other hand, the black-market(through real money trading) rate for ISK is around $5 per 1,000,000,000 ISK.

Trivia: It is rumored that CCP Games chose this name as a reference to the Icelandic Krona (national currency in Iceland) which has the same ISO code 'ISK'. CCP Games, the producer, and publisher of EVE Online is a company based in Iceland.


PLEXis the second most popular currency in EVE Online. PLEX cannot be directly obtained through regular gameplay. Players commonly buy it and trade on the market to acquire fast ISK in a way that is acceptable to the game developers. PLEX can also be traded for additional game time. While until just recently 1 PLEX equaled one month of game-time, it was changed, and currently, you will get one month of game-time for 500 PLEX. However, also the price for PLEX was adjusted, and the amount of PLEX that can be exchanged for an additional 30 days of playtime is still $20.

Eve Online Real Money Trading

Keep in mind that buying the game time directly is cheaper than buying PLEX. PLEX is an excellent way for more advanced players to be able to fund their adventure with the resources they earn while playing the game.

PLEX is also often used to estimate the costs of most significant EVE Online battles. It is done by calculating the price of wrecked ships, which are usually indicated in PLEX.



Skill Injectorsare another trending currency item in EVE Online. They can be acquired by players with a minimum of 5.5 million Skill Points by using Skill Extractors. A Skill Extractor will extract 500,000 Skill Points from the character, and create a Skill Injector in the process. Skill Injectors can be used on alt characters, traded on the market or given to other players. It can also be used on the same character, to move points from one skill to another. The number of Skill Points a character can gain depends on their overall skill points.

The number of Skill Points a single Skill Injector will grant is:

  1. 500,000 unallocated Skill Points, if the character has between 0 and 5 million Skill Points at the time of use,
  2. 400,000 unallocated Skill Points, if the character has between 5 and 50 million Skill Points at the time of use,
  3. 300,000 unallocated Skill Points, if the character has between 50 and 80 million Skill Points at the time of use,
  4. 150,000 unallocated Skill Points, if the character has over 80 million Skill Points at the time of use.

Making Money In Eve

EVE Online holds a fascinating record of the number of Skill Injectors used overnight. A player named IronBank created a new character and used over 2,800 Skill Injectors (valued at that time nearly $30,000) to max out all possible skills. The character acquired a total of 473,000,000 Skill Points which is practically impossible to achieve through normal gameplay.

Apparently, it was all streamed live to advertise his business.

We hope this guide will help you get into EVE as soon as you start your adventure. We know the beginnings are rather harsh as EVE Online is a somewhat comprehensive and challenging game.

Buying EVE ISK with real money is a hassle-free way to get all the items you need for your adventure in EVE Online's universe.

If you have any suggestions about our EVE Online guides, feel free to leave a comment below.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of CCP Games.

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EVE Echoes ISK

Mobile games have inured us to laid back, almost automatic gameplay without any risks or real excitement - it is all carrot on a stick; do something X times and you will get this awesome thing you don't need. If the previous sentence fits your recent mobile game experiences, you will be pleased to hear that EVE Echoes is VERY different. This mobile iteration of one of the most hardcore sand-box MMORPGs will throw you into a vast, cold, and often extremely hostile universe with thousands of star systems to explore. Developers themselves state that the learning curve for the game is steep (which is almost unheard of in mobile games), but your experiences from Eve Online will definitely help you get some traction. If it's just Eve but mobile, why try it over the PC version, someone might ask; Well, the main problem with the CCPs flagship title is the fact that the game is around since 2003, which means that there are people with 17 years of in-game experience - as a new player you can't compete with that. EVE Echoes is very fresh, however, and offers a much more level playing field.

Where the original game excelled, the mobile version more than keeps up; it has a massive player-driven economy, fueled by EVE Echoes ISK* (InterStellar Kredits - main circulating medium, approved by all governments, organizations, and corporations that operate in the universe). It allows its players to dominate the space by forming corporations and alliances and almost encourages the fight for domination. But most of all, it awards careful calculations, clever economic decisions, and the talent for trading.

*InterStellar Kredit (ISK) is the primary currency in EVE Echoes. It fuels the game's economy and is used as the mean of exchange for all kinds of in-game assets. EVE Echoes ISK is an equivalent of Gold, found in most of the typical massively multiplayer online games, and it's accepted even in the furthest corners of the universe. The fact that everything has a price makes it necessary for players to earn as much of EVE Echoes ISK as possible while exploring space.

How to earn ISK in EVE Echoes

Eve Echoes offers you unprecedented freedom of choice (especially for a mobile title) when it comes to earning ISK - as a true sandbox game should. Here is a brief summary of some of the best ways of making a profit in EVE Echoes:

  • Mining - This is where pretty much everyone starts their interstellar adventure. Entry cost for mining is very low, but the room for optimization and improvement is huge. All you will need for this is a cheap vessel with some cargo space, set up for mining, and appropriate skills (requirements for end-game mining operations can rise to levels incomprehensible for new players, mind you). If you opt for high-sec mining, you can do it semi-AFK, but your profits will be lower than in null-sec zones (which are much more dangerous, however). The risk of getting ganked during mining is always present, but there are some module choices that can help you protect yourself. It is a good idea to check the ore prices at your local market before embarking - you will know which resources to focus on. The best mining spots are the ones located near systems in which the resources present nearby are in high demand. Sometimes it is worth it to fly a bit further to ensure that you will get a good amount of EVE Echoes ISK for your hard-earned ore.
  • Refining - Pretty much everyone can fit a ship with mining equipment and embark on an ore-gathering trip, but not everyone can refine the gathered ore. Because of this, raw materials are much easier to get, and thus much cheaper, than the refined ones. This means that, if you level your refining skills high enough to make it efficient, you can make a lot of EVE Echoes ISK by purchasing cheap raw materials, refining them, and selling the products.
  • Manufacturing - From time to time, you will come across rare and expensive blueprints of useful, powerful, and sometimes extremely deadly in-game assets. When that happens, you will have two options; sell the blueprint for some quick cash, or collect all the needed crafting materials (by either farming them or heading to the nearest market and getting them for money) and use the blueprint to manufacture the thing it describes. In a game as fluid and as brutal as EVE Echoes, you can be certain that the demand for certain equipment will never fall down, as long as there are players playing the game, this ensures that manufacturing is always a reliable source of income.
  • Trading - Prices of goods can differ greatly from one system to another, which means that you can make a good profit if you decide to haul goods between star systems. Unlike mining, this method requires you to have quite a high sum of EVE Echoes ISK at the start, as you will have to buy and equip a large transport ship and purchase the first load of goods that you will then transport and sell at a profit. You can also try flipping the market, which will cost you less - this, however, requires you to 'read' the game's economy and spot the goods that are in high demand constantly (flipping is as, if not more, risky as hauling goods from system to system because there is no guarantee that prices will not fall the moment you invest). This is regarded as an 'advanced' method, as it requires you to put a lot of Eve Eches ISK upfront, and the danger of losing money is considerable if you don't have experience in these kinds of transactions.
  • Missions - Everyone will find a mission type that fits their playstyle. If you like combat, mining, hauling goods or investigating space mysteries - you will have some fun with these and make some EVE Echoes ISK in the process. The more difficult the task, the higher the reward. You can fine-tune the difficulty rating of encounters/missions and select the ones that you like the most in the encounters tab. Common missions are divided into three types: Distribution and Trade, Mining, and Security, with all of the types having different ship requirements (not mandatory, but completing a high-level security mission without a combat-specced ship might be rather difficult). The most difficult missions offer millions of ISK in rewards. Don't get too excited, however, as you will have to start at the very bottom and slowly walk your way up the difficulty to earn the reputation and money needed to even attempt the hardest tasks.
  • Ratting - In star systems with low security levels (the so-called null-sec zones) players are at constant risk of being attacked by NPC Pirates, also known as 'Rats' hence the method's name. While Rats pose a serious danger to inexperienced and unequipped players, for those who are prepared and armed to the teeth they are a great source of income. Each of these outlawed NPCs has a bounty placed on its head, which means that defeating them earns you EVE Echoes ISK. Moreover, wrecks of their ships can be salvaged which increases potential profits and adds a quite fun RNG element to the method. Ratting is the most profitable when you hunt the most powerful pirates so to make the most out of this, you will have to venture far onto the null-sec space. Just remember, the more powerful the enemy, the more firepower you have to have on your side to win. It is a good idea to fit your ship for long-range combat and stay at the maximum range of your weapons as Rats are considerably less dangerous at 50+ kilometers distance.
  • Planetary Production - Unis method is quite unique because it allows you to make EVE Echoes ISK passively, even while you are offline. The setup stage involves creating a colony on the chosen planet's surface and setting-up mining operations on it. A set of specialized buildings has to be built, but once that's done resources start to flow - you can invest them or sell them on the market to make a steady profit. Remember that training associated skills will greatly affect the efficiency of all your planetary ventures. This is one of the best methods, if you don't have much time to spend in the game and would like to invest it in more engaging activities like fighting for domination with your alliance, but it is associated with a rather high up-front cost and the returns are not overwhelmingly high.
  • Getting InterStellar Kredits from a proven outside source - If your online hours in EVE Echoes are limited because of your real-life obligations, work, or other titles you often play, you might want to consider this alternative as it will allow you to cover your in-game expenses without the need for lengthy grinds. It will also allow you to focus on the most fun aspects of EVE Echoes. This method will save you a lot of time, especially if your expenses are high because you need to upkeep a high-tech, expensive vessel that is required for your favorite in-game activities. You can safely Buy EVE Echoes ISK on Odealo, the largest player-to-player trading hub on the internet. Doing this is, by far, the most cost-effective method of earning EVE Echoes' main currency. Remember that your time is the most precious thing you have and saving it is always worth it.

If you are looking for a site where you can quickly and safely Buy EVE Echoes ISK, you can stop looking because you have just found the best one. On Odealo, you can safely engage in player-to-player real-money-trade and buy or sell any in-game asset you want. With our help, covering all your in-game expenses or making some real profit by simply playing your favorite game becomes easier than ever. All sellers who advertise on our website have undergone a thorough verification process. This guarantees the complete safety of all transactions conducted under our agency. You are completely safe during all your trades made on Odealo (also, don't be afraid of the verification, it is painless, but it has to be in place for the safety of our customers, including you). Don't hesitate; join our rapidly growing EVE Echoes community and engage in interstellar trading on a completely new level.